My Boss Is Scary Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Chapter 124

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Standing at the door was Xie Qiao, with a gift and a cake. Wang Yu opened the door and only his head was seen outside. As soon the door opened, Xie Qiao said "Happy Birthday" and extended the gifts he had brought for Li Zi Yun.

Xie Qiao was shocked when he found it was Wang Yu instead of Li Zi Yun.

"What are you doing here?"

"I should be the one who should ask you that question. What are you doing in front of Zi Yun's house early in the morning?"

"Early morning? It's already afternoon"

"We slept in"

"Are you guys together?"

Wang Yu opened the door widely letting him in without answering the question. Xie Qiao saw that Wang Yu was only wearing pants and his hair was ruffled. Li Zi Yun had told him that Wang Yu was not interested in her. Within a week had that changed?

Xie Qiao wanted to check with Li Zi Yun before coming to a conclusion.

"Call Li Zi Yun out"

"Why do you want to disturb her?"

"Li Zi Yun" Xie Qiao called out loudly.

Wang Yu heard footsteps in Li Zi Yun's room, then he yelled in the direction of Li Zi Yun's room, "Baby, dress up before coming out. We have guests"

'Baby?' Li Zi Yun stood there silently for a minute in shock when she heard Wang Yu's words. What the hell happened last night that he was behaving like this? Very few people come to her house and she was not sure who had come to visit her and she did not know why Wang Yu was pretending in front of them. Anyway, Li Zi Yun dressed up before leaving the room. Xie Qiao and Wang Yu were standing opposite to each other. Due to the ache in her body, Li Zi Yun started doubting whether really something happened between Wang Yu and her last night.

Li Zi Yun walked out of the room. Xie Qiao was standing there nervously while Wang Yu was standing there relaxed.

"President Xie Qiao?" Li Zi Yun was finding it difficult to walk.

Wang Yu went to Li Zi Yun's side, "Baby are you alright? Was I too rough last night?" Wang Yu was holding her against his bare chest and it was making her feel uneasy and moreover he was doing this in front of Xie Qiao. Xie Qiao stood there open mouthed. Li Zi Yun's reaction did not look like she hated Wang Yu's touch; it was more like she was feeling shy. Xie Qiao had come to pick her up since she had promised she would go on a date with him. When Li Zi Yun started thinking clearly, she remembered her promise to Xie Qiao.

Li Zi Yun elbowed Wang Yu's stomach trying to silence him and move away from him. She then said to Xie Qiao, "President Xie Qiao did you come to pick me up for date?"

Li Zi Yun felt shameless asking this question when Xie Qiao had seen her come out of the bedroom with another man.

"You were planning to go on a date with him?" Wang Yu was looking at her shocked.

Li Zi Yun gave Wang Yu a look like 'why do you even care?' Li Zi Yun felt awkward standing there. No one in the room was uttering a word.

Xie Qiao looked at Wang Yu's eyes and asked him, "Tell me you love her then I will leave this place this instant." Li Zi Yun's ears turned red hearing this.

"President Xie Qiao. What are you talking about? We are not in such a kind of relationship"

Wang Yu placed his hands on Li Zi Yun's shoulder and pulled her towards him.

"Zi Yun will not be coming anywhere" a smile played in Xie Qiao's lips. He took Li Zi Yun's right hand, grazed his lips over her hand, and placed his gift on her palm.

Xie Qiao whispered near Li Zi Yun's ears, "Happy Birthday". He then walked to the door.

"Xie Qiao" Wang Yu was staring Xie Qiao.

"You never said you love her" Xie Qiao blew a kiss to Li Zi Yun and left the house.

Li Zi Yun had never seen anyone challenge Wang Yu and this was new to her. A smile was automatically plastered on her face.

"CEO Wang"

"Go inside" Li Zi Yun was thinking in her mind,' why did he have come to my house and control me?'

Li Zi Yun silently returned to her bedroom trying to remember last night's events. Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu were the one who took her out. They must have an idea what happened. She thought of asking them.

Wang Yu knocked on her bedroom door before entering. Li Zi Yun laughed in her mind, she knew one thing for sure Wang Yu would never touch her without her permission.

Wang Yu entered the room. Li Zi Yun forgot to breathe seeing Wang Yu shirtless. Wang Yu came closer to Li Zi Yun. He was relieved that she was no longer freaking out and her last night blank out had made her calmer since she had no idea what happened. Wang Yu bent down and cupped her chin in his hand. Then he said in a low serious tone, "Stay home. If you want anything send a message to Liu Guang or me, I will have it delivered to your door. No matter what happens, do not leave your house. If you find it difficult to stay indoors then come with me"

"Why? What happened last night?" there was worry in Li Zi Yun's face.

"Nothing happened. You partied with your friends got drunk and returned home. Do you want to stay at your home or come with me to Wang Residence?"

"I know you're not telling me the truth. You said you wouldn't be back from your trip before a month. When did you come to my house? And why were we in the same bed? Your hiding something from me"

Wang Yu placed a finger on her lips and silenced her, "Stay at home and don't forget what I said. I will be back in a few hours. We can go out to celebrate your birthday"

"You are avoiding my question."

"You will know the answer very soon"

Wang Yu kissed her forehead and wore the shirt that he removed last night and left her house, tightening the security around Li Zi Yun's house. He would not have left so soon but he had so many pressing matters to deal with, and he thought it would better to seal with it sooner than later.

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