My Boss Is Scary Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Chapter 113

Li Zi Yun, Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan went to Chu Yan's private villa. Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan knew that anything would have happened to Li Zi Yun if Wang Yu was not there. They did not want any more trouble for Li Zi Yun so they spent time away from the public eyes. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Li Zi Yun did not want to disclose the information about who was the one who got caught in the trap instead of her. If she said Huang Nian's name she had to explain several things. Only then, Li Zi Yun realized that she herself did not know about the entire truth. She only knew that Huang Nian drugged her, then who did Li Cheng Zhi drug. Even if Li Cheng Zhi drugged Huang Nian, she knew that Li Cheng Zhi was no idiot to drug someone else without checking. Now she started thinking about it, the more she thought about the incident she understood that she did not know much about what really happened. She was in a half dazed state so she did not ask Wang Yu clearly. She made a mental note that she should ask Wang Yu when he returns.

At night, she did not return home. Since it has been a long time since the three of them spent time together, Li Zi Yun stayed back at Chu Yan's house along with Wu Li Shu.

The next day morning, Wu Li Shu dropped Li Zi Yun at her house before she returned to her home. Li Zi Yun was feeling so much better now. The stress from work was really getting to her but the time she spent with her friends took that completely away from mind. She felt refreshed.

Li Zi Yun took a hot shower and was relaxing when she heard the door bell ring. She wondered who it might be. There were zero chances of Wu Li Shu or Chu Yan coming back, and no one else would visit her house. She peeped through the small hole in the hole, standing there was the person she expected the least. Xie Qiao was standing outside with a bouquet of red rose and a box, which Li Zi Yun guessed, must be cake.

Li Zi Yun was murmuring, "How the hell did he find out where I lived?"

Li Zi Yun opened the door slightly, she looked through that gap and asked Xie Qiao, "What do you want?"

Xie Qiao acted surprised, "You live here? What a pure coincidence!"

"Do I look like an idiot to believe your acting?"

"Trust me, I never knew you lived here" Xie Qiao replied with an innocent face.

"Really? Then why don't you leave and go find the person whom you were looking for"

Li Zi Yun was about to slam the door shut when Xie Qiao inserted his foot in the gap.

"Don't close the door. Are you angry that I made up an excuse? I couldn't wait any longer without seeing your pretty face. You don't know how much trouble I went through to get details about you"

"Go away. I don't even know anything about you"

"That's why I came to see you. Let's get to know each other"

"Have you gone insane?"

"No. Get ready. Let's go on a date"

"A date?"

"You can reject me if you don't like me. But first you have to get to know me to decide that"

When Li Zi Yun was hesitating for a second thinking about what to say, Xie Qiao pushed the door open and entered the house.

"What are you doing inside my house?"

Xie Qiao went straight and sat on the sofa.

"Get ready. We have to leave for our date."

"I never told you I am coming out with you"

"You wouldn't hesitate unless…"


"Unless you already have a boyfriend"

"I am still single. And as of now I don't have a boyfriend"

As soon as Xie Qiao arrived in front of Li Zi Yun's apartment, Zhou Nan Xi had sent a message to Wang Yu. Wang Yu was busy meeting the legal professionals regarding the case. Zhou Nan Xi had been sending updates regularly on his job of trailing Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu thought it must be one of those messages. The next moment Zhou Nan Xi sent another message asking Wang Yu, if there is anything, he should do about that. When Wang Yu received two messages from Zhou Nan Xi continuously, he opened the message. What the hell was Xie Qiao doing in Li Zi Yun's place!

Huang Nian had waited for a reply from Li Zi Yun but she did not receive any. So she thought of directly visiting Li Zi Yun at her home. She thought Li Zi Yun must be greedy for money and meeting with her directly was better.

When Huang Nian saw the apartment where Li Zi Yun was living, she thought in her mind, 'What a shabby apartment!'

Huang Nian came alone and she went to the floor where Li Zi Yun lived. The door was open ajar. Huang Nian peeped inside and saw Xie Qiao talking to Li Zi Yun.

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