My Boss Is Scary Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Chapter 112

Li Zi Yun made sure that she walked past Fu Ming Zhu's table with a sad face. Li Zi Yun walked slowly with her head hung down with her face reaction as if she had lost everything in her life. Li Zi Yun was not the type to pretend in front of others or play mind games, but with Fu Ming Zhu, she thought nothing was wrong.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan were waiting outside with a worried face. There were discussing about what to do and how they can save Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun walked towards them.

"Get in the car, I will tell you everything on the way"

Chu Yan noticed that Li Zi Yun was neither sad nor worried and was normal just like how she used to be. He and Wu Li Shu got into the car.

After they were out of public sight, Li Zi Yun said to both of them, "That idiot's son tried to drug me, but CEO Wang Yu saved me. So nothing happened that night."

"Wait so that is why you were with Wang Yu?"

"So you were not drugged?"

"I was" Li Zi Yun tried to give minimal details without explaining in detail.

Chu Yan asked Li Zi Yun, "So you spent the night with Wang Yu? I knew it"

Li Zi Yun screwed Chu Yan's ears, "What the hell is going on inside that useless brain of yours? Unlike you CEO Wang Yu would not take advantage of someone who is drugged"

Wu Li Shu hugged Li Zi Yun, "Oh Myy Goddd! Thank god, you are saved. I was so so worried when she was saying those words"

Li Zi Yun patted Wu Li Shu, "Don't worry nothing happened. I was saved thanks to CEO Wang Yu. I don't know what would have happened if he was not there"

Chu Yan asked Li Zi Yun , "Then why were you pretending in front of her?"

"The greater her joy, the greater will be her disappointment later. Don't be bothered by what she said. I want to see her face reaction later when she knows I am totally safe"

"Then why did she say she had a video of you"

"Someone else fell in the trap set for me. The video they have is of that woman. So even if they release the video, my name will not be tarnished"

Li Zi Yun was smiling happily after a long time. It had been a very long time since she spent time for herself. This was so relaxing and she found her work tension melting away.

Fu Ming Zhu went straight to her house. Li Xin Yi was awake and having lunch in her bed. Li Xin Yi had no appetite and she was yelling to the servants that the food was bad and not suitable for eating. Nowadays she felt irritated for everything that happened. The doctor had said that it would take nearly three to six months for her legs to heal and Li Zi Yun could not walk before that.

Every day was hell like for Li Xin Yi; she could not bear to see herself go around the house pitifully in a wheel chair. So she stayed on bed waiting for the time when she could walk again. Her fiancée Chan Sheng hadn't come to visit her nor did he send her a text. This made Li Xin Yi hate Li Zi Yun more.

Li Xin Yi knew that only when her father gives the money that the Chan family asks, the marriage will proceed. Her mother Fu Ming Zhu had consoled her saying that using Li Zi Yun they were about to get large investments and they could somehow get Chan Sheng back.

Fu Ming Zhu wanted to tell her daughter Li Xin Yi the happy news of seeing Li Zi Yun sad and miserable so as soon as she returned home, she rushed to Li Xin Yi's room.

"I met that wench Li Zi Yun in the restaurant today. She was with the young miss from Wu family and the son of our country's president"

"Do you also have to spoil my mood? Can't you see I'm suffering here without being able to move an inch? Do you want me to die of anger?"

"Listen, her friends left her alone when they heard what happened last week. She was looking totally miserable when she left the restaurants"

Happiness returned to Li Xin Yi's face when she heard this, "Mom are you telling the truth?"

"Yes. You should have seen the way she walked out with her face hung down"

Li Xin Yi's eyes were gleaming with delight, "How I wish to see her face darken due to shame and embarrassment."

"Don't worry. The video recording of her sleeping with that bum is with us. We can use that to blackmail her. She has to obey us"

"Mom slap her face till her cheeks are swollen and break her legs and hands and make her suffer for whatever she did to me. Only then I will have a peace of mind"

"She is in our hands now. We can do whatever we want to her"

Even during the weekend Li Shu Chen had gone out saying he had work to take care of. Where Li Shu Chen actually went was to the hotel to enjoy with the young prostitute. The young girl had seduced Li Shu Chen to the point where he wanted to spend every day and night with her. Li Shu Chen thought it would be risky to come to hotel often. When he went to her house before a couple of days, he noticed that she lived in a small studio apartment. He immediately gave her the keys to one of his house and told her to live there.

Liu Guang was immediately notified of this development. He never expected Li Shu Chen to be such a womanizer. Liu Guang had actually been worried about how long it would it take, but it did not take even a week for him to fall in his hands. He immediately informed Wang Yu about what was happening. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

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