My Boss Is Scary Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Chapter 131

Li Zi Yun's mind was deep in thought that she did notice where the car was heading to. It looked like they were on road to Wang Family residence. Wang Yu woke up and he saw a hand holding him protectively. He saw that Li Zi Yun's hand was on his chest and patting him nonstop as if patting a baby to sleep. She was patting him unconsciously while looking outside the window. Wang Yu lay awake without getting up from her lap. Li Zi Yun's thighs were aching after sitting in the same position for a long time but she did not move nor try to wake up Wang Yu. She looked outside from the car window and could see that the place was brightly lit along a pathway. The car stopped when they reached the destination. There was a knock on the window. Li Zi Yun woke up Wang Yu. He got up only when he felt Li Zi Yun's hands shaking him, he was aware that the car had stopped but he was waiting for Li Zi Yun to wake him up.

Wang Yu got down from the car and went to the other side to open the door for Li Zi Yun. He was holding out his hand but Li Zi Yun took a moment before she came out. She was massaging her thighs before she took Wang Yu's hand. Wang Yu hadn't thought about Li Zi Yun when he was sleeping in a comfortable position, so he carried her as soon as she got out of the car.

"I can walk" when Li Zi Yun looked around, she saw Wang Yu was carrying her to his private jet.

"Where are you taking me?"

"You will see"

Wang Yu took her inside the jet. Li Zi Yun had never been in a private jet and she was looking around. Just like Wang Yu's penthouse, she saw that the entire interior of the jet contained only black and white. Wang Yu slowly lowered Li Zi Yun but did not let go of her waist. The first part contained a lounge with a cocktail bar on one side complete with a flat screen television. The next part she saw there was a dining space and when she peeped saw she there was a complete bedroom after that.

"Do you like it?"


"This will be our private jet".

Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu not sure what to tell him.

"I told you I would rather show my love"

Li Zi Yun was thinking, 'No I must be dreaming. I haven't slept well for some time I must be dreaming now'. She pinched her hands and it hurt.

Li Zi Yun repeated the question, "Where are we going?"

Wang Yu walked with Li Zi Yun to the dining space.

"Come let's eat. You must be hungry" Wang Yu sat opposite to Li Zi Yun after she sat down. Li Zi Yun's heart was beating fast. She drank some water to calm down her nerves.

Wang Yu pointed to the bed beside them and said, "Our children can sleep there, you don't want them disturbing us right?" Li Zi Yun choked on her water and started coughing spitting water all over the table. Wang Yu got up, went to Li Zi Yun's side, and started rubbing her back.

Wang Yu was not done yet, "So you don't want to take our kids out when we travel?"

'He must be kidding' Li Zi Yun couldn't utter a single word. No matter what her reply she knew, it would come out wrong and Wang Yu will tease her. She thought it was better to stay quiet.

"Come let's go over there till you calm down" Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun sat down but Wang Yu did not let go of her. His hands were over her shoulders holding her close.

The jet started moving in the runway. When the jet slowly started rising in the air, she closed her eyes tightly and leaned against Wang Yu. This was how she felt when during the accident the car was flying in the air before it crashed deep into a lake. She tried to think of something else something happier and she tried taking deep breaths. Wang Yu noticed Li Zi Yun's body getting tensed.

"What's wrong?"

Li Zi Yun breath came in shallow pants while she buried her face in Wang Yu's chest. She tried to calm herself down. Wang Yu shifted Li Zi Yun to his lap just like how her mother moved Li Zi Yun to her lap to protect her. Her nails were digging into Wang Yu's arms where she was holding him.

"Look at me what's wrong?"

Li Zi Yun tried to regulate her breath. 'Nothing will happen now. She was safe' she tried repeating in her mind. Li Zi Yun did not lift her head from Wang Yu's chest. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"It's okay." Wang Yu was slowly caressing her head while muttering everything will be fine. He was looking down at Li Zi Yun she was fine until now. There was no information about Li Zi Yun that she was scared of flight. Li Zi Yun was sweating profusely, now Wang Yu got worried. He tried to lift her face to look at her but she buried her face in the crook of his neck. It took ten whole minutes before Li Zi Yun returned to normal.

Li Zi Yun slowly lifted her head. The flight attendant was standing there with a glass of water and a towel. Wang Yu took the glass of water and brought it to her lips. She slowly sipped the water and once again, her head fell against Wang Yu's chest. Wang Yu did not ask her anything he took the towel and wiped her face and hands. Li Zi Yun had given him a scare. Li Zi Yun hadn't travelled in flight after the accident so she had no idea she would have a panic attack. She knew she had to overcome her traumatic experiences but her mother leaving her behind with the abusive people had made a huge scar in her mind. Already fourteen years had passed since the incident but still she found it difficult to get over it.

"Do you want to sleep comfortably in bed?" Li Zi Yun shook her head. She just wanted to stay in that position without moving.

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