My Boss Is Scary Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Chapter 110

Li Zi Yun was receiving instructions from Assistant Liu Guang daily. At last it was the weekend and Li Zi Yun could relax. It had been a hectic week for her. Zhou Nan Xi had been sending updates daily. He knew that he had no other choice other than following Wang Yu's orders but he found this job boring.

Since it had been a long time since Li Zi Yun met with Wu Li Shu, Li Zi Yun thought of going out for shopping with Wu Li Shu. Chu Yan had called her but she did not pick up the call. She still hadn't forgotten the words he said to her when she saw him the last time. She had answered his call the before day only because she was half-asleep. She wouldn't have spoken to him if she was awake. Even Chu Yan was surprised when Li Zi Yun spoke normally.

Li Zi Yun woke up late in the morning only when Wu Li Shu knocked at her door. Li Zi Yun was not fully awake when Wu Li Shu rang the doorbell.

Wu Li Shu said to Li Zi Yun "I told you to be ready when I come to pick you up sleepy head" when she saw Li Zi Yun slumping down on the sofa after she opened the door.

"…" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Get ready. We have to leave now"

Wu Li Shu dragged Li Zi Yun to the bathroom and shut her in. She yelled from outside the door, "Don't come out till your ready"

Li Zi Yun poured water over her face trying to wake herself up. She got ready quickly and left the house with Wu Li Shu.

When Wu Li Shu and Li Zi Yun reached the mall it was midday, they thought of having lunch before starting their shopping spree. Li Zi Yun felt her stomach ache when she was hungry, the pain did not subside even when she was eating.

When Li Zi Yun was eating someone sat in the chair beside her. When Li Zi Yun turned to see whom it was, it was Chu Yan.

Li Zi Yun was staring at Wu Li Shu, "Why did you ask him to come here?"

"What's so strange about that? Don't we usually hang out together?" Wu Li Shu had no idea there Li Zi Yun was no longer speaking to Chu Yan.

"I'm leaving" Li Zi Yun got up to leave.

"Wait." Chu Yan was holding her wrist not allowing her to leave.

Li Zi Yun did not turn to even look at him.

"What is happening here?" Wu Li Shu was looking from Li Zi Yun to Chu Yan. Neither one of them told her about their conversation the other day.

"Listen to me for one second" Chu Yan pulled Li Zi Yun down making her sit again. Wu Li Shu could sense that they were fighting. It was common for Li Zi Yun and Chu Yan to fight often but the fight never lasted more than an hour.

Wu Li Shu asked Chu Yan, "Chu Yan how did you wrong her?"

Chu Yan stared at Wu Li Shu, "Why do you think I am the one on the wrong side?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Chu Yan pulled Li Zi Yun's hands and made her sit down on the chair.

"Ask her why is she always with Wang Yu and even sleeping at his place?" Chu Yan did not let go of Li Zi Yun's hands. He knew she would leave the moment he releases his hold on her hands.

Fu Ming Zhu had come out after a long time. After the video was released of her son and daughter, she felt like everyone was whispering about her when she came out. So she avoided going out. When Li Cheng Zhi's manager informed her about what Li Cheng Zhi had planned to do she was feeling a bit better. At night when she heard from her son that he had achieved what he wanted it was like a booster for her.

Fu Ming Zhu spent most of her time with her daughter that she did not have any time for other tasks. So she hadn't even been bothered about what her husband was doing nowadays. Li Shu Chen was spending more and more time away from home. Li Shu Chen daily returned to the Li family house late at night or he did not come back at all for the past one week. Since Fu Ming Zhu was trying to make sure her husband does not know about what Li Cheng Zhi did to Li Zi Yun, she thought it was better if he stayed out for some time. When Fu Ming Zhu asked him about being away from home, he replied that he was busy at work. Since the situation at the company was not very good, she did not quiz him further. What Fu Ming Zhu did not know was Li Shu Chen enjoying his life with a young girl. Fu Ming Zhu came out for lunch with some of the women who were part of the social ladies club.

The young girl whom Assistant Liu Guang sent to Li Shu Chen was successfully executing their plans. Assistant Liu Guang had taken care and carefully selected the girl. The girl was a young prostitute and her age was barely nineteen. Li Shu Chen was tensed thinking about all the problems in his life that were tiring him. When the young girl came to his office and spoke sweetly, he couldn't take his eyes off her. The young girl looked just like the innocent Fu Ming Zhu who seduced him before several years.

The girl had an innocent face and he was looking at her the same way he looked at Fu Ming Zhu. Without much thought, he spent all his time with the young girl. She was his get away from all the problems. Since Fu Ming Zhu had already told him that she will take care of Li Zi Yun and make sure Li Zi Yun sleeps with old Gao, without any worry, Li Shu Chen was spending his time in the young girls arms.

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