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My Beautiful Love summary:

Wan Jia's life changes when her parents suddenly abandon her. It changes even more when she becomes a substitute. "Marry me." "I don't know you." 'you don't even know me' "Don't you want to be my pampered wife?" ... Wan Jia woke up holding onto her aching waist as she roared. "Lu Aotian! 'Pampered wife' your backside!"Wan Jia - a young and beautiful designer, she meets the love of her life while impersonating Yun Xuan as her substitute. Lu Aotian - not your every day CEO. Despite every difficulty faced in the past, his love for Wan Jia and their daughter, Lu Meili, never wavers. Avalorian: The cover photo does not belong to me. All credits to owner. This is a romance novel with a bit of crime, twists and mysteries.I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to leave comments and reviews. You may want to read the auxilliary chapter before proceeding to the story.Discord discord.gg/MhJGrW

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