My Boss Is Scary Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Chapter 105

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to the office. Li Zi Yun slept the whole day. Wang Yu woke up Li Zi Yun late in the evening when it was time to leave the office. She got into the car with Wang Yu. She felt tired since she hadn't eaten anything for more than a day but she felt nauseous so she did not feel like eating anything.

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "I'll take you out for dinner"

Li Zi Yun was leaning against the window. All she wanted now was to sleep she had no appetite to eat nor do anything else.

"No I want to go home."

"But you haven't eaten anything and you look weak and tired"

Wang Yu tried to check if Li Zi Yun's body temperature is normal by touching her neck, but Li Zi Yun moved her face away. She did not know why but she felt uncomfortable. Wang Yu's hand retreated when he saw Li Zi Yun's behavior.

"I want to go home"

Li Zi Yun did not turn to look at Wang Yu when she answered him. Her eyes were shut and she wanted to go home and lie down on her bed.

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Wang Yu did not say anything to Li Zi Yun. On the way to home, Li Zi Yun slept once again. Wang Yu tried calling Li Zi Yun's name but there was no response. He patted her arm but there was no response. Wang Yu was not sure what he should. Should he wake her up or should he take her to his penthouse or should he wait till she wakes up in front of her house?

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to his penthouse again for the second consecutive day. He carried Li Zi Yun inside the house and laid her on the bed of the other master bedroom. Wu had ordered food to be delivered for him and Li Zi Yun and he kept her food aside so that she can eat it at night when she wakes up if she is hungry.

Li Cheng Zhi was waiting for Wang Yu's reply to his message, but he received none. He had expected that Wang Yu would at least ask Li Cheng Zhi to meet him, but he received no response from Wang Yu. Li Cheng Zhi was waiting for the entire day, Wang Yu had seen the messages he had sent within a few minutes after he had sent it but was yet to reply. He had no idea that Wang Yu was completely aware of the entire truth while he was totally ignorant of what really happened.

Li Zi Yun was sleeping when her phone rang. In her sleep she was rummaging in the table. It was Chu Yan. She picked up the call and placed the phone on her ears.

"I am waiting outside your house. Open the door"

"What?" Li Zi Yun was only half awake and she spoke in a sleepy voice.

"You slept so soon?"

"Who is this?"

"Get up and open the door first then you will know who is speaking"

"Wait for a moment" Li Zi Yun was feeling irritated that he woke her up in the middle of the night, but only when she looked at the time she realized it was not very late.

Li Zi Yun was about to get up from the bed only then she realized she was not at her house. She looked around. This was Wang Yu's house, how did she get here? She must have slept in the car.

Chu Yan asked her, "What are you doing? Open the door quickly"

"Chu Yan I am not home. We can meet some other day"

"Then where are you sleeping?"

"I am at" Li Zi Yun dragged out the sentence.

"Don't tell me you are at Wang Yu's house"

"No of course not. Why would I be there?... II am at Li Shu's place" Li Zi Yun thought of informing Wu Li Shu as soon as she ended the call.

"I will see you some other day" saying that Chu Yan cut the call. Before he had spoken to Li Zi Yun, he had called Wu Li Shu and he knew Li Zi Yun was not with Wu Li Shu. He knew for sure that Li Zi Yun was lying to him. His guess was that Li Zi Yun must be with Wang Yu and that must be the reason why she lied to him. Why was she staying at Wang Yu's place? Chu Yan thought he had to have a talk with Li Zi Yun sooner or later about Wang Yu.

Li Zi Yun got out of the bed. She no longer felt sleepy but she did not feel fresh either. The room where she was sleeping was dark. She opened the room door and there it was dimly lit outside. Li Zi Yun looked around but couldn't find Wang Yu outside. She thought Wang Yu must be inside his room and she walked bare footed in the house.

Everything in that house was either black or white. As Li Zi Yun was walking, she found something framed on a table and a white cloth covered it. She found it odd because everything else in the house was neat and tidy and nothing else was covered. Li Zi Yun lifted the cloth and found there was also wooden box placed before the frame. She lifted the cloth some more and saw that it was a painting as she was lifting the cloth from down.

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