Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 457

Chapter 457 Loved Him With His Life

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The wall lights obviously gave out a gentle glow, but Lin Nuan still felt the lights were piercing to her eyes, so piercing it made her eyes ache terribly

She wanted to turn over but was pinned in place by Fu Huaian, unable to break free of his hold. She closed her eyes and refused to look at him.

Fu Huaian wiped away her tears, but those tears were seemingly endless.

"Xiao Nuan, Bai Xiaonian is still unconscious. We still dont know what exactly happened. Theres no hurry to call the police, lets not do anything first. Our first priority is to take good care of Bai Xiaonian, while the next is to try to hide this matter from Bai Xiaonians sick father. After Bai Xiaonian wakes up, lets act according to her wishes. We just cant blow the matter up right now. Think about Bai Xiaonian and Lu Jinnanboth their identities are special, once this matter blows up it will surely cause a fiasco all over town! By then, itd be impossible to hide this from Bai Xiaonians father. Do you think this works?"

Now that both of them had calmed down a little, they could finally hear what the other party was saying.

Lin Nuan ultimately couldnt bring herself to repeat the fact that Lu Jinnan himself had already admitted to raping Bai Xiaonian.

This didnt mean that Lin Nuan had relented in this matter

It was just that she felt that Fu Huaian had a point. The first priority was to take good care of Bai Xiaonian, and the second one was to hide this matter from Uncle Bai; regarding how to go about hiding this from him, Lin Nuan had to think of a solution.

Bai Xiaonians mother jumped off a building back then precisely because she couldnt bear the humiliation of being violated If Bai Xiaonian jumped off the building for the same reason, how would he be able to take it?

Lin Nuan didnt make a sound, so that counted as silent consent. She held back the searing pain in her eyes and opened them, asking, "If, after Xiaonian wakes up, she wants to call the cops?"

Fu Huaian recalled what Lu Jinnan had told him earlier todayif Bai Xiaonian wanted his life, he would give it up, and if she wanted for him to go to prison, he would also comply.

"If thats the case, well do whatever needs to be done" Fu Huaian added, "I will stay out of it."

Hearing this promise from Fu Huaian, Lin Nuans eyes didnt look as dead as they did before. She gazed at Fu Huaian a good while before she ultimately couldnt hold back her tears.

Those clear and beautiful eyes were misty, full of blood vessels, making Fu Huaians heart ache just by looking at them.


Lin Nuan was a little childish in asking that.

Lin Nuan knew in her heart that Fu Huaian never was a righteous man.

He used to be a lawyer, and lawyers resolve peoples problems in exchange for moneythats just what they do. Lin Nuan never used to pay close attention, but she did hear that Fu Huaian defended an accused client for an exorbitant fee and was able to turn black into white, forcing the plaintiffs entire family to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

"En really!" Fu Huaian nodded, hugging her close to him. "On the one hand, its you, and on the other, its Lu Jinnan. Xiao Nuan"

Lin Nuan didnt wait for Fu Huaian to finish. She flipped over into Fu Huaians arms. "I only ask that you stay out of this!"

Fu Huaian kissed Lin Nuans forehead, lips not parting for a long moment, as he hugged her in his arms.

Lin Nuan was never one to reach out for a yard after taking an inch. She knew where to draw the line

Lin Nuan only requested this one favor from Fu Huaian after considering things from Fu Huaians perspective, which wasnt actually overboard. But Fu Huaian could feel that at this moment, she was hugging him with her heart full of gratitude.

Fu Huaian could sense that Lin Nuan cared about their relationship.

This added a hint of sweetness to Fu Huaians vexed emotions. He very gently pecked Lin Nuan on her face, lips and neck

Considerate of Lin Nuans feelings, Fu Huaian ultimately didnt go overboard with his actions. In the end, he just fell asleep with Lin Nuan in his arms like that.

At three in the morning, Fu Huaians phone vibrated.

Fu Huaian had always been a light sleeper. He was afraid the vibration from the phone might wake Lin Nuan up, so he reached out for his phone on the cabinet and blackened the screen.

Lin Nuan sensed the motion, so she stirred a little before dozing off again with her brows furrowed.

Fu Huaian picked up the phone and carefully got up. Seeing that it was Tang Zheng, he went out to the balcony and pulled the door shut behind him before answering the call

"Whats the matter?" Fu Huaian peered into the room through the glass door at the sound asleep Lin Nuan.

"Old Fu, I just heard someone speaking with certainty that he saw Lu Jinnans woman jump off a building? Since when did Lu Jinnan get himself a woman? Do you know whats going on?" Tang Zheng sounded muddled. "I couldnt get Lu Jinnan on the phone no matter how many times I called."

Fu Huaians dark gaze sharpened the minute he heard this. "Heard from who?"

Fu Huaian had taken all measures to prevent the news regarding Bai Xiaonian jumping off a building from leaking.

Whats more, regardless of the hospital staff or anyone who knew anything about this, what little they did know was that Lu Jinnan had raped Bai Xiaonian, so it shouldnt have evolved into something so far-fetched like Lu Jinnans woman having jumped off a building.

Tang Zheng stood at the entrance of the washroom, took a puff of his cigarette, glanced around at his surroundings, and only spoke after confirming no one was around. "The Young Master of the Wangs of Haicheng West"

Fu Huaians grip on his phone tightened. His originally deep and rich vocals now carried with them a coldness. "Invite Young Master Wang into a suite for a good chat, within half an hour I want to know how he came to know of Lu Jinnans woman jumping off a building."

So serious?

"The Young Master of the Wangs of Haicheng West, he is"

Tang Zheng sounded like he was about to speak but then held himself back. After taking a final puff off his cigarette, he threw the cigarette butt into the ashtray on top of the bin. "Got it"

After ending the call, Tang Zheng slipped his phone into his pocket and loosened his tie, walking out of the washroom corridor with both hands in his pockets.

A security guard in black was saying something into his ear mike. Seeing the frowning Tang Zheng wave at him from nearby, he hurriedly ran over.

Tang Zheng covered his mouth with one hand as said some things in the security guards ear; the latter nodded. "Yes, boss! Getting on it right away!"

From the corner of his eyes, Fu Huaian sensed Lin Nuan flip over. He took a glance, then walked further away and pondered for a moment before dialing the number of the Deputy Director of the Province Department of Public Security.

A sleepy voice came from the other end of the line. "President Fu, for you to call at this hour, is there anything I can do to be of service?"

Fu Huaian said in an emotionless voice, "Apologies for interrupting Director Fangs dreams. Today, when my assistant left the Night Palace, he picked up a badly beaten Young Master of the Wangs of Haicheng West by the roadside. Young Master Wang is unconscious right now. You know how precious he is to the Wangs, and recently our Kaide Corporation and the Wangs have been vying for the Municipal Reform Project. If this isnt explained clearly, I wont be able to account to Old Master Wang. I know you have some ties with Old Master Wang, thats why Im calling you to see if you can check on the municipal traffic surveillance and find out where Young Master Wang went to today, to see if there are any leads."

"Which idiot beat up Xiao Feng of the Wangs?" Vice-Director Fang was jolted awake by his newfound knowledge.

The Wangs only had this one descendant left. Old Master Wangs son and daughter-in-law were no longer around, and the old man only had this one grandson left, so he loved him with his life

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