My Boss Is Scary Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Chapter 127

Li Zi Yun's mother was aware about her husband Li Shu Chen cheating on her and had a son and daughter with the other woman. So she knew that the moment something happens to her, Li Shu Chen would run to that woman. She wanted her daughter to have a stable life even if she is no longer around. She had given the company to Li Shu Chen because she wanted to take care of her daughter and be a good mother. Her world crashed around when she saw Li Shu Chen cheating on her. She was married to Li Shu Chen at eighteen so she did not have much experience in the outside world, Li Zi Yun was her everything.

Li Zi Yun's mother made a will and updated it every year if needed without the knowledge of her husband. Though initially she had transferred some of the properties to Li Shu Chen, her parents had made a will that she could do nothing with her wealth until she was twenty-five. Therefore, every document that she had given to Li Shu Chen was deemed invalid. Some of the important points in her will were

"Li Shu Chen will lose everything the moment he marries another woman and he has no right over any of the properties"

"if Li Zi Yun dies before the age of twenty five then the entire Li family's wealth will go to charity"

"No property can be sold by Li Shu Chen without Li Zi Yun's consent and no property can be sold until Li Zi Yun attains her legal age"

"All of Li Zi Yun's mothers share in the company would be transferred over to Li Zi Yun at the age of twenty three making her the largest share holder".

Wang Yu started thinking. He already had some evidence for the crimes Fu Ming Zhu committed and with this information; he knew that only Li Zi Yun would gain everything from Li family. He had one more important matter to deal with which he had forgotten. He called Wu Qing.

"Are you back in the country?"

"Ask your sister what she did last night"

"In what way did she wrong you?"

"And also don't forget to ask about the guy whom is friends with her and Li Zi Yun"

"What did they do? Wait don't tell me they were reckless enough to get arrested"

"Tell Wu Li Shu and that little buddy of hers not to breathe a word about what happened last night to Li Zi Yun"

"Tell me what happened"

Wang Yu cut the call.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan had seen Wang Yu carrying Li Zi Yun in his arms while she was protesting. Chu Yan knew that it was his fault Li Zi Yun was in this state. If he hadn't forced her to drink, then nothing would have happened and he was feeling extremely guilty.

When Li Zi Yun was alone after Wang Yu left, Li Zi Yun lay down on the bed. She tried hard to remember what happened last night but only her head ached. She thought it was better to shower before doing anything else. The package Xie Qiao gave to her lay there unopened. Li Zi Yun showered and her left arm was burning. She noticed that her left arm was red and even touching it was painful. Her entire body was aching so she relaxed herself in the bathtub for some time.

As soon as Li Zi Yun got out of the shower, she tried calling both Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu but both of them did not pick up her call. She looked around her house; she could not find the clothes she wore last night. Li Zi Yun was going mad not knowing about what happened. So she thought cleaning might take her mind off it. Since she was concentrating on her work a lot, she hadn't taken of the house. For the next two hours, Li Zi Yun scrubbed and cleaned her house until she was satisfied. Now she wanted to bathe once again. She cleaned herself up once again.

Li Zi Yun was hungry. She had all the groceries she needed to cook a proper meal, so she started cooking. Wang Yu had said that he would come back so she cooked for him also. If Wang Yu entered when she was eating and she did not offer him food, she thought it would be rude.

When Li Zi Yun completed cooking, someone was ringing her doorbell. Wang Yu was standing there. Li Zi Yun opened the door and let him enter.

"CEO Wang there's blood in your shirt" she pointed to a spot in his shirt.

"Did you get hurt?" Li Zi Yun walked towards Wang Yu, before she could touch his shirt, he held her hand.

"Don't touch it" Li Zi Yun immediately withdrew her hand. There was a wonderful smell in the room and Li Zi Yun was still standing in an apron.

"Did you cook?" Li Zi Yun nodded her head, but her eyes were still at the bright red spot in Wang Yu's shirt.

"Am I invited to dine with you?"


Wang Yu pinched her cheeks and said, "Can I use your bathroom? I'll have a quick shower and join you. Please ask Liu Guang to bring a set of clothing for me"

Everything was happening so casually that their interaction was becoming completely informal, Wang Yu kissing her forehead or cheeks or touching her had become so normal between them, and Li Zi Yun couldn't say if it was a good or bad thing. Li Zi Yun set the table and cleaned the kitchen. After all the work was complete, she asked Liu Guang to bring a set of clothing for Wang Yu. Liu Guang waited outside her house with a bag. The set of clothing, which Liu Guang brought, was like the clothing Li Zi Yun had seen Wang Yu wear at home. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Assistant Liu Guang, shouldn't you bring formal clothing?" her mind was racing. 'Was Wang Yu trying to stay at her place one more day?'

"No that's fine", Li Zi Yun was startled when she suddenly heard Wang Yu's voice next to her.

Wang Yu's wet body was pressed against her back. When Li Zi Yun turned around to face him, she saw that Wang Yu was standing there in just a towel wrapped around his waist. Wang Yu signaled Liu Guan to leave and he closed the door. Li Zi Yun wanted to touch his perfect abs but she controlled herself. When Li Zi Yun looked up she was that Wang Yu was following her eyes and he was standing with his lips curled into a half smile. Li Zi Yun's cheeks were blushing in embarrassment.

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