My Boss Is Scary Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Chapter 117

Li Zi Yun was happy that her friends had planned a surprise party for her but she was feeling sleepy. Sleeping for a few minutes made her feel more tired. She sat down with her friends because she knew that there was no way they were gonna let her leave now. She went to the restroom to freshen herself up, it was going to be a long night and she thought it was better to enjoy rather than being gloomy.

When Li Zi Yun returned Chu Yan gave her a glass. It was a clear liquid and it looked like water.

"What is it?"

"Drink it in a single gulp"

"You know that I don't drink"

"You can be reckless once in a while and in your case at least once in your life."

Li Zi Yun looked at Chu Yan for a moment. It looked like he had no intention of taking no for an answer. Li Zi Yun looked curiously at the drink. She was thinking hard if she should try once, 'Why not try once just this one drink'. She got the shot glass from Chu Yan's hand.

"Fine I will drink"


"Wait but I would like to drink something not very strong"

"Try this first" she downed a shot of tequila that Chu Yan forced onto her lips.

"What the hell!" it was not to her taste nor liking and even the smell was odd to her. 'How the hell did everyone drink?' Li Zi Yun was thinking in her mind.

"How long I have been trying to get you to drink but your drinking when Chu Yan asks you to" Wu Li Shu saw Li Zi Yun drinking and came to her side.

"Li Shu…"

"No you are drinking these two shots"

"No I'm done" she wanted to stop with that one.

"No you're not" Wu Li Shu was looking at Li Zi Yun with her eyebrows raised.

Since she already drank a glass, Li Zi Yun drank it one after the other. Li Zi Yun did not want to ruin the party by spoiling their moods.


Wu Li Shu kissed Li Zi Yun in her cheeks.

"You're the best. Happy birthday"

Li Zi Yun did not feel even a bit drunk, instead she was hungry. She started eating the cake that Chu Yan had brought earlier.

Li Zi Yun did not like the weird lingering taste in her mouth she asked Chu Yan, "Order some sweet drink for me. I want it right now"

Chu Yan got one for her. It was sweet but it had a high percentage of alcohol. Li Zi Yun drank the entire glass without hesitation.

"Slowly" Chu Yan was trying to slow down her drinking speed. He did not want her to have a bad experience the first time she drinks.

Li Zi Yun felt her body relax but it was getting hot so she removed her blazer.

Wu Li Shu asked Chu Yan quietly, "What drink did you get for her? Do you think she's drunk?"

"Let her enjoy one day. It is rare for her to come out to places like this. Let her enjoy, anyway we are not drunk and we can take care of her"

Wu Li Shu agreed only on one point that he said, that they can take care of her because they were not going to get drunk.

Li Zi Yun was drunk now but since she had never drunk before she did not know the feeling so she thought that she was still sober. The alcohol warmed her body and she felt hot.

Li Shu Chen was in the arms of his young girlfriend when Fu Ming Zhu called him. He asked his girlfriend to stay quiet and he picked up the call.

"What is it?" his voice was irritated. Nowadays he felt irritated whenever he saw Fu Ming Zhu. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Fu Ming Zhu spoke in an urgent voice, "We have Li Zi Yun in our hands now. Inform old Gao to come to the hotel immediately… No bring him with you to the hotel as soon as possible"

"What? (there was a shock in his voice which turned to joy the next second) Are you sure? I will be there in a few minutes" at last good times were on his way.

Li Shu Chen's girlfriend was reluctant to let him go but he consoled her and left quickly. Lucky for him Old Gao was in a very few distance from where he was. The hotel that was attached to the nightclub was only a quarter of an hour away from the house so Li Shu Chen was on his way to pick up Old Gao.

The old pervert Gao had already been married four times and all four of his wives were dead now. He was in his early sixties. When Li Shu Chen went to Old Gao asking him to invest in Li Company after the factory explosion, Old Gao nearly chased him out. When Old Gao asked him what he would gain in return other than money because he already had a huge amount to wealth, Li Shu Chen thought for a moment. When Li Shu Chen asked him directly what he expected, Old Gao smiled with a sly look on his face and showed Li Shu Chen a picture of Li Zi Yun.

When Old Gao asked Li Zi Yun in exchange for investing in the money Li Shu Chen did not hesitate even for a second before agreeing to it. Old Gao said that he would double the investment if Li Zi Yun was married to him. Li Shu Chen had been waiting for an excellent opportunity like this. He never cared about Li Zi Yun so he was ready to even sign a contract. Li Shu Chen was very well aware that Old Gao's wives had died of physical abuse but even for a second he did not feel guilty about sending Li Zi Yun to such a man.

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