Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 237

Chapter 237 He Owes Him A Favor

Chapter 237: He Owes Him a Favor
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Lin Chen’s original idea was also to start the investigation from that person.

Lin Biao had already counted on the entrusted organization and had sent out several batches of people. It was just the fact that the information he managed to find was far less shocking than the documents provided by Fu Huai’an.

Twenty minutes later, the call ended. He stood in front of the windows, his hands holding the glass of water as he watched the passing cars downstairs.

Even if he hadn’t owed Fu Huai’an a favor before, he did after that.
Yet Lin Chen knew it was obvious which was more important to a man between his pride and his father’s life.

Lin Chen decide to acknowledge the favor.

Fu Huai’s Jincheng business hadn’t been taken care of before he rushed back to Haicheng. The reason being, the elderly man had plotted with the other elderly board directors to hold a meeting to call off the project in Platinum Life City.

As soon as the elevator doors opened on the thirty-fifth floor of the Kaide Corporation, Fu Huai’an stepped out wearing a black suit as he paced in the direction of the meeting room.

Under his defined features, his expression showed solemness as he kept his lips sealed tight.

Xiao Lu followed after him, and he had to jog to keep up with the swift steps of Fu Huai’an.

Perhaps nobody thought that Fu Huai’an would suddenly return. The employees on this floor were all discussing why the board chose to have the meeting while Fu Huai’an wasn’t present.

Even a couple of employees who managed to get some inside information began to think about the Board Director Fu QIngquan’s son, who nobody supposedly knew about.

The group of people were gossiping together when Fu Huai’an suddenly paced inside the room with an intimidating presence. They immediately made way for him.

“Chief Fu…”

“Chief Fu!”

The other elevator door opened, and Lu Jinnan walked out with a heavy expression on his face and moved into the room fiercely. He was holding onto several documents, and over ten members of the board with superior positions were following him.

As Chief Song received news that Fu Huai’an returned, he immediately left the meeting room and tried to stop him.

“Chief Fu, inside…”

Before Chief Song could finish, Lu Jinnan already approached them. Without saying anything, he pushed Chief Song, who was nearly forty years old, so hard that he knocked into the huge vase next to the meeting room. He had a cold look in his eyes.

The employees around him immediately helped lift Chief Song as Fu Huai’an entered the room.

Secretary Song always felt apprehensive towards Lu Jinnan.

It wasn’t because he looked that frightening. On the contrary, Lu Jinnan’s looks were outstanding. He was even more handsome than the young male celebrities who were deemed popular. No, it was because, within the cooperation, people knew that Lu Jinnan had killed someone before.

The ongoing meeting was suddenly interrupted by Fu Huai’an’s appearance.

He grinned, showing a calmness in his deep, dark gaze. He unbuttoned his suit and walked towards his spot to take a seat. “Apologies for coming late.”

Lu Jinnan led the chief executors of the Kaide Corporation and entered the room together.

Fu Qingquan stared at Fu Huai’an with alert eyes. Noticing Secretary Song trying to conceal his pain and entering the room to pass him a message, Fu Qingquan raised his hand to stop him.

Everybody was staring at each other, nobody breaking the silence first.

“Regarding the project of Platinum Life City, I don’t think anyone knows better than Chief Lu here. The stats speak for themselves, so we might as well not waste time debating whether this project is doable based on every director’s opinion.”

Fu Huai’an didn’t flinch one bit. He maintained a calm, assured presence.

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