Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 303

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Lin Nuan didn’t move, nor did she reply. Fu Huai’an asked, “Don’t you want to?”

His husky voice muttered next to her ear, and it was so alluring, she felt herself turn weak…

“Uh… I’m afraid Tuan Tuan might wake up.” Lin Nuan whispered as she raised her head to look at Fu Huai’an. The door was closed, but it was as if she was afraid that their voices might awaken Tuan Tuan.

He thrust his warm body against hers, and she caught a whiff of his strong masculine scent that had a tinge of tobacco. Her heart was thumping as she bit her lip and used her hands to push against his chest. She lowered her voice and said anxiously, “We are outside Tuan Tuan’s room…”

What’s more, Auntie Li was still cleaning up in the kitchen!

Fu Huai’an stared at her flustered expression. “There’s nothing to worry about! Tuan Tuan is always sound asleep by this time, and he’s a deep sleeper…”

Their bodies pressed against each other. She could feel Fu Huai’an’s chest heaving as he spoke in his deep and mellow voice, and her palms tingled.

He slid his hands down towards Lin Nuan’s buttocks and thrust it against himself. Lin Nuan could sense his arousal, and she couldn’t help growing weak at the knees.

Her back was leaning against the wall, and her breathing became erratic. She lowered her gaze and saw that Fu Huai’an had matched his home wear to hers. It was made from fine material and was silky soft. The collar grazed upon his skin, gliding smoothly as he spoke.

“Mrs. Fu, look at me…” Fu Huai’an murmured, his voice sensual and inviting.

Entranced and mesmerized by him, she raised her head only to have his lips pressed down firmly against hers.

He held her by her chin, kissing her passionately. His hands slid from her jaw to graze behind her neck before he buried his fingers in her hair and grasped her head in a firm grip as he continued kissing her fervently.

Fu Huai’an’s lips were burning with passion as he plunged his tongue further in.

She was locked in his grip and could only allow him to do as he wished. It was almost as though he was going to crush her in his embrace, and her tongue felt sore.

The intertwining of their tongues made Lin Nuan flushed, and she was worried that Auntie Li might be able to hear them. She whimpered in protest and patted Fu Huai’an on his back, but it was all in vain.

She felt as if he had sucked all the strength from her body, and as his kisses became more intense, her mind turned blank. Her hands patting on his back gradually moved to clutch at Fu Huai’an’s shirt as she became powerless to resist his advances.

She could feel Fu Huai’an’s large hands slipping beneath her shirt, and a familiar sense of shame swept over her. The touch of her tender and delicate skin overwhelmed his senses.

Fu Huai’an let go of Lin Nuan and allowed her a few seconds to catch her breath before locking lips with her again, slowly and deeply.

“No…” Lin Nuan turned her head to the side, her chest heaving.

Fu Huai’an’s gaze was piercing and burning with passion, but he didn’t insist. He lowered his head and caressed her burning ears with his lips.


Lin Nuan tightened her grip on Fu Huai’an’s shirt. She was pushed to the edge and finally relented and gave in to his persistent advances. “Not here, let’s go to the room!”

She didn’t dare to speak too loudly as she was afraid Auntie Li might hear her.

Fu Huai’an lifted her legs with his strong arms and carried her into the room, pushing the room door shut with his feet.

“I… I want to take a bath!” Lin Nuan said as she clenched the collar of his shirt tightly. She lowered her gaze and tried to breathe calmly.

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