My Boss Is Scary Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Chapter 123

Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun to the bedroom. He needed a moment to relax himself.

"Wear something I will wait outside"

But Li Zi Yun did not let go of him.

"Don't leave me"

"I'm not leaving you. I will sleep outside in the couch. You take the bed" Wang Yu was finding it hard to be a gentleman and suppress his needs. He did not know how Li Zi Yun felt about his touch, but she was making him go crazy and his control was hanging in a very thin string. He thought it was better to stay away from Li Zi Yun for the night because he did not want to do anything to her.

"Sleep in the bed with me" Li Zi Yun pulled him to the bed. He thought of leaving after Li Zi Yun slept and got into the bed with her. He removed his wet shirt before he got into the bed with her. Li Zi Yun was lying with her head on Wang Yu's bare chest. Li Zi Yun's every move was making Wang Yu uncomfortable. He needed a cold shower.

"Stop" he turned Li Zi Yun with her back facing him and her scars came to view. He slowly traced the long scars in her back.

"Did this hurt a lot?"


Wang Yu turned Li Zi Yun once again to face him but she had slept already. He had momentarily forgotten about her scars but seeing it again reminded him of it. His fingers were stroking her hair as he looked at Li Zi Yun sleeping peacefully. Seeing Li Zi Yun's sleeping figure, Wang Yu slept the next moment.

Li Zi Yun woke up in the morning. She was lying against a hard chest. She slowly raised her head slightly and looked around. It was her room. Li Zi Yun had no idea who was the man in the bed with her in such an intimate position. She tried to release herself from his grip but he was holding her tightly. Li Zi Yun tried to remember last night's events. She could remember coming out of the restroom, but everything was blank after that. No matter how hard she tried to focus, she couldn't remember a single thing. Was it Chu Yan?

Wang Yu woke up sensing movements by his side. He had slept very well last night.

"Happy Birthday" Wang Yu moved his body to a sitting position in the bed lifting Li Zi Yun also with him.

"CEO Wang Yu?" Li Zi Yun's voice was more shocked than scared.

"Then whom were you expecting?"

"I did not I"

Wang Yu was chuckling quietly. Li Zi Yun had no idea when Wang Yu came back from X country and why he was in he was sleeping next to her in her bed.

Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu, "When did you come back?"


Li Zi Yun tried to get up but Wang Yu did not let her get up, "Wait what happened? How did we end up sleeping in the same bed?"

"You don't remember anything from last night?"

Li Zi Yun tried thinking hard for a minute but not a single memory popped up. The entire night was wiped out from her memory. She slowly shook her head No. Wang Yu was relieved that she could not remember the horrible events of last night but also a bit sad that she could not remember her moments with him.

Wang Yu's lips curved into a mischievous smile, "I'm sure you enjoyed, but it's a shame you don't remember"

Li Zi Yun was confused, "What are you talking about?"

"It was good for me" there was a smirk on Wang Yu's face.

Suddenly a thought dawned on Li Zi Yun's mind. She lifted her blanket and checked her body. She was only wearing her inner garments.

Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu in a low voice, "Did we sleep together?"

Wang Yu winked his eyes and flashed a wicked smile.

Li Zi Yun raised her voice, "Did we sleep together?"

"If you want to believe nothing happened go ahead"

"What the hell!"

Wang Yu was already holding Li Zi Yun he brought his face closer to hers, "Then why are we in this state?"

"You're lying. I know nothing happened" though she said the words she was sweating. She had no idea what happened last night and Wang Yu was the only one who could confirm last night's happenings.

"I thought you are hot only at night. Look you are hot already"

"You You should have gone home at night, why were you here?" Li Zi Yun stammered slightly. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I didn't want to. I wanted to spend the night with you"

Li Zi Yun tried getting up from bed but her entire body was aching. She felt sore all over and felt like someone had run a truck over her or thrown her all over the place.

Wang Yu whispered in Li Zi Yun's ears, "You loved last night. Trust me"

Li Zi Yun wanted the ground to swallow her right now. Did she really last night

Doorbell interrupted their conversation. Wang Yu got down from the bed. He was shirtless and his pants were hugging his waist; he looked sexy as fuck. Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu without taking her eyes off him.

"Love the view?" Li Zi Yun looked up and saw Wang Yu looking at her grinning.

Li Zi Yun hid herself under the sheets. Now she really wanted to kill herself.

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