My Boss Is Scary Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Chapter 119

When Li Shu Chen approached Li Zi Yun, he looked at her for a minute to see her reaction. It looked like Li Zi Yun had no idea who he was. He asked two men who were following him to support and carry her up to the room.

When Wu Li Shu came out of the restroom, she could not find Li Zi Yun. She peeped outside but she couldn't find her anywhere. She immediately rushed to the room where they were drinking but Li Zi Yun was not there either.

Wu Li Shu asked Chu Yan, "Where is Zi Yun?"

"How would I know? She was with you"

"She did not come back?"

"Wait. Where is she?"

Chu Yan was starting to feel guilty. He was the one who made Li Zi Yun drink and now they had no idea where she was. This was the first time and they had no idea about her drinking habits. Wu Li Shu started panicking. She would have never forced Li Zi Yun to drink it she knew something like this would happen.

To everyone's surprise Wang Yu entered the room. Li Zi Yun had informed them that Wang Yu was out of the country and he will not be back for another three weeks.

Wang Yu's eyes explored the room. Zhou Nan Xi had informed him that Li Zi Yun was with Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu partying and he had come here straight from the airport. The time was nearly midnight.

Wang Yu turned towards Wu Li Shu, "Where is Li Zi Yun?"

Wu Li Shu was already scared that she couldn't find Li Zi Yun and now seeing Wang Yu's angry face made her stutter.


"Where is she?" Wang Yu's clear voice rang through the room.

Wang Yu came out of the room and called Zhou Nan Xi to check if he knows where Li Zi Yun was, but Zhou Nan Xi had no idea. He had presumed that Li Zi Yun would be safe with her friends and was waiting outside. Wang Yu was staring at Zhou Nan Xi. He had no time to deal with him now.

Li Zi Yun started screaming when she felt two string hands hold her tightly.

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Without replying, they carried her closing her mouth with their hands. They were out of the elevator and walking to the room where Old Gao was staying. The two men lifted Li Zi Yun off her feet and carried her. Li Zi Yun was kicking hard and resisting them but her kicking was neither strong nor hard enough to hurt them and they did not even flinch to her attacks. The man who was leading them did not turn even once to see Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun struggled hard to release herself from their hold but it was of no use. They carried her into a room. Li Zi Yun saw that an old man was standing there conversing to the man who brought her there.

Li Shu Chen smiled triumphantly when he entered the room. All his problems would be solved at last.

Li Shu Chen was now standing steadily on her feet trying to adjust her eyes to the bright light in the room. Old Gao had asked his men to check if there were any cameras in the room which may bring him trouble later but he found none. When Li Shu Chen dragged in Li Zi Yun, he looked at her with pure lust. He looked at Li Zi Yun from top to bottom; his eyes drinking her in.

Li Shu Chen spoke first, "I have brought in Li Zi Yun now it's your turn to fulfill the deal"

Old Gao smiled and signed a blank check without giving it to Li Shu Chen he placed it under a vase in the table near the bed and said to Li Shu Chen, "You can take this check when you come back in the morning to take home your daughter"

"That was not our deal"

"Take the check in the morning when you take her home and bring her to the marriage registration office later. That time you will receive the rest of the amount"

Li Shu Chen was starting to doubt Old Gao but he had no other choice. He needed money. He nodded and he dragged Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun looked around to face the man who was holding her. It was her father Li Shu Chen. She knew she was in trouble. Li Zi Yun knew that he was capable of such disgusting acts but she never thought she would be so stupid and careless to get caught in his hands.

"You're the worst"

Li Zi Yun slapped her father directly in his face and tried to run to the door. Li Shu Chen had expected her to stay quiet so he did not expect the sudden attack. One of the two men held Li Zi Yun's hair tightly before she could escape.

Li Zi Yun screamed when she felt like her hair was being torn of her scalp.

Old Gao warned that man, "Don't touch my darling. Whatever it maybe only I can do it to her"

LI Shu Chen was staring at Li Zi Yun with his face boiling with anger, he turned to Old Gao and said, "I hope you will live to your words" saying that without a backward glance at Li Zi Yun he left the room.

Wang Yu sent to the surveillance room to find out where Li Zi Yun was. He was getting impatient now and he had a bad feeling that something bad was about to happen. He knew that checking all these will take a lot of time and he was hurrying his men.

Uncle Meng Jian's men had seen Li Shu Chen take Li Zi Yun inside a room. They hadn't noticed Li Shu Chen enter the hotel so they did not know Old Gao was also inside the room. When the head checked with the man who was assigned to follow Li Shu Chen he found that Li Shu Chen was with Old Gao. They knew that hacking the hotels' surveillance was not impossible but it would take time and they did not have so much time in their hands. They did not want to risk being captured in the cameras. The head took a risky move. He sent a message to Wang Yu from a burner phone that was untraceable. "Save Li Zi Yun before it's too late. She is in Room ***"

After sending this message to Wang Yu, he wore a cap and started walking to the room. Though he knew that Wang Yu would save Li Zi Yun, he wanted to make sure that he was there in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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