Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Where Did This Thing Come From?

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Even if Lin Nuan had let go, Wen Moshen was still the brother that grew up with her and deserved her respect.

Lin Nuan would go, even if it were for the sake of their shared bond of growing up together.

The makeup artist entered the makeup room. She had been occupied with watching the movie star and only then started to quickly organize her things and tell Lin Nuan, “Sister, your phone has been ringing urgently, you should take a look.”

“Alright, thank you.”

Lin Nuan nodded and put down her glass of water.

“Sister Nuan and Xiaonian, I’ll be on my way!” The makeup artist said goodbye to them both.

Bai Xiaonian nodded. She grabbed Lin Nuan’s cup and filled it at the water cooler, taking huge sips out of the glass afterward.

All twenty-nine unanswered calls were from Lin Chen.

Lin Nuan knew that Lin Chen would definitely call her after reading those documents. The moment she decided to call him, he called her phone first.

“Xiao Nian, I’m going to answer an important call. Help me keep a lookout at the door…”

Bai Xiaonian nodded with understanding and put down the cup and left.

Lin Nuan answered the call. “Brother…”

“Where did this thing come from?” Lin Chen’s voice was stern, carrying a chill that made her uneasy.

The instant Lin Chen glanced inside the file case, he felt goosebumps all over his back.

As he was calling Lin Nuan, Lin Chen looked through all the documents as he tried to contain his nerves.

With those documents on hand, it would be a breeze to save not only Lin JIngquan but also Lin JInghui.

“Brother, when you use it, do be careful. It’s best to make people think that this information was what you collected, so send some people to pretend to investigate the matter. At the minimum, let those people receive the news first and then use this information. I removed some of the documents, and the information is now incomplete since it’s probably better to make it look like our family collected these ourselves. As for the source of the information… it was absolutely not obtained using any improper means, so you should know that you’re free to use it assuredly.”

“I’m asking you where you got this from!” Lin Chen already couldn’t contain the anger in his deep voice.

After entering society, Lin Chen was well aware of how dark the adult word could be. Because he knew Lin Nuan and because their father was in grave danger, he feared Lin Nuan paid a price that he was unwilling for her to pay.

Lin Nuan paused for a moment and looked up at the mirror at her white suit. She said, “Brother, I know what you’re worried about. Nothing like that happened. We have been siblings for many years, and you should know that I’m not good at lying.”

Lin Chen clutched the documents tightly in his hands. “Fu Huai’an?”

With Lin Chen’s wits, it wasn’t difficult for him to deduct it was Fu Huai’an after all.

The only person who could get those files that Lin Nuan knew was Fu Huai’an.

“Brother… if you could guess it correctly, so could other people. So I hope you will be extremely cautious when you use the documents. Don’t take a toll on Fu Huai’an.”

What is the price to pay?

Those words got stuck in his throat.

After a considerable pause, Lin Chen answered, “Got it!”

As he hung up, Lin Chen removed his Bluetooth headphones and slammed them down on the sofa. His face was extremely pale, and he couldn’t calm himself down.

He tugged on his tie frustratedly. Unable to control his emotions anymore, Lin Chen turned and kicked the single sofa chair, causing it to flip over. He clenched his teeth and walked over to his large desk. As he made a phone call, he ordered the person on the other line to follow his instructions.

Lin Chen didn’t want to involve Lin Nuan into such matters, but in the end, she still was involved in the mess.

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