My Boss Is Scary Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Chapter 136

Initially after the accident, Li Zi Yun was scared of even getting inside car. It took some time for her before started travelling in car once again. After she had gotten over that, she wanted to overcome her fear of water. During a high school trip to the beach, Li Zi Yun had taken the courage after looking at the sea for some time from the shore. She slowly walked towards the water. The water rushed to her feet. She moved a bit forward and the water covered her feet and covered her feet with a layer of sand. Slowly gaining courage, Li Zi Yun walked further. Her entire concentration was on the water that she did notice who was behind her. Wang Yiran pushed her into the water from behind. Li Zi Yun fell into the water and when the water rushed back into the sea, she felt herself being pulled inside along with it. She started panicking and yelling but her friends and her teacher saved her. Wang Yiran along with Li Xin Yi and Gu Hui Ying and her other friends were rolling down in laughter watching this. From that day onwards, she had never entered the beach, no matter who called her.

Wang Yu stayed with Li Zi Yun for some time but she did not open her mouth. Both of them sat quietly for some time. Li Zi Yun leaned against his chest after some time. He sat with her for some time but no words were exchanged. Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun's cheeks before getting up.

Wang Yu said in a low voice, "I'll always be here. Come to me when you're ready to speak."

When Wang Yu got up to leave, Li Zi Yun held his hand, "Don't leave me alone"

Wang Yu lifted Li Zi Yun up, sat on the couch stretching his legs, and placed Li Zi Yun on the couch with her head against his chest.

"I'm not leaving anywhere Are you comfortable?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head but did not raise her head. Wang Yu waited patiently for Li Zi Yun to start talking. After a few minutes, Li Zi Yun started speaking.

"I tried to overcome my trauma. Neither did my family provide me with professional support nor did I have the money to afford it. So I tried it myself but someone spoiled it increasing my fear. From that moment I avoided going to such places" Wang Yu was stroking her hair and drawing circles in her hand with his fingers trying to soothe her nerves.

"What happened?"

Li Zi Yun narrated the story without mentioning Wang Yiran's name. The entire time Wang Yu was stroking her hair and kissing her temple often.

"I know it's hard to trust someone all of a sudden but give me a chance" Li Zi Yun nodded her head but did not say anything.

"Come lets go" saying so Wang Yu got up.

"Where?" there was a slight fear in her voice.

"To eat. I am hungry. Where else did you want to go?"

Li Zi Yun knew she had to go down now. She felt bad for yelling at Wang Yu in front of Wu Qing and Wu Li Shu. She wanted to be alone but she was grateful that Wang Yu did not leave her alone. She always tend to over think everything and she was happy that Wang Yu was talking to her and it did not let her mind wander around. She felt a bit guilty now.

"I'm sorry" Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun when he suddenly heard those words out of the blue.

Wang Yu said, "A sorry won't suffice" pointing to his lips. Li Zi Yun wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him to her height. When Wang Yu brought his lips closer to hers, she quickly turned his face and kissed his cheeks; she then whispered in his ears, "Is this enough?"

"This is never enough" before he could kiss Li Zi Yun, Wu Qing was tapping on the door and he cleared his throat. He was standing inside their room looking at them with an amused look.

Wu Qing asked Wang Yu, "Did you invite us here to watch you guys make out every single second?"

Wang Yu said, "I should have never invited you guys"

Then Wu Qing looked at Li Zi Yun and said, "Zi Yun please come out for lunch. I'm starving and Li Shu wouldn't let me eat without knowing what happened to you."

Wang Yu spoke in Li Zi Yun's ears but loud enough for Wu Qing to hear him, "He's just jealous of us"

"You know that I can hear you"

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Wu Li Shu took Li Zi Yun away from Wang Yu the whole afternoon. It was a small island, but there were several small shops and stalls on the other side of the island. Wu Li Shu and Li Zi Yun ditched Wu Qing and Wang Yu and left to enjoy walking in the island. They returned late in the evening when the sun was about to set.

When Li Zi Yun returned to the room, she saw Wang Yu was on call and his face looked like he was irritated.

"What is it?"

"Nothing to worry about. Take a quick shower; I have to take you somewhere"

When Li Zi Yun came out after showering, she saw Wang Yu waiting for her with a duffel bag.

"What's in the bag?" Li Zi Yun asked him pointing towards the bag. They were holding hands and Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to the other side of the mansion.

Wang Yu took her to the hot water pool and set down the bag.

"You want me to"

"No. Watch me swim".

Wang Yu removed his clothes and stood there wearing only a swimming trunks. He jumped into the pool, took two laps, got out of the pool, and walked towards Li Zi Yun.

"Come with me"

"You know I won't" Wang Yu placed his fingers in Li Zi Yun's lips to stop her from talking.

"Stop. Don't over think. Trust me. I will never do anything to hurt you I promise"

Wang Yu made Li Zi Yun sit at the edge of the pool and he went inside and swam to Li Zi Yun's side.

"Lower your legs alone into the water."

"No I'm fine staying like this"

"Wrap your legs around me if you're scared" Li Zi Yun's hands and legs were shaking now.

Wang Yu asked her to come near the stairs that was inside the pool. Li Zi Yun removed the flat shoes she was wearing and lowered her feet into the water. Her feet were placed on the stairs under the water. The water was warm and her legs were no longer shaking. Wang Yu sat on one of the stairs and looked at her.

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