My Boss Is Scary Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Chapter 109

Wang Yu saw that he had missed a call from Wu Qing when he came out of the shower. He called back.

Wu Qing picked up the call in the first ring, "When did you leave to X country? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Did you ask Li Zi Yun? Are you at my office?"

"No I am leaving the company just now. When will you return?"

"Not sure"

"I saw Xie Qiao in your office. He was entering your office when I was leaving"

"I will talk to him"

Wang Yu had completely forgotten that he had asked Xie Qiao to come over. He had so many things in his mind that it had slipped his mind.

Li Zi Yun looked at Xie Qiao from top to bottom. She guessed that he should be the same age as Wang Yu. She tried to recall if she had seen Xie Qiao anywhere but she couldn't remember. Li Zi Yun was standing near the wall, Xie Qiao was standing opposite to her with his body leaning against the wall, and his left leg folded against the wall. Xie Qiao stood there posing like a model.

Xie Qiao said to Li Zi Yun with a smile on his face "Wang Yu is really heartless making such a beautiful girl do all his work"

"CEO Wang Yu is not here. Can you please come back when he returns?"

"Sure. Give me your number so that you can inform me"

"What? My number?"

"Oh. Where are my manners?"

Xie Qiao extended his hand towards Li Zi Yun for handshake. Li Zi Yun knew that it would be impolite to not shake hands when someone is extending theirs so she extended her hands for a handshake.

"I am Xie Qiao, President of Xie Group of companies. Save my number too"

Li Zi Yun had met with Xie Qiao's father but she did not know this was how Xie Qiao looked like. Xie Qiao was about to leave, then he changed his decision and turned around to face Li Zi Yun.

"You are exactly my type. Would the beauty be interested in having a cup of coffee with me?"

"Huh?" Li Zi Yun could see that Xie Qiao was flirting with him, but she did not expect him to be so straightforward and open. Li Zi Yun was not sure what to answer. Exactly at that moment, Li Zi Yun's phone rang. It was Wang Yu. She immediately picked up the call.

"CEO Wang…"

"Did anyone come to see me?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"President Xie Qiao is here."

"Is he still there?"

"Yes Sir…" Li Zi Yun was looking at Xie Qiao as she spoke.

Before Li Zi Yun could listen to Wang Yu's reply, Xie Qiao pulled Li Zi Yun's phone from her hands to speak to Wang Yu.

"Very very bad timing"

"What are you doing there? I will meet you after I come back. Leave now"

"Now you're hurting me. Is this how you treat the people you ask for help?"

"I will treat you after I come back. Don't disturb my employees"

"I have so much to talk to Zi Yun. Why did you interrupt our conversation?"

Then Xie Qiao looked at Li Zi Yun and asked her, "You haven't replied to my question"

"Why are you distracting my secretary? Give her mobile back to her I want to discuss something with her"

Xie Qiao cut the call without passing the mobile to Li Zi Yun. Before giving the mobile back to Li Zi Yun he started dialing his number. Before Li Zi Yun could take it away from his hands, he had given a missed call to his number. Wang Yu gave a call to Li Zi Yun once again but Xie Qiao cut the call before giving the mobile back to Li Zi Yun.

Xie Qiao winked at Li Zi Yun and said to her, "Save my number. Well meet in the weekend for coffee", he waved goodbye, blew a kiss and left before Li Zi Yun could answer.

Li Zi Yun was looking open mouthed at Xie Qiao's retreating figure. He came and spoke to her, flirted with her, took her number without permission and left before she could say anything. What was that guy thinking in his mind? Li Zi Yun then received a message from Wang Yu.

"Don't have any contact with Xie Qiao and don't meet him either"

Li Zi Yun shook her head and went back to continuing her work. Li Zi Yun had a sandwich for brunch and nothing else. Since Li Zi Yun was the one in charge now, many people were trying to meet her, requesting her to satisfy their requests. They wouldn't have the guts to do that if Wang Yu was here, but since it was Li Zi Yun, a lot of employees were trying to meet her.

At the end of the day, Li Zi Yun slumped down on the chair tired. She did not want to move an inch from her seat. She would have happily slept there if she did not have to leave. Unwillingly Li Zi Yun got up to leave the office. She was feeling tired to the bones.

Li Zi Yun consoled herself that she did not at least have to take public transport or taxi at this time. She was grateful that Wang Yu had assigned a car for her.

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