My Boss Is Scary Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Chapter 120

Wang Yu asked some of his men to stay back and check the footage while he rushed to the room mentioned in the message with Assistant Liu Guang. He did not know why he trusted the message but he went to that room.

Li Shu Chen quickly left the room and stationed his men outside the hotel. Even at this moment, he was only thinking about not getting the money. Fu Ming Zhu called him to check up on what happened.

"Is everything alright there? Did everything proceed according to plan?"

"I personally sent over Li Zi Yun to Old Gao. You need not worry"

Fu Ming Zhu was relieved when she heard this. She had never expected her husband to be so cruel to even handover his own daughter to someone else.

Fu Ming Zhu asked him, "When are you coming back home?"

Li Shu Chen wanted to go to his girlfriend right now. His girlfriend had so many tricks up the sleeve to please him in bed that he did not want to stay away from her.

"I have lot of work to do. I will come when I come. Bye" as soon as he cut the call, he sent a message to his girlfriend, "Get ready for me"

Li Shu Chen went straight to the house his girlfriend was staying. At last, he had something to celebrate and he wanted to do that with her.

Though Old Gao was old, he was strong, tall and huge. Li Zi Yun was tall but when compared to him she was petite. Fu Ming Zhu's man had pushed her onto the bed before leaving. Old Gao came near her but Li Zi Yun slipped from his hands but he caught her skirt. With a single tear, he tore the skirt from her body leaving her half-naked below her waist. She fell flat on her face when he tore her skirt. Before she could get up and run, he held her hair tightly and turned her to face him.

"You want to run little bitch? No one is there to save you."

Li Zi Yun was screaming from pain. She tried to claw his face, and succeeded. Her nails dug into his face drawing blood. She was not ready to let him have his way with her. He threw Li Zi Yun against the wall and she fell down with a thud.

"How dare you evil vixen..You're going to wish you were never born"

Old Gao held Li Zi Yun's hand tightly in one of his hand and tried to remove her top. Li Zi Yun stamped his feet with the pointed edge of her heel and when he screamed in pain, she kicked his balls making him roll over in pain. Li Zi Yun took this moment to run to the door. This angered Old Gao more and even in his painful condition he ran to Li Zi Yun. Before she could open the door, Old Gao ripped of her top, leaving her in her bra and panties. The adrenaline was rushing through her body and she tried to kick him in his balls once again.

Old Gao caught her legs before she could kick him and pushed her on the floor, causing her to fall flat on her stomach. In Li Zi Yun's pearly white skin, the long scars were clearly visible. Scars from being whipped, beaten, injured with a hot rod, hit with a cane and all those scars were in her body and it was on full display. He noticed all the scars in Li Zi Yun's body from top to bottom.

"So you like it rough do you?" he let out an evil laugh that vibrated throughout the room.

"Your insane" from being thrown Li Zi Yun's body was hurting all over and she was starting to lose her consciousness. When Li Zi Yun was trying to steady herself, she was pushed against the table and she hit her inner thigh on the edge of the table. She knelt on the ground groaning in pain.

Li Zi Yun was in a drunken state and not having eaten the entire day made her feel weak. Li Zi Yun's hand slipped pushing down the vase on the table. Old Gao was grinning devilishly looking at her while he was removing his belt. She knew that inflicting pain would bring back her consciousness. She took a shard of the shattered vase from the ground and was about to pierce it in her thigh. A hand caught hold of the shard before she could punch it in her thighs. Li Zi Yun was almost naked and she looked like a total mess. In her current state of mind, she hadn't noticed the door opening. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Before Wang Yu reached the door, he had already received the message from his men who had checked the footage that Li Zi Yun was inside that room. The scene before his eyes when he opened the door was something he would never forget in a long time. Old Gao was removing his belt on one side of the room while Li Zi Yun was lying half naked and was taking a shard from the ground and was about to pierce it on her thigh. He stopped Li Zi Yun before she could hurt herself.

Old Gao was shocked and started sweating when he saw Wang Yu enter the room. He was no longer grinning. His fear of death was evident in his eyes. He did not want to stay in the same room as Wang Yu. Old Gao tried to run out of the room but Assistant Liu Guang caught him before he could escape.

Wang Yu removed his coat and covered Li Zi Yun's body. Wang Yu's eyes were no longer soft and kind. He was staring at Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun was looking back at him. He was looking at her as if he was ready to kill her.

Without turning to face Assistant Liu Guang he told him, "Take him to the punishment room and bankrupt his company"

"Yes Boss"

Wang Yu's men left the room leaving the room leaving Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun alone.

Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's cheeks "Who told you to drink? WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I HADN'T COME TO SAVE YOU?" Wang Yu was yelling at Li Zi Yun.

Li Zi Yun looked down at the floor that is when she saw Wang Yu's hand bleeding.

"Your hand is bleeding..." Li Zi Yun tried to take Wang Yu's hand.

"Look at me Li Zi Yun. If you can't protect yourself then don't get into trouble. Do you have any idea how much everyone was worried?" Wang Yu pulled his hand away from Li Zi Yun's hand.

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