My Boss Is Scary Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Chapter 132

Li Zi Yun was feeling better now. She tried to get up from Wang Yu's lap. He laid her in a comfortable position stretching her legs as he stroked her hair. The flight attendant brought a tea and a blanket, which Wang Yu had asked them to bring immediately. He covered Li Zi Yun with the blanket and he was holding the tea to Li Zi Yun's lips.

Wang Yu asked her in a soft voice, "Are you alright?" Li Zi Yun was smiling.

"I'm fine. Just tired" Wang Yu was treating her like a baby and she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Once the attack was over, she felt relaxed. She took the tea from Wang Yu's hand but her hand was still shaky.

"Drink. I'll hold it" Wang Yu was patiently raising and lowering the tea for Li Zi Yun to drink. Li Zi Yun would have never guessed Wang Yu had such a side to him if she did not see it today. After Li Zi Yun drank the tea, Wang Yu carried her to the dining space. He lowered her on the bed and he sat beside her.

"What do you think of the bed? Do you think our kids will like it?" Li Zi Yun was blushing now. Some color returned to her face but she was still pale. Wang Yu knew that the attack was triggered because of something but he did not ask her, he did not want to remind her of the incident once again. The flight attendants arrived with dinner. After a quiet dinner, Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to the bedroom. There was a huge king size bed and attached to the window there is a separate working space.

"Lie down and sleep. I have some work to do"

"Where are we going?"

"Don't scare me like this" Li Zi Yun sat opposite to her in the bed holding her hands against his heart. She saw the nail marks on his neck, which were caused by her.

"I'm sorry" Li Zi Yun's hands were trailing the nail marks in his neck.

"It's nothing"

Li Zi Yun got down to get the first aid.

"Your kiss is enough to heal it" Wang Yu was teasing her. Li Zi Yun leaned forward and kissed his neck where there were marks while Wang Yu was not expecting it. Even Li Zi Yun was surprised by her actions. When Wang Yu was looking into her eyes, her ears turned red from embarrassment and her cheeks were blushing pink. Her eyes immediately reverted down. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu whispered in Li Zi Yun's ears, "We have lots of time to kiss, get some rest now". He kissed her forehead and left to take a shower. He thought it was better if Li Zi Yun was sleeping when they land or he thought of giving her sleeping pills. Wang Yu had left Assistant Liu Guang in charge while he left. It had been a long time since he took a break, so he thought of taking a week off from work. He asked Wu Qing if he and Wu Li Shu were willing to join them and when they said yes, Wang Yu immediately planned the trip. He had chosen an island for the vacation. It was still summer there and he wanted to enjoy for some time with Li Zi Yun.

Since everything was planned in a hurry, Wang Yu asked Liu Guang to contact him immediately if there was anything he should know. After showering, Wang Yu came to the bedroom. Li Zi Yun had slept. He saw that she was sleeping exactly the same way he left her. She was still wearing her heels. He slowly removed her heels and socks and massaged her feet. Li Zi Yun was sleeping at the foot of the bed; he carried her to the centre and laid her there. Wang Yu cuddled with her and slept peacefully holding her close to him.

Wang Yu woke up Li Zi Yun only after they had landed.

"Wake up sleepyhead" Wang Yu was ready and out of bed.

Li Zi Yun looked around; she remembered that she was no longer at home but in Wang Yu's jet. When they got down Li Zi Yun noticed there was so much luggage enough for anybody to use for more than a month.

"How long are we staying here?" Li Zi Yun asked doubtfully seeing the baggages.

"As long as you want" Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's hand and took her to the car that was waiting for them.

Li Zi Yun had got down as soon as she woke up. She felt like she looked like a mess; she had not even washed her face after she woke up, and Wang Yu had dragged her out. She tied her hair into a bun straightening out her hair as much as she could and wiped her face trying to make herself presentable. Wang Yu was sitting on one side of the car watching her quietly.

After a few minutes Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "Look outside"

'You must be kidding me' Li Zi Yun muttered under her breath. 'Does Wang Yu really like me or is he trying to kill me? And he wants to stay as long as I want? Fine then let's leave now'

They were driving to a mansion that was next to the beach. Li Zi Yun had thalassophobia. She had a fear of deep waters and she did not know to swim. She was fine with water bodies of shallow depth where water was below her waist and she could stand on the floor but she never enjoyed going to beaches. When she went to beach with her friends, she always stayed at the shore. Unlike her friends, she never wore bikini or revealing clothes, she was always fully dressed even in beach.

"Do you like it?" Li Zi Yun heard Wang Yu's voice next to her ears. She was staring outside the window thinking hard. She tried hard to change the reaction in her face before turning to Wang Yu. Before she could turn, Wang Yu's face was next to hers.

Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun's cheeks and said, "Let's relax here for a few days. Didn't you say you wanted to enjoy the weekend away from work?"

Li Zi Yun thought in her mind, she should have shut her mouth and continued with working. Now she had to put up a smiling face and pretend as if she likes it. Li Zi Yun was happy that Wang Yu was thoughtful and wanted her to relax but Li Zi Yun was not sure if she will enjoy it.

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