My Boss Is Scary Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Chapter 111

Fu Ming Zhu entered the restaurant where Li Zi Yun was eating with Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan. She saw them from afar and found them arguing regarding something. Fu Ming Zhu knew that Wu Li Shu has been the only constant in Li Zi Yun's life for several years and it was time she separated them. Li Zi Yun had friends at powerful places and Fu Ming Zhu wanted Li Zi Yun to be alone and in a situation where no one will support her. And the first step for that would be to separate her from her close friends and they should no longer speak to her or help her.

With a smile, Fu Ming Zhu approached Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun was sitting there stone faced looking at Wu Li Shu, without glancing at Chu Yan.

"You're confident enough to show your face outside in public. What a shameless girl!" Fu Ming Zhu sneered.

Li Zi Yun turned around when she heard a familiar voice speaking near her. Li Zi Yun looked at Fu Ming Zhu. When Li Zi Yun saw her face, she felt irritated. She has been trying hard to not see the Li Family members. Their faces were revolting and she did not want to see their disgusting faces. Li Zi Yun sighed deeply when she saw Fu Ming Zhu.

"So you have time to come and poke your nose in other people's business? I thought with Li Xin Yi lying completely broken you would stay quiet for some time" Li Zi Yun knew how to provoke Fu Ming Zhu.

"You… You did that to her!!"

"Do you think I would waste my time playing with her?"

"You're not worthy enough to talk about my princess"

"Anyone is worthy enough to talk about shameless scoundrels like you"

"Says the one who slept with a beggar"

"What?" Wu Li Shu had been listening quietly to their conversation until now.

"Miss Wu, know about the people with whom you are close. They will drag you down with them. If you are with this wench, she may rub those cheap dirty traits on you. It's better to be careful of such people"

"Zi Yun what is she talking about?"

Li Zi Yun said in a low voice, "I think her son was the one who tried to drug me in Huang Nian's birthday party"

Li Zi Yun was recording their conversation.

"You think? You still don't know? What a dumb bitch. Yes it was my son and you're going to regret that night for the rest of your life" Li Zi Yun was laughing inwardly but she did not want to show it outside. If the members of the Li family know that Li Zi Yun was not the one who entered the room that night, they would surely not stop bringing trouble for her. So Li Zi Yun stood quietly without saying anything. She said neither yes nor no and did not show any reaction in her face so that Fu Ming Zhu wouldn't doubt her. Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu were standing there with their mouth wide open in shock seeing that Li Zi Yun did not refute Fu Ming Zhu's words.

Wu Li Shu asked again, "You were drugged in the party?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Fu Ming Zhu smiled at Li Zi Yun mockingly, "Looks like your friends did not know about you either. Did you at least tell them you slept with an infected man and you will surely have sexually transmitted disease?"

She continued, "Listen to my orders and follow what I say, otherwise the entire world will know what happened in the bedroom that night. You would not believe how disgusting your moans were even for sleeping with a bum. Everyone will get to know much you enjoyed that night"

Wu Li Shu dropped the chopsticks that she was holding. It fell on the ground with a loud cling. Fu Ming Zhu was overjoyed when she saw the shocked faces of Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan. She walked proudly to the other ladies waiting for her.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan had really believed Fu Ming Zhu's words. They were sitting quietly without uttering a single word. Li Zi Yun was looking at both their faces and could see the shock in their faces. Li Zi Yun thought of waiting sometime before opening up about the truth.

Chu Yan spoke first, "Let's go to the hospital and get checked up first. I am going to kill that bitch" Chu Yan was holding Li Zi Yun's hand.

There were tears in Wu Li Shu's eyes, "Why didn't you tell me? How can that bitch be so evil and do something so vicious. You don't worry, I will somehow get you treated"

Li Zi Yun turned around to check if Fu Ming Zhu was still there. Seeing that Fu Ming Zhu hasn't left yet, she whispered to them, "Leave first, I will come out in a second"

Chu Yan asked her, "What are you going to do to your father's mistress? Do not get your hands dirty. I will do what you want"

"What are you talking? I am not going to do anything to her. I do not want her to see us leaving together. Gooo…" Li Zi Yun signaled them to leave.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were confused by her words yet they listened to Li Zi Yun's words and left the restaurant first. Fu Ming Zhu looked at Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan leaving behind Li Zi Yun with glee. She thought she had successfully separated Li Zi Yun from her close friends.

Fu Ming Zhu was now hundred percent certain that Li Zi Yun can't turn to anybody for help and at last Li Zi Yun had come back to her hands. If she blackmails Li Zi Yun with the video, she was convinced that Li Zi Yun would obey her words for the fear of losing name in public.

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