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My Beloved summary:

**R-18**No r.a.p.e or major misunderstanding**She cried out, Big brother is a big bully!Chomp! She bit his shoulder.Her small pearl-like teeth could never hurt him. It had the opposite effect on him. Why did you bite me? he asked, gazing at her mischievous eyes.She pouted while answering, Because big brother is being mean.Am I? Isnt it you whos being mean to your big brother? His gaze deepened. Since you did something mean, maybe Ill have to bite you in return.Chu!She gasped, her face glowing red in embarrassment. Big brother? She paused as her heartbeat began to syncopate. Why are you biting my lips?His fingers hovered to her cherry lips and caressed them while he let out a slight chuckle. Whats wrong with biting my wifeys lips? Its my birthright, after all.She cried out once again, Auntie? Auntie! Big brother is bullying me again.Just as she turned to leave, he broke her movement by gripping her slender hand, pulling her closer. Youre not going anywhere.The Han familys Han Luo is a beautiful, smart, and sensible child; everyone loves her. That aside, the friend of her elder cousin who she affectionately calls big brother has his eyes set on her. Han Luos fondness for her big brother has grown over time, but as the fondness grew, so did his bullying. After all, its not his fault that he cant control himself when shes being all cute! But he will control himself to protect her. He has a duty: work hard to guard her, defend hard to protect her, and save Han Luo from the wolves who crave to seize her from his grasp.***Lots of dog food and face slap are waiting for everyone!Join me on discord.gg/MaJMCyb

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