Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 458

Chapter 458 He Came Clean With Everything

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"This is exactly what I intend to check on. Old Master Wang is already advanced in age, so I dont dare to notify him yet. Im thinking of letting him know when things are cleared up with the investigation, in case he gets suspicious of our Kaide Corporation"

Since Fu Huaian put it this way, Vice-Director Fang immediately reassured him by saying, "President Fu, dont worry about this. Ill get some people to check on this right away. Once I have news, Ill call you. Its not convenient for me to personally investigate this myself, so Ill have to trouble President Fu! Dont worry about Old Master Wang Ill explain things to him later."

"Ok, then Ill be waiting for Vice-Director Fangs news"

After hanging up the call, Fu Huaians lips arched up a little, his gaze dark and unfathomable.

Taking advantage of the opportunity while Lin Nuan was sleeping, Fu Huaian grabbed his cigarettes and lighter and went out to smoke on the balcony.

Vice-Director Fang quickly got hold of the surveillance videos, and Fu Huaian got him to send them to his assistant Little Lus email.

A short while later, his phone vibrated.

Fu Huaian answered the call, and Tang Zheng spoke in a lowered voice, "Old Fu, that weakling of a rascal from the Wangs couldnt take the beatings and already spat out everything he knows. What he said matches up to the surveillance videos"

"What did he say?" Fu Huaian asked as he flicked the cigarette ash.

"You remember the incident where Guangxia Pharmaceuticals was acquired by the Kaide Corporation?" Tang Zheng asked.

Of course Fu Huaian had an impression. All these years, in order to consolidate the Kaide Corporations position, Lu Jinnan had been ruthless in the way he handled matters. In order for the Kaide Corporation to acquire Guangxia Pharmaceuticals, Lu Jinnan even broke one of the boss legs and forced him to sign with a knife to his neck.

Later, the lady boss of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals ran away with her brother-in-law, and subsequently, the boss disappeared after selling Guangxia Pharmaceuticals at an unbelievably low price to the Kaide Corporation.

"That Wang fellows new girlfriend is the daughter of that Guangxia Pharmaceuticals boss who suffered under the cruel hands of Old Lu. This fellow wanted to punish Old Lu alongside his new brother-in-law, so he deliberately sabotaged Old Lus car and had originally planned on beating him up to teach him a lesson. Who knew Old Lus car kept driving into the suburbs with no sounds, no stopping, so they kept following behind"

Fu Huaian took a puff of his cigarette, listening very attentively with his gaze lowered.

"That Wang fellow said that in the suburbs they didnt dare follow too closely. By the time they found Old Lus car broken down on the road by the time they found Old Lu, they chanced upon him hurriedly wearing his belt and giving his suit jacket to the disheveled morning news anchor Bai Xiaonian. They never imagined Lu Jinnan would bring a woman for a wild battlefield battle. When they heard Lu Jinnan was heading to his car to retrieve some water, they hatched a malicious plot. They thought of using Bai Xiaonian to threaten Old Lu, to make Old Lu break one of his own legs. Bai Xiaonian wouldnt listen to any of this and directly jumped down from the second story. The three of them saw the unconscious Bai Xiaonian and were afraid of getting into trouble if someone really died. They were also fearful that the murderous Old Lu might go crazy and beat them to death, so they frantically ran away from the scene"

Fu Huaian was smoking his cigarette urgently. If Bai Xiaonian truly was raped by Lu Jinnan, she should have stood on the same side as the Wang fellow and his gang; why would she care about Lu Jinnans leg and jump off the building?

"Ok, I got it now."

Fu Huaian gazed at the bright moonlight that seeped through the tree leaves and landed on the cobblestone pavement in the villas courtyard. He clenched his jaw tightly, and the skin on the back of his large, cigarette-wielding hand clenched as he crushed the cigarette in his hand.

"Then, what do we do with the Wang fellow?"

Fu Huaian spoke in a cold and calm voice, "Vice-Director Fang has already heard of how Old Master Wangs grandson was so badly beaten that he is hardly recognizable and how my assistant found him by the roadside near the Night Palace"

Tang Zheng knew how to handle the matter based on what Fu Huaian had told him.

"Old Master Wangs grandson was beaten up so badly and is currently in a coma, in critical condition. Theres got to be a scapegoat for this" Fu Huaian implied as he tapped the cigarette ash away.

On the other end of the line, Tang Zheng very unhesitatingly offered a solution too. "Understood. The ex-young boss of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals fell into bad times and tried to extort money from Young Master Wang, with his sister getting involved with the latter. He didnt succeed in getting a cent, so he became furious and violently bashed up Young Master Wang. While they were entangled in a fight, Young Master Wang accidentally lost his footing and fell off the building. The siblings from Guangxia Pharmaceuticals feared they might get into trouble if they were exposed, so they drove Young Master Wangs car to the city and dumped him in a bustling area. By the time Young Master Wang was discovered and sent to the hospital, the siblings would already have escaped Haicheng, their whereabouts unknown"

"Take care of the timing at the hospital, dont let Vice-Director Fang find out the timings dont match up" Fu Huaian instructed as his brows knitted together.

"Old Lu there" Tang Zheng paused in his words.

Regarding Lu Jinnan and Bai Xiaonians relationship, they dared not make wild guesses on their own. After all Lu Jinnans brother, Lu Jinbei, regarded Bai Xiaonian as his darling; now that Bai Xiaonian and Lu Jinnan were linked together, they didnt know how to face Lu Jinbei!

Fu Huaian took out yet another cigarette and bit it at the corner of his lips. Fu Huaian struck the lighter; the color of the shaking flame was like that of blood. He then left the metallic lighter on the rail of the balcony.

Fu Huaian took a deep breath before shifting the cigarette away, his deep and dark eyes reminiscent of the dark night shrouded by a layer of chilliness from the moon. "Let me tell him."

The next morning, Lin Nuan was worried about Bai Xiaonian in the hospital, so she got up at six to wash up.

Fu Huaian received Bai Jinyus call informing him that Bai Xiaonian had woken and had been transferred to the normal ward.

Fu Huaian subconsciously glanced in the direction of the bathroom and heaved a sigh of relief, hand gripping his phone tightly. "What about Lu Jinnan?"

"Lu Jinnan is in the ward talking with Bai Xiaonian. He chased everyone outside, even Xiao Bei has been shoved out of the room! The room was locked from within, so we have no idea whats going on inside!" Bai Jinyu sounded very, very anxious. "Old Lu is so stubborn, I really fear he might hand Bai Xiaonian a fruit knife and grab Bai Xiaonians hand to shove the knife into his heart!"

Fu Huaian wasnt worried about this.

Bai Xiaonian would rather jump from a building than see Lu Jinnan break a leg for her sake, so why would she stab at Lu Jinnans heart with a knife?

Fu Huaian didnt fill Bai Jinyu in on the details over the phone though.

"Got it, Im coming over right now"

Before he even hung up the call, Lin Nuan had hurriedly come out from the bathroom, prepared to leave after changing her clothes.

"Thats all, Im hanging up"

Fu Huaian ended the call and said to Lin Nuan, "Bai Jinyu informed me that Bai Xiaonian has already woken up and that shes in the normal ward now, condition stabilized."

Lin Nuan paused for a moment, visibly relieved, joy evident in her eyes. "Im going to the hospital right now!"

"Ill send you there!" Fu Huaian offered.

Lin Nuan nodded and didnt reject Fu Huaians good intentions.

On the way there, Fu Huaian didnt say anything to Lin Nuan. Regarding the truth behind why Bai Xiaonian jumped off a building, itd be better for Bai Xiaonian to tell it to Lin Nuan herself.

Although Bai Xiaonian had already woken up, so long as she had yet to see her in person, Lin Nuan couldnt help feeling uneasy.

She was afraid Bai Xiaonian might take it too hard

She didnt even know whether to give Bai Xiaonian a hug or say something else when she finally got to see her.

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