Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Please Give Me Your Guidance And Advice In The Future


Before Gu Hanyan could finish her sentence, Wen Moshen yanked her wrist and flung her forcefully onto the sofa. She shrieked.

“Shut up!” Wen Moshen glared at Gu Hanyan, who was turning ghastly pale, with bloodshot eyes. “Do you think everyone is as trashy and disgusting as you?”

No one was allowed to speak ill of Lin Nuan in front of Wen Moshenespecially when he knew the entire truth.

He didn’t even bother to give Lu Hanzi a call to verify the information. He only called Lin Chen to ask if Lin Nuan had indeed gone to Iraq.

There was silence on the other end of the line and the sound of a lighter flicking open. He had his answer

Lin Nuan had always been the girl whose actions spoke louder than her words.

Wen Moshen knew that it was because of his own indecisiveness that he had ruined his chances with Lin Nuan.

They were undoubtedly in love back then!

If Gu Hanyan hadn’t approached Lin Nuan, there might still have been a possibility when Wen Moshen returned.


When he recalled the way Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an looked at each other, tender and adoring, Wen Moshen knew then that he had lost his true love forever.

Wen Moshen looked on grimly as Gu Hanyan gently rubbed her wrist. It was still reeling from the pain that Wen Moshen had inflicted, and her eyes were trembling with fear.

Wen Moshen clenched his jaws. He bent over, forcing Gu Hanyan to lean against the sofa as his hands flanked the sides of her body. His eyes were cold and unfeeling, sending chills down Gu Hanyan’s spine.

“Gu Hanyan, since you love me so much, we can have a wonderful life together. I definitely won’t let you down!” He lowered his head and said as he glared resolutely at Gu Hanyan.

Gu Hanyan was reeling in shock. Her hands were outstretched, pushing firmly against his chest. Her heart felt as though it was going to leap out of her throat.

“I won’t let you have an easy time for the rest of your life,” Wen Moshen uttered, his voice cruel and unfeeling.

Wen Moshen’s happiness and well-being in that lifetime had ended the moment Lin Nuan married Fu Huai’an.

Since he was going to be miserable, how could Gu Hanyan be anything less than miserable when she loved him so much?

The room door opened suddenly, and Wen Moshi barged into the room. He put his hand on the door frame, panting heavily.

When he saw that things were not as bad as he had expected, Wen Moshi heaved a sigh of relief. Gasping for air, he said, “Brother”

Standing behind Wen Moshi was Gu Hanyan’s cousin.

Wen Moshi was already aware of what had been exposed on social media before Gu Hanyan’s cousin approached him.

But when Gu Hanyan’s cousin came and told him that the person who had gone to Iraq was Lin Nuan and not Gu Hanyan, Wen Moshi was afraid that Wen Moshen might spiral out of control and strike Gu Hanyan in a rage.

Wen Moshi was his brother, and he knew exactly how much Wen Moshen loved Lin Nuan.

If it wasn’t true love, why would Wen Moshen hesitate after learning about Lin Nuan’s engagement? He was afraid that she might be labeled as being unfaithful.

Breaking off an engagement because she had fallen for another man was frowned upon among the upper class, and it was fodder for gossip. Furthermore, Lin Nuan’s biological mother was mentally ill, and she was known as the phony daughter of the Lin family.

If it wasn’t true love, why would Wen Moshen be concerned about the huge age gap between himself and Lin Nuan? He was worried that he might become a burden to her when he aged.

He had hesitated for so many years and couldn’t make up his mind. He had even resorted to dating Gu Hanyan in a bid to forget Lin Nuan.

What seemed to be a heartless move on his part was, in fact, an affirmation of his love for her.

Wen Moshen straightened his body and stared at Gu Hanyan coldly. “Mrs. Wen, please give me your guidance and advice in the future!”

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