My Boss Is Scary Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Chapter 114

Xie Qiao settled himself comfortably in Li Zi Yun's house. After sitting there he took the cake out of the box. Li Zi Yun was watching him not sure what to do.

Xie Qiao then knelt before Li Zi Yun with the cake in his hand.

"I read an article that said the best way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. But what if my beauty prefers roses. So here I am with both"

Li Zi Yun smiled. She really liked the way Xie Qiao was trying to impress her. She had seen him only once and here he was with a bunch of roses and a cake. Li Zi Yun's lips curved to a smile when she saw someone treating her in a special way. Should she try going on a date with him?

"What the fuck is happening here?" Huang Nian's shrill voice reached Li Zi Yun and Xie Qiao's ears. Huang Nian was taking pictures of Li Zi Yun and Xie Qiao together when they turned to look at her.

Xie Qiao sighed, "Both you and your fiancée have very very bad timing. Why are you disturbing me at the wrong time? Can't you stay quiet for some time?"

Huang Nian was speaking with her hand covering her mouth, "Brother Xie what is happening here?"

Xie Qiao was irritated by her question, "How does it like? As if I am committing murder?"

"But Brother Xie… Why would you be at her house?"

Huang Nian turned to face Li Zi Yun, "Your meeting Brother Xie Qiao behind Brother Wang Yu's back?"

Li Zi Yun found Huang Nian's words hilarious, "Isn't that a good thing for you?"

"First you go out with CEO Chu, then Brother Wang and now Brother Xie? Do you have no other work other than fooling around with men?"

Huang Nian did not wait for their answers, she left Li Zi Yun's house saying, "I will send the pictures to Brother Wang right now. I will show your true face to him" Huang Nian left before either of them replied to her.

As soon as Huang Nian came out of Li Zi Yun's apartment, she sent the photos that she had taken just now to Wang Yu. She was happy that Li Zi Yun presented the opportunity herself and this was the best chance to separate Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu was irritated when he saw the notification that Huang Nian had sent him a message and he did not open to check its contents. He thought he should block her contact to stop her from troubling him.

After Huang Nian left, Xie Qiao asked Li Zi Yun, "What's her problem? Does she want you to date her fiancée?"

"No idea"

"So what do you say about going on a date?"

Li Zi Yun's phone rang. It was in the table near Xie Qiao and he picked it up before Li Zi Yun could answer the phone. Xie Qiao saw Wang Yu's name flashing on the screen. Li Zi Yun couldn't control her laughter. It was the third time this had happened. Li Zi Yun was laughing uncontrollably when Xie Qiao picked up the call.

"Wang Yu does your fiancée and you hate me so much? Why do you always bother me whenever Zi Yun is about to answer my question?"

"Why are you answering my secretary's phone?"

"Is that really important?"

"Pass the phone to her"

"I won't" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Where are you?" though Wang Yu knew that Xie Qiao was at Li Zi Yun's place, he pretended to not know.

"I am at Zi Yun's house. Did your fiancée not send you our photos?"

"What photos?"

"You can ask her for photos if she hasn't sent you already. Even if you called Li Zi Yun to have her do some work, this is the weekend and she will not work today. Do not disturb her till tomorrow morning. Bye"

Xie Qiao cut the call before Wang Yu could answer.

Wang Yu checked his phone and saw that Zhou Nan Xi and Huang Nian had sent him messages. Zhou Nan Xi has sent him a text message that Huang Nian had come to Li Zi Yun's house. Next Wang Yu opened Huang Nian's message. There were several photos of Li Zi Yun and Xie Qiao. Wang Yu saw that Xie Qiao was holding flowers to Li Zi Yun and she was standing there with a smile. He had never seen Li Zi Yun smile like this, not even once. But in the photos that Huang Nian sent, Li Zi Yun was smiling broadly and it did not look like a forced smile. Wang Yu tried calling Li Zi Yun but her phone was switched off.

Xie Qiao switched off Li Zi Yun's mobile before placing it back on the table.

"Who gave you permission to touch my phone?"

"Is my beauty angry?"

"CEO Wang wouldn't call me for no reason. Why did you cut the call?" Li Zi Yun took the mobile from the table switching it on.

"Because there was really no reason for his call"

Li Zi Yun could not even get angry with him.

The director of Wang Company in X country came to meet Wang Yu. When the director came before him, Wang Yu was at the peak of his anger. Wang Yu signaled the director to sit and he dialed Wu Qing's number. He did not why but he did not want Li Zi Yun meeting other men. He knew that Wu Qing is the only person who can deal with this now.

Wu Qing picked up Wang Yu's call, "What is it?"

"Xie Qiao is at Li Zi Yun's house right now"

"What is Xie Qiao doing at Li Zi Yun's place?"

"Check the photos I sent you"

Wu Qing opened the photos. He had never expected Xie Qiao to be the romantic type.

"So you want to get rid of him using me?"

"Are you not worried about Li Zi Yun meeting Xie Qiao?"

"Why would I be?"


"If you don't like Li Zi Yun meeting Xie Qiao then tell her directly. Bye"

Wang Yu was burning with rage. There was a murderous aura around him. The director was trembling seeing Wang Yu's face reaction. Wang Yu was looking at the director and thinking in his mind, 'What an incompetent man. I had to come to X country because of him. If was there at home…'

Wang Yu looked at the director, "You're fired. Don't ever show face in front of me"

"CEO Wang… I…"

"Liu Guang, blacklist his name."

Wang Yu got up and left the office.

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