My Boss Is Scary Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Chapter 108

Li Zi Yun was tensed the entire day and she barely ate anything the whole day. She double checked and triple checked everything to make sure there were no mistakes. She had tons of work to do and left the office very late. Wang Yu had let Li Zi Yun use his car in his absence and asked the driver to follow her instructions.

Li Zi Yun was feeling irritated no matter what happened. She relaxed only when she got home in the night. She hadn't returned home for only a few days but she felt like it was a very long time and she felt tired after the day's work. It had been a long time since she worked so hard. Rather than physically challenging, the work was mentally challenging for her but she barely slept at night. She lay awake the entire night wondering what the next day had in hold for her. She was relieved that this would continue only for few days until Wang Yu returns and she was hoping that Wang Yu would return soon.

Li Zi Yun arrived at the office in the morning. Her assistants Yi Yao and Luo Zhi were ready and waiting for her. X country was on the other side of the globe and there was more than twelve hours time difference between the two countries. It had been a day since Wang Yu left but he hadn't contacted her yet.

Li Zi Yun had to do her incomplete work, Liu Guang's tasks and also take care of Wang Yu's work. Wu Qing had tried contacting Wang Yu and when Wang Yu did not pick up the call, he came straight to office. He came to office expecting to see Wang Yu. Wu Qing entered Wang Yu's office, but there was only Li Zi Yun present there and there were no signs of Wang Yu or his assistant Liu Guang.

On seeing only Li Zi Yun, Wu Qing asked her, "Where is Wang Yu?"

"Brother Wu, CEO Wang has gone on a business trip to X country"

"When did he leave?" Wu Qing had no idea that Wang Yu had gone abroad.

"Yesterday morning. Is there anything you want to discuss with him?"

"Let me try contacting him."

Wu Qing called Wang Yu once again. In X country, it was night and Wang Yu was taking a shower. There was an explosion in one of their factories and the authorities had shifted the blame on the company stating faulty construction and maintenance. There was also a lawsuit going on and the employees were protesting requesting compensation. The director of Wang Company in X country could not handle the issue and was requesting Wang Yu's assistance. Wang Yu would have solved it easily but the director had given a bribe even though there was no fault on their part complicating the case some more.

Wang Yu was having a headache dealing with it. He knew that Zhou Nan Xi or Li Zi Yun would have contacted him if there was any issue in the company so he was not worried about them. With the director complicating the situation, he did not know how long he had to stay there.

Wang Yu did not pick up Wu Qing's call.

Wu Qing asked Li Zi Yun, "Are you feeling better now?"

"Of course I am very healthy"

"I have to leave now. I will treat you next time"

Wu Qing was busy and he came only because he had something important to discuss with Wang Yu. Since Wang Yu was not there, he left. On his way out, he saw Xie Qiao who was now the President of Xie Group. Xie Qiao was one of Wang Yu and Wu Qing's friends. For a year, Xie Qiao had been looking after the company in X country and they hadn't seen him for some time.

Wang Yu had asked Xie Qiao to come over to his office to discuss about his company's issue in X country. Since Xie Qiao had several contacts in X country, Wang Yu thought it would be helpful for him. Wang Yu hadn't informed Xie Qiao before leaving the country so Xie Qiao came there without knowing that Wang Yu had already left for X country.

Wu Qing was surprised to see Xie Qiao.

Wu Qing asked him, "What are you doing here?"

"Wang Yu wanted to meet me"

"He has left for X country. He did not tell you?"

"That bastard made me come here for nothing" Wang Yu had been petering Xie Qiao to come to office but Wang Yu had left in such a short time period that he completely forgot about Xie Qiao.

"Let's meet for a drink"

Wu Qing's assistant was calling him continuously, so Wu Qing left immediately waving good bye to Xie Qiao. Li Zi Yun came out of the office room to talk to her assistant Luo Zhi.

Giving a document to Luo Zhi, Li Zi Yun said to her, "Make copies of this and send it to all the department heads." That is when Li Zi Yun saw a young man standing there. She hadn't seen him before. Li Zi Yun knew most of the clients of Wang Group of Industries but she hadn't seen the young man before.

Xie Qiao was looking at Li Zi Yun's approaching figure. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He thought in his mind, 'Wang Yu is really lucky to see her everyday'. He was looking at her without blinking his eyes. Seeing that Li Zi Yun was looking at him, Xie Qiao walked towards Li Zi Yun.

Xie Qiao asked Li Zi Yun, "May I know what a pretty lady is doing here?"

"May I know who you are?"

"A question shouldn't be answered by another question"

"Yes it can be."

"Are you Wang Yu's secret girlfriend in office?"

"No I am his Personal Secretary. Did you come to meet CEO Wang Yu?"

"Personal Secretary doesn't have a name?"

"Li Zi Yun"

"Wait so you're the famous Li Zi Yun who is keeping Huang Nian on her toes? No wonder Wang Yu is completely smitten by you. Wow the pictures do you no justice. You're so pretty in real" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li Zi Yun had no words to say.

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