My Boss Is Scary Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Chapter 106

A deep voice was heard, "What are you doing there?"

When Li Zi Yun suddenly heard a voice behind her, her heart skipped a beat. She was really scared for a second and was holding her chest and she turned around the next second. She was curious about what was under the white cloth that she completely forgot about her surroundings. Wang Yu was standing before her. He was standing there with his night robe untied revealing his perfect body.

Wang Yu was resting in his room. When he heard noises in the next room, he thought that Li Zi Yun must have woken up. When he came out of the room, he saw her standing before the table where he had covered up what he did not want her to see.

"CEO Wang…"

Wang Yu looked behind her. Li Zi Yun was still holding the end of the cloth in her hand.

"What are you doing here?" Wang Yu repeated once again looking pointedly at Li Zi Yun's hand. Li Zi Yun let go of the cloth that she was holding.

"I was…" Li Zi Yun's stomach growled.

"Feeling hungry?" Li Zi Yun was staring at Wang Yu with a blank expression on her face. The sudden appearance of Wang Yu had shocked her.

"No… I was… I just…"

Wang Yu came closer to Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun automatically moved backwards. The sight of Wang Yu with his chest seen clearly in the untied night robe was disturbing. Wang Yu covered completely what Li Zi Yun was trying to see. After closing it, he moved back. Li Zi Yun was now curious what it was but Wang Yu's actions proved to her that he will not let her see or tell her what it is.

Wang Yu looked at her from top to bottom, "Looks like the drug has worn off. Want to eat anything?"

Li Zi Yun was not sure whether she wanted to eat anything right now. She was hungry but she did not know if she could keep it down. Wang Yu took a step towards Li Zi Yun but she moved away from him.

"Do I make you uncomfortable?"

"No CEO Wang. You don't"


Wang Yu then said to Li Zi Yun, "There is food for you in the table. Heat it in the microwave, if you need"

"Yes Sir"

"Good Night then"

"Good night Sir"

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's face for a second as if trying to read her mind. However, Li Zi Yun's face was devoid of reaction as she stood there quietly.

Wang Yu walked towards his room, suddenly remembering he turned around, walked towards the table, and carefully covered the painting so that it was completely covered and no one could see what it was and carried it to his room. He also carried the wooden box to his room and closed the door behind him. He carefully placed it on the table and removed the cloth covering the painting. When he laid down on the bed he could see the painting clearly.

Li Zi Yun was following Wang Yu with her eyes when he turned back to retrieve the painting. It looked like a normal painting to her. She knew that it wouldn't be a painting by some great artist, it must be something personal. But she did not know why Wang Yu was so interested in hiding it from her. Did he have a nude painting of someone?

Li Zi Yun was feeling dizzy. She thought it was better to eat something even if she throws up later. Li Zi Yun looked around the house as she was eating. Though it was big, the house felt lonely and gloomy to her. She would have never believed before a month that she would be spending the night at Wang Yu's place alone with only Wang Yu present.

Li Zi Yun would have run away from the house in the first chance she got if it was someone else. Last night's incident had increased her trust towards Wang Yu. Even when she was weak and vulnerable, Wang Yu had not taken advantage of her. She had practically stripped herself for him, but Wang Yu had at least controlled his instincts and did not do anything. So she knew for sure that she was safe even if she was alone with Wang Yu.

Li Zi Yun went to the bedroom after she had eaten. Since she had slept the whole day she no longer felt sleepy. She took her mobile to check all the messages. There were several messages from Wu Li Shu.

"Are you okay?"

"Are you at Brother Wang Yu's place?"

"Do you want me to pick you up?"

"I know there is nothing going on between you two."

"Don't be bothered much about Chu Yan"

Li Zi Yun was happy when she saw Wu Li Shu's text message. She was happy that when everyone else judged her and called her names, Wu Li Shu still trusted her even when she hadn't spoken to her nor explained to her about what happened.

As Li Zi Yun was scrolling through the messages, she found a message from a new number Wuxiaworld for visiting.

'How much money do you want to leave Wang Yu? Name your price. – Huang Nian'

Li Zi Yun knew that Huang Nian would be finished when everyone comes to know about the truth last night. She would have felt sorry for Huang Nian if she hadn't been drugged last night, yet she thought that getting sexually transmitted disease was too much of a punishment for Huang Nian.

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