My Boss Is Scary Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Chapter 133

Li Zi Yun got down from the car and walked with Wang Yu to the mansion. The beach mansion was huge and Li Zi Yun let out a sigh she has been holding on for a long time. Wang Yu was holding her hands as they walked to the mansion. To Li Zi Yun's surprise, Wu Li Shu was waiting for her.

"What are you doing here?" Li Zi Yun had no idea that Wu Li Shu will be joining her. Hearing Li Zi Yun's voice Wu Qing also came out.

"Brother Wu" Li Zi Yun was happy that Wu Li Shu will be with her.

Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's hands tightly without letting her go. Li Zi Yun signaled with her face to let go of her hand, Wang Yu released her hand and then held her waist and pulled her towards him. Li Zi Yun tried to pull away from Wang Yu but he pulled her closer every time she tried to escape from his hold and he did not intend to release her. Since it was only Wu Qing and Wu Li Shu present there, Wang Yu did not mind openly showing his affection for Li Zi Yun.

Wu Li Shu and Wu Qing were standing there with their mouths wide open. Wang Yu had told them to come to the island for relaxing and he informed them he was coming with Li Zi Yun but he did not tell the entire truth. Li Zi Yun had not breathed a word to Wu Li Shu because she knew that Wu Li Shu would never approve of Wang Yu. So Li Zi Yun thought of hiding the truth as long as possible.

"What is going on here?" Wu Li Shu was the first one to react and she was yelling at the top of her voice.

Wang Yu said in a calm voice, "Why are you yelling now scaring my girl?"

"Oh My God!" when did Wang Yu change like this? Wu Li Shu was looking from Wang Yu to Li Zi Yun.

"Stay quiet for sometime" Li Zi Yun nudged Wang Yu trying to stop him from saying anything else. Wang Yu had behaved like this mostly in private when it was just the two of them, but seeing him talk like this in front of her friends made Li Zi Yun feel awkward.

"I want to talk to you" Li Zi Yun wriggled herself out of Wang Yu's grasp and dragged Wu Li Shu inside with her.

As soon as Wu Li Shu was alone with Li Zi Yun, she started questioning Li Zi Yun.

"Tell me what happened between you and Wang Yu. I need to know everything"

Li Zi Yun said about everything that happened between Wang Yu and her, skipping the parts, which she did not want to reveal. Li Zi Yun had not seen Wu Li Shu since her birthday eve and she started apologizing to Wu Li Shu based on what Wang Yu said to her.

"I'm really sorry for what happened in the birthday party. CEO Wang told me what I did"

Wu Li Shu was confused, her brother had given her an earful the next morning and he also warned her that she shouldn't breathe a word to Li Zi Yun.

Without showing the confusion in her face, Wu Li Shu asked her, "What are you sorry for? It was my mistake"

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"Wait you did what?" now the confusion was evident in Wu Li Shu's face.

"You don't remember? Were you also drunk?" Wu Li Shu loved shoes and handbags and Li Zi Yun couldn't understand why Wu Li Shu was confused.

"Yeah I think so"

Wu Li Shu understood that Wang Yu had said some story to her and she did not want to reveal something, which Li Zi Yun did not know. It was morning in the island but Li Zi Yun and Wu Li Shu were lying in the bed talking. Both Li Zi Yun and Wu Li Shu were together alone after a very long time so they were chatting nonstop.

Wang Yu looked at Wu Qing and said, "I was expecting some reaction from you but you're unnecessarily quiet."

Wu Qing looked at Wang Yu. He was cheerful and lively. Wu Qing had seen him with his other girlfriends; the girlfriends were the ones who were always clinging onto Wang Yu. Wu Qing had never seen Wang Yu treat any of his girlfriends the way he treated Li Zi Yun.

"Why do you like Li Zi Yun?" Wu Qing asked Wang Yu.

Wang Yu answer was only a smile. He went to the room where he will be staying. There the maids were arranging their clothes in the wardrobe. He couldn't wait to see Li Zi Yun in those clothes. Wang Yu was waiting in his room hoping that Li Zi Yun would come out but there was no sign of her.

Wang Yu murmured under his breath, "Never let two girls together for some time". He went to the room where Li Zi Yun and Wu Li Shu were talking.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun and said, "Come let's go to our room"

"Our room?" Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. He was speaking so casually to her as if they were a married couple.

"Then where else will you be staying?"

"CEO Wang I thought of staying with Wu Li Shu"

Wu Li Shu interrupted, "Brother Wang she will stay with me"

But Wang Yu was not ready to let Li Zi Yun stay away from his side. This was the first they had gone out together and he wanted Li Zi Yun by his side.

Wang Yu asked calmly, "Are you sure you want to disturb us in our vacation?"


"You can let her stay with you if you don't mind us doing this" Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun's forehead and moved to her cheeks. Li Zi Yun was trying to push Wang Yu away but he sat in the bed beside her and started kissing her neck.

Wu Li Shu closed her eyes and turned away from them.

"Both of you leave the room right now"

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