My Boss Is Scary Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Chapter 138

"Thanks for trusting me" Li Zi Yun could hear the happiness in Wang Yu's voice.

"How long will you keep thanking me?" this was the happiest moment in Li Zi Yun's life after a very long time. She couldn't stop looking at the ring.

"Then you want me to kiss you?" Wang Yu held Li Zi Yun's face between his hands.

Wang Yu brought his face closer to Li Zi Yun, without answering directly, Li Zi Yun closed the gap between them and her lips smashed against his. Li Zi Yun was surprised by herself but she did not stop kissing him. Wang Yu felt Li Zi Yun's soft mouth pressed against his. Wang Yu was kissing her back, open mouthed his tongue fighting to take control of hers. Their passionate moment lasted forever and their lips parted only when they were both out of breath.

When their lips met the next time, Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun into the pool and they were both submerged inside. Li Zi Yun opened her eyes and saw that Wang Yu was looking at her. They came out after five seconds and were taking deep breaths. Li Zi Yun was scared but she knew Wang Yu will not do this if it's dangerous. At last, they were out of the pool dripping wet, splashing water all over the place.

Wang Yu was standing and looking at Li Zi Yun who was sitting on the floor. Li Zi Yun's clothes were wet and sticking to her body. Li Zi Yun was wearing a white dress and Wang Yu could see the outline of the bra and panties she was wearing. She was panting for breath after staying in water and being kissed and kissing him for a very long time.

"I don't mind you being like this when we are alone but there are others at home. So better wear something else, FIANCEE" Wang Yu passed the duffel bag that he had brought down with him. Li Zi Yun looked down at her body and became aware of her wet dress and wrapped a towel around herself.

Wang Yu kneeled beside her and said, "Next time when you see any water source, only I should come to your mind"

His hands moved to her lips, "The moments when I kissed you here (Wang Yu's hands trailed from her lips to cheeks) and here (and then her neck) and here (and his hands stopped at the spot above her chest where there was a hickey now) and here"

"And what will you think about?"

"Holding you here (his hands moved to her waist and slowly moved downwards)"

"Pervert! Can't you think about something else?"

Wang Yu pushed Li Zi Yun's strands of hair that was on her face behind her ear.

"Fine let's do something else here so that I can think about it" Wang Yu was about to pull her towards him, Li Zi Yun escaped and ran to the dressing room.

Li Zi Yun looked at the ring. The pendant and the ring were of the same design and the diamonds shone brightly in the light. Only if her ring and Wang Yu's were connected anyone could find out it was a couple ring, separately no one can find out it was a set. Wang Yu had been so thoughtful to arrange everything for her so Li Zi Yun decided it was time she also accepted him whole-heartedly.

When Li Zi Yun came out after changing her clothes, Wang Yu was waiting for her. Li Zi Yun was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top with a long pleated skirt. The hickey had turned into a darker shade and Wang Yu could see the spot clearly and Li Zi Yun's top gave him a full view of it. Li Zi Yun had no idea because she did not look at the mirror otherwise she wouldn't have worn it.

When Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu came out hand in hand smiling, Wu Li Shu looked at both of them suspiciously.

"What were you guys doing so long?"

"We were just" Li Zi Yun wanted to tell her what happened, but not in front of Wang Yu, so she was stuttering.

"Taking bath together" Wang Yu finished the sentence for her.

Wu Li Shu looked at Wang Yu, "What did you do to my innocent girlfriend?"

"No he's kidding we were just" Wu Li Shu's eyes wandered to Li Zi Yun's neck. She could clearly see the love bites in Li Zi Yun's neck and above her chest outside her dress.

Li Zi Yun hadn't noticed that the color had changed where Wang Yu was sucking her.

Wu Li Shu turned to Wu Qing, "Brother I think it's time we leave them alone. Can we leave early in the morning tomorrow?"

Li Zi Yun wanted to stop her but before she could open her mouth, Wang Yu closed her mouth tightly with his hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yes you made the right decision. You are free to leave whenever you want"

Wu Qing had initially planned to leave alone in a couple of days, leaving his sister Wu Li Shu with Li Zi Yun. But now he thought it was better to give some privacy to the new couple and take his sister also with him when he leaves. Wu Qing hadn't seen Li Zi Yun so happy in a very long time so he thought it was best to leave her alone with Wang Yu for few days.

"Li Shu, let's leave day after tomorrow. Both of them are killing me"

Wang Yu interrupted, "Both of you are welcome to leave tonight"

Li Zi Yun was struggling to push away Wang Yu's hand that was covering her mouth and when she couldn't, she bit the palm of his head forcing him to remove his hand.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said, "Stay quiet for some time"

She continued, "Li Shu and Brother Wu you're not going anywhere. They are staying here with us. End of discussion"

Wang Yu was whispering in her ears, "Let them leave. You don't want them to disturb us do you?"

Li Zi Yun glared at Wang Yu, "Don't be rude. You were the one who invited them"

"Yes and now I am sending them away"

"You're impossible" seeing Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu arguing, Wu Li Shu and Wu Qing quietly left the place. They did not want to be involved in a lovers spat.

After staying in the hot pool for a long time, Li Zi Yun was feeling extremely sleepy. As soon as she entered the room, she did not even bother to think that Wang Yu was in the same room. She covered herself with the blanket and lied down in the bed.

Wang Yu sat on the bed next to Li Zi Yun, "Get up. Your hair is still wet. You may catch a cold if you sleep like this. You also haven't had dinner"

"I'm sleepy"

"At least dry your hair".

Wang Yu got up from the bed to bring a towel to wipe Li Zi Yun's hair. When he returned, Li Zi Yun was already sleeping. He brought a hair dryer and lifted Li Zi Yun to his lap and dried her hair while Li Zi Yun had a sound sleep. When he was satisfied, he laid Li Zi Yun in the bed in a comfortable position and left the room.

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