My Boss Is Scary Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Chapter 129

It was not the first time that Li Zi Yun has such thoughts. It has been in her mind for a long time but she hadn't spoken it out. Even though she wanted to do this, she did not have the power or wealth to do whatever she wanted. Moreover, the Li family did not bother her much after she left home. They had very little use of her so they did not waste their time on Li Zi Yun. They only kept tabs on her. The trouble started when they knew she was working for Wang Yu and living comfortably.

Now Li Zi Yun knew they were crossing the limits. She did not ask Li Shu Chen even for her share of wealth because she did not want problems. She lived happily in whatever she earned. But the entire Li family, including Li Shu Chen, Fu Ming Zhu, Li Xin Yi and even Li Cheng Zhi were not letting her live in peace. She tried avoiding them as much as she could but they kept disrupting her life. So when Wang Yu wanted to help her in this matter Li Zi Yun immediately took hold of the opportunity.

From what Wang Yu had known so far about Li Zi Yun, he knew that she was not the evil scheming type who enjoyed torturing people. If Li Zi Yun wanted to hurt them so much then they must have hurt her a lot and the scars in her body was the evidence of that.

Out of the blue Wang Yu asked her suddenly "Do you like me?". Li Zi Yun had spoken from her heart only when they were drunk, now he wanted her to speak when she was sober.

Li Zi Yun was startled, she never expected such a question from Wang Yu. Without changing the reaction in her face, she replied calmly "Why do you want to know? You don't love me"

"You haven't answered my question yet" Wang Yu was looking at her waiting for her to reply. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Zi Yun thought for a second. Should she say the truth or lie to him? She was always used to speaking directly and she preferred saying what was in her mind. When Wang Yu saved her at the night of Huang Nian's party and behaved like a gentleman, she was far more than impressed, she started liking him. Initially he mistreated her but after that, he always treated her with care. She knew that Wang Yu had no use of her and yet he treated her with utmost care.

Li Zi Yun took a deep breath and said, "I will answer this question if you answer my question"

"What do you want to know?"

Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu the question that has been bothering her the entire day, "What happened last night? My friends are not picking up the calls, I wake up in the morning in bed with you, and all the clothes I wore last night are missing. Care to elaborate"

"Are you sure you can take in what happened?"

Li Zi Yun's face turned pale, "What What happened?"

Wang Yu had been trying hard to hide the truth from Li Zi Yun but it did not look like she was ready to let it go.

"You puked all over your clothes, and on your friends. I had come to the club last night and you were clinging onto me without letting me go. You threw a tantrum that I had to come home with you and (Wang Yu brought his face closer to Li Zi Yun) you did not let me get out of your bed"

"You're lying"

"Am I? Di you forget what happened after Huang Nian's party?"

Li Zi Yun was biting her lips with her head bent down. She should have stayed quiet instead of asking him anything. There was a smirk in Wang Yu's face. It looked like she believed his words.

Wang Yu continued, "Just like that time you were kissing me and you wanted to" Li Zi Yun closed Wang Yu's mouth with her hands. Her cheeks were flushed red. Wang Yu was smiling; Li Zi Yun looked so cute blushing like this. He slowly removed her hands from his mouth but did not let go of her hand. With his other hand, he held Li Zi Yun's chin to look up at him.

"Your answer?"

Li Zi Yun eyes wandered all over Wang Yu's face. Wang Yu's unshaven look, the dark stubble on his face, which she had never seen before, made him look hot. His eyes were looking at her in anticipation. For a second Li Zi Yun was looking at him, just looking at him.

Wang Yu repeated the question once again, "Do you like me?"


"Do you want to be with me?" the question brought Li Zi Yun to reality.

Without hesitating Li Zi Yun replied, "No"

Wang Yu's furrowed brows showed his confusion.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I don't want any more drama in my life. You already have a fiance and I know you won't accept her and your family will select another. I want to lead a simple life"

"But what if I want only you in my life?"

"If you leave your fiance for me, you may leave me for another woman"

Wang Yu scowled 'Is this girl for real?'

"What makes you think a normal man won't leave you for another girl? What makes you think a normal man will give you the happiness you deserve?"


"You don't. No one can guess the future"

"You don't love me. Why do you want to know all these?"

When the words left Li Zi Yun's mouth, Wang Yu pulled her with her back against his chest. Wang Yu's lips grazed her neck leaving kisses in its trail. Li Zi Yun's heart was beating fast against her chest and Wang Yu could feel it. Her breathe was coming in short pants, most of the time she forgot to breathe.

"Actions speak louder than words. I would rather show it to make you trust me"

Li Zi Yun felt something cold in her neck. A platinum necklace was hanging in her neck with a pendant. Li Zi Yun took the pendant in her hand; it was two hearts intertwined into one. In both the hearts, one side was studded with diamonds.

Wang Yu whispered in Li Zi Yun's ears, "Look at the other side of the pendant"

When Li Zi Yun overturned the pendant, behind it she saw the words, "Zi Yun's Yu"

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