Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 302


Back at Tian Fuwan…

Tuan Tuan had a slight flu, and Lin Nuan instructed him not to take a shower.

Tuan Tuan nodded his head obediently, and Lin Nuan handed him his one-piece pajamas. Tuan Tuan removed his sweatshirt swiftly with his pudgy hands. He was wearing a cartoon t-shirt underneath, and he took that off as well.

Lin Nuan held the pajamas in her hands as she crouched to face Tuan Tuan. He stuck out his arms obediently to put on the pajamas and lowered his head to button it.

After changing into his pajamas, he ran towards the bookshelf, climbed on top of a chair and took a photo album from the shelf before pattering back to Lin Nuan. He sat down next to her, opened the photo album, and started chatting to Lin Nuan about the photographs.

Those were photographs from when Tuan Tuan was a baby.

In the photos, Tuan Tuan was still very tiny, and Fu Huai’an was cradling him in his arms. His big bright eyes were gazing at Fu Huai’an, who was feeding him from a milk bottle. Tuan Tuan’s pudgy hands were clinging tightly onto the bottle, and he was drinking contentedly.

The memories of Tuan Tuan as a baby were a blur to Lin Nuan. Looking at photographs of him with his long lashes and his chubby little face, Lin Nuan started to recall how Tuan Tuan looked when he was an infant.

“Papa, feeding milk milk, Tuan Tuan!”

Tuan Tuan raised his head to look at Lin Nuan and exclaimed in his kiddish voice as he pointed at the photograph.

Lin Nuan nodded. “Yes, Papa did a good job bringing up Tuan Tuan!”

Tuan Tuan blinked and gazed at Lin Nuan, as though he was a puppy waiting for Lin Nuan to reward him. If he had a tail, he would have been wagging it excitedly.

“Yes, Tuan Tuan is a good boy too!” Lin Nuan praised him.

Tuan Tuan blushed and nodded. “Mama is terrific too!”

Lin Nuan smiled as she reached out to embrace him and kissed him gently on his forehead, her eyes teary.

Yes, Tuan Tuan’s biological mother was the best… His mother was the bravest and kindest person in the world!

As they flipped through the photo album, Tuan Tuan laid contentedly in Lin Nuan’s arms and fell asleep.

Tuan Tuan felt that if Mama went through the photographs of him growing up, she wouldn’t have missed anything and it was as though she had been beside him all along. Anyway, he was too young to remember anything, as long as Mama remembered what he looked like when he was a baby!

Lin Nuan laid Tuan Tuan onto the bed carefully and covered him with his blanket. She switched off the bedside lamp before leaving the room quietly. As she shut the door, a large hand reached out to grab her slender wrist and pulled her to the side.

Lin Nuan raised her head to look at her husband coyly and said, “Tuan Tuan’s asleep…”

“Has your period ended?” Fu Huai’an asked huskily.

Lin Nuan’s period usually lasted for four days and was long over.

Lin Nuan knew what Fu Huai’an meant. She nodded, her ears flushed red from embarrassment, her heart racing.

Fu Huai’an gazed intensely at her rosy and delicate face. “Shall we go to the room?”

Lin Nuan panicked and didn’t know how to reply.

They were already married, but Lin Nuan couldn’t help being embarrassed. After all, Tuan Tuan was at home!

Although it hadn’t happened yet, Lin Nuan was worried that Tuan Tuan might barge in on them while they were in the middle of the act. It would be too awkward and embarrassing, and Lin Nuan wouldn’t be able to face Tuan Tuan if that happened.

Moreover, she knew that whenever she was alone with Fu Huai’an, the ambiance was always intense and unpredictable. If she went to the room with him, she probably wouldn’t even have a chance to take a bath!

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