My Boss Is Scary Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Chapter 107

Li Zi Yun lied on the bed but she couldn't fall asleep. She was thinking about what happened last night. She did not feel like lying on the bed when she remembered this is where she was kissing and biting Wang Yu the day before. She could remember every single detail of what happened last night, every kiss. She should have listened to Wang Yu and not touched anything in the party. Wang Yu got her water only because she was nagging him for a long time. Wang Yu had asked her to be patient and wait for some time but it was she who did not do that. Since she was drugged as a consequence of her actions, she did not blame Wang Yu.

Wang Yu had been so patient with her and never yelled at her once last night. While thinking about all this she felt embarrassed and ashamed of herself. How could she be so shameless and offer herself to a man? She would have never believed if anyone told her that her first kiss would be with Wang Yu. She had expected her first kiss to be romantic and with a guy whom she loved whole heartedly but what happened was the exact opposite of what she had thought. She never in her dreams imagined that she would be so wild.

Li Zi Yun wanted to date a normal man from a middle class family whose life will not be filled with drama. Another main reason was she did not want to marry some rich heir who had every possibility of having a mistress. Her father was the best example. She wanted to lead an ordinary life where no one will try to steal her husband/boyfriend or try to drug her or kill her at every possible chance.

Li Zi Yun's entire life had been spent like that that she was tired of living that way. She wanted someone who will love truly for who she is and only be with her for his entire life. Such a life was not possible with Wang Yu, and she knew that clearly. She decided she had to reduce being in close proximity with Wang Yu after this because she did not want to fall in love with him. She was already twenty five and she had to start dating now.

Li Zi Yun felt queasy, she ran to the bathroom, and she puked everything that she ate. Her eyes were teary and just like in the afternoon her stomach and chest were in pain. She slowly walked to the bed holding onto the wall for support.

The entire night Li Zi Yun lay awake like an insomniac. In the morning, her eyes were red from not sleeping in the night. Just like the before day Li Zi Yun went to office with Wang Yu. During the entire time from when she got into the car, until they reached the office Li Zi Yun did not breathe a word. When she saw Wang Yu in the morning, Li Zi Yun greeted him in the morning; no other words were exchanged between them. Wang Yu was also deep in thought that he did not speak to Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu was tensed about some issues that his company was facing in X country. When he saw Li Zi Yun in the morning, her eyes were red and she looked like she had not slept even for a second last night. Li Zi Yun was back to her formal self around him. She neither smiled nor showed any reaction when she greeted him in the morning. Exactly the way a secretary greets her boss. Wang Yu looked at her face for a moment and left the house with her.

After Wang Yu reached the company, he discussed with the director of his company in X country and it looked like he had to be there to solve the issues. Within thirty minutes after he reached the company, he had decided to leave to X country immediately accompanied by Assistant Liu Guang. He was worried about Li Zi Yun having to be alone here. Before leaving he called Zhou Nan Xi and ordered him that he should personally safeguard Li Zi Yun the entire time when he is away and inform him if anything is wrong.

Wang Yu called Li Zi Yun only when he had finalized his trip. This was a sudden unplanned visit and he couldn't take Li Zi Yun because of that. He needed someone reliable to look after the company when he is gone.

Wang Yu came near Li Zi Yun and said, "You will be in my place till I return. This is my personal number (He handed her his number). Contact me whenever you want. Take care" Wang Yu patted her cheeks as he walked past her. She was beyond shocked when she heard this.

"Wait… You want me to be in charge? Tell me this is a prank"

"You heard what I said", saying that Wang Yu left. Li Zi Yun was more than confused. She has been in his house from last night. Why did he have to tell her just now? She had been his secretary for barely a couple of months and now he wanted her to take care of everything in the company? He must be insane. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Assistant Liu Guang had already instructed to the head of the departments that they have to report everything to Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun was busy the entire day and she did not have time to even rest for a second. Now she realized how cool Wang Yu looked when handling the company. This was making her go mad.

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