Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Take Her Away From Cen Mo

Chapter 517: Take Her Away From Cen Mo
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However, he still solemnly said it to Lin Nuan. He held Lin Nuans petite face in his hands and lowered his head to kiss her

Lin Nuan grabbed at Fu Huaians firm wrists and wanted to dodge from it, but Fu Huaian forcefully kissed her.

The kiss was shallow and light. His voice sounded a little raspy as he said, "In my heart, that you stay safe and unscathed is more important to me than anything else! Above anything else! I was a little harsh with my words today, but Lin Nuan, if you truly care about me, for my sake learn to wise up, dont get physical with someone youre no match for with disregard for the location and opponent. Youve always been rational and intelligent. Dont be silly. Think about how you dealt with that makeup artist who wanted to frame you!"

Lin Nuan had always been rational and intelligent, but she couldnt keep her calm after hearing someone insult Fu Huaian this time.

Lin Nuan didnt know if one could get addicted to hitting someone. In the underground parking lot when Fu Tianci scolded Fang Yan, Lin Nuan slapped him. Now that she heard someone scold Fu Huaian, Lin Nuans instinct was to smack that rotten face. Even thinking about it now caused her chest to heave up and down uncontrollably.

Seeing Lin Nuans look of impatience upon hearing him lecture her, Fu Huaian continued, "Do you know why no one in this world likes an overly-intelligent person? Its because an intelligent person can achieve an unexpected outcome simply by using their brains and not relying on their brawns."

"Dont take Chu Xuns matter to heart. It wasnt a good time for me to say it when Tuan Tuan was around just now. When I left for the hospital, I didnt know Chu Xun would be there too. If I had known, I would surely have brought you along!" Fu Huaian said.

Fu Huaian didnt wait until after things were settled at the kindergarten and take Tuan Tuan and Lin Nuan with him to the hospital because Secretary Song was pressing him urgently, and also because he wanted to leave Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu some dignity.

Although Fu Huaian had the intention to spare them the embarrassment, they didnt seem to mind it themselves; they even called an outsider, Chu Xun, there

Fu Huaian could understand it when Old Madam Fu called Chu Xun over, but the fact that Old Master Fu had agreed too was out of his expectations.

Fu Huaian thought again of how Chu Xun had stopped Lin Nuans program. When Lin Nuan mentioned Miss Xia had resigned and was preparing to go to another TV station with her, he could vaguely guess it, but he couldnt be sure.

After all, up until now, Fu Qingquan hadnt said anything to him.

"Whatever else you want to ask, we can slowly discuss it in bed when we get back home" Fu Huaian whispered in Lin Nuans ear in a sensual tone.

Lin Nuans ears flushed as she glared at Fu Huaian. "Why is your mind full of"

"Dont tell me youre not planning to sleep in the bed tonight?"

Fu Huaian looked at the blushing Lin Nuan and felt his mood getting sunny. He grabbed her hand and spread open her palm, locking fingers with her. "Lu Jinnan is almost here with Bai Xiaonian!"

"Xiaonian is coming here too?" Lin Nuan was surprised.

"Lu Jinnan said that Bai Xiaonian couldnt keep still and insisted on meeting Song Yaos boyfriend. Thus Lu Jinnan borrowed a wheelchair from the nurse and pushed Bai Xiaonian here" After explaining things, Fu Huaian asked, "Which suite?"

When Lin Nuan brought Fu Huaian to the suite, they bumped into Lu Jinnan, who was pushing the wheelchair at the entrance. Bai Xiaonian waved at Lin Nuan, saying it was rare for them to get together for a gathering, so she naturally had to come!

Bai Xiaonian was particularly curious about Song Yaos boyfriend. Before they entered the suite, she secretly asked Lin Nuan, "Tell me is this boyfriend someone Song Yao meet and fell in love at first sight with overseas, or is he that investor with a fiancee?"

Lin Nuans lips twitched. She glanced at the nosy Bai Xiaonian and said, "Youve got to ask Song Yao"

"Heartless jerk!" Bai Xiaonian glared at Lin Nuan. "You obviously know, and you refuse to tell me! How am I supposed to ask this in front of Song Yaos boyfriend later?"

Song Yao heard the chatter outside the door, so she pulled open the door to the suite. She saw the four of them outside, so she smiled and hurried them in.

After they entered the suite, Song Yao excitedly asked Lin Nuan to introduce Fu Huaian. Although Fu Huaian was a well-known personality, it would, of course, be different hearing her good friend introduce him. After all, Fu Huaian was now Lin Nuans husband.

Song Yao introduced Cen Mo to Bai Xiaonian, and Bai Xiaonian also introduced Lu Jinnan as her nanny; the atmosphere in the suite livened up in an instant.

The atmosphere was considered pleasant throughout the night. Bai Xiaonian was injured and couldnt drink alcohol, whereas Song Yao drank readily, almost as if she was trying to make herself drunk.

Song Yao had been in the industry all these years, so her drinking capacity was something Bai Xiaonian and Lin Nuan couldnt compare to. Despite this knowledge, it was still shocking to see her drink so much.

Lin Nuan gazed at the smiling Song Yao, who was drinking alcohol, not sure if Song Yao was truly happy or was trying to mask her unhappiness. Even the normally insensitive Bai Xiaonian could sense something was amiss; her head was turned in Lin Nuans direction, seemingly wanting to say something but ultimately not doing so.

Cen Mo just sat by the side and watched, with no intentions to stop her. He merely gazed at Song Yao with a smile.

When it came to affairs of the heart, if Song Yao didnt reveal it herself, Bai Xiaonian and Lin Nuan wouldnt interfere; this was a tacit understanding among the three.

But when they were done and about to leave, Bai Xiaonian was still concerned about Song Yao and asked Cen Mo to take good care of her.

After they exited from the Night Palace, it started drizzling. Amidst the intersecting bright lights, there appeared to be a thin layer of mist, enveloping Haicheng in a blurry and colorful world.

At the parking lot in front of the Night Palace, Lu Jinnan and Fu Huaian slowed down their pace and walked behind them, as if talking about serious business.

Lu Jinnan was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. There was a cigarette at the corner of his lips. His two hands were placed in his pockets as he gazed at Fu Huaian with his brows furrowed, nodding.

Fu Huaians suit was laid open, and there was also a cigarette in his fingers. His thin lips were moving as he talked, his long and black brows furrowed as he turned his body sideways to tap the cigarette ash into the ashtray on the trash can. His deep gaze swept over Lin Nuan.

At the bottom of the stairs.

Song Yao was standing a little unsteadily in her heels, causing her to lean against Cen Mos chest. She was wearing a tweed cap and mask. She waved at Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian. "Im going"

Cen Mo pulled Song Yao into his embrace with one arm and pulled open the door of the front passenger seat with the other, supporting Song Yao as he helped her into the car.

"Nuan! Nuan" Song Yao suddenly reached out a hand to Lin Nuan, calling Lin Nuans name in her drunken state.

Lin Nuan walked to Song Yao and held Song Yaos outreached hand. With the help of Lin Nuans strength, Song Yao fell into Lin Nuans arms, causing Lin Nuan to retreat two steps from the impact. She had one hand holding Song Yao, while her other hand was leaning on the car door for support.

"Nuan" Song Yao rubbed her face against Lin Nuans neck, causing her tweed cap to fall, her black and straight hair blowing about in the wind. There was an indescribable sadness in her voice as she said, "Nuan, Fu Huaian treats you really well! You and Fu Huaian must live well together!"

Sensing the moisture on her neck, Lin Nuan didnt utter a sound. She tightened her hold around Song Yao, lightly pinching Song Yao around her slim waist.

They had been friends for so many years, so there was a tacit understanding between them. Song Yao knew Lin Nuans intentions; Lin Nuan was asking Song Yao whether she should take her away from Cen Mo in his presence.



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