My Boss Is Scary Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Chapter 139

Chapter 139

Li Zi Yun woke up in the middle of the night. Her head was on Wang Yu's chest and her hair was all over the place. She slowly lifted Wang Yu's hand that was embracing her without disturbing him. Wang Yu looked tired and she did not know when he came to bed, so she thought it was better not to wake him up. Li Zi Yun tiptoed and walked to the table to drink some water. A wave of nausea hit her and she ran to the bathroom. She puked everything from her stomach. She felt dizzy and there was pain in her abdomen; she brushed her teeth hoping that would make her feel better.

Li Zi Yun walked to the balcony. She took deep breaths, inhaled the fresh air, and felt far better now. The cold breeze was blowing against her body causing the hair in her body to stand up. She was feeling a bit cold but she wanted to go inside only when she was sure can fall asleep immediately after that. Li Zi Yun rubbed the palm of her hand together trying to warm herself up. In the quiet night, the sound of the ocean could be heard loudly. She stood there looking at the ocean, lost in thought.

Wang Yu suddenly felt light and empty. Without opening his eyes, his hands searched for Li Zi Yun in the bed. Unable to find her, Wang Yu opened his eyes and that she was not in the bed. He got down from the bed and saw that the door to the balcony was open. He saw Li Zi Yun standing there in the balcony quietly. He took a blanket and went over to Li Zi Yun. He pulled the blanket over his shoulders and hugged Li Zi Yun from behind, covering her with the blanket.

Li Zi Yun was startled when she felt someone behind her. Wang Yu had come out without making a sound and with the sound of the ocean; Li Zi Yun was a bit scared.

"When did you wake up?" Li Zi Yun did not expect Wang Yu to wake up. She did not want to disturb him at night.

"Just now. What are you doing here?" Wang Yu's hands were around Li Zi Yun. His could feel her cold body.

Li Zi Yun was thinking whether she should tell him she was feeling a bit sick. However, she thought it was better to stay quiet. It was a normal one and she did not want to make a huge fuss about it. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Before Li Zi Yun replied, Wang Yu asked her, "Wear some more clothes before coming out at night. Look how cold your body has become"

Li Zi Yun laid her head comfortably on Wang Yu's body. His body was warming her up.

"It's nice"

"Staying out in the cold?"

"No. You and me. Just us the two of us, living the moment"

"Promise me something"


"Everything can be solved if we talk it out. Tell me straight forward if anything bothers you and I will do the same."

"You know that I always say what's in my mind"

"You speak only what you want the other person to know. I want to know everything about you"

"I will try to"

A cold breeze blew over there and it was cold enough to chill the bones.

"I don't want you to catch a cold, let's go in"

Li Zi Yun was no longer feeling dizzy but the abdominal pain hadn't subsided. She quietly followed Wang Yu and he closed the door behind them. Li Zi Yun turned on the light and the room flooded with light. Wang Yu removed the blanket that was covering both of them. He could see the scar on Li Zi Yun's back protruding out of her top. Li Zi Yun was wearing a simple spaghetti strap tank top and the back opening was a bit deep.

"You look tired. Come and lie down" Li Zi Yun held Wang Yu's hand and dragged him to bed.

Wang Yu sat on the bed but did not lie down. He turned Li Zi Yun with her back facing him and he made her sit before him.

"What are you doing?"

"Did it hurt a lot?" Wang Yu was kissing Li Zi Yun's scar on her back.

"Initially I felt like dying whenever they hit me. But later on I got used to it."

"Can we talk about it?"

Li Zi Yun smiled and nodded her head. She had completely thrown away all her emotions when it came to Li family. It was just a memory for her. Li Zi Yun crawled on the bed and sat next to Wang Yu and both of them were leaning against the head post.

Wang Yu asker her, "Who did this to you?"

"Sometimes Li Shu Chen, the other times Fu Ming Zhu. I was their outlet for relieving stress and anger. Whenever I scored higher marks than Li Xin Yi or outdid her in any activity, actually, I outdid her in everything related to studies and she complains to her mother. Li Xin Yi was always the last rank, teachers used to scold her and praise me in school. In the evening (Li Zi Yun pointed to her scars) this is what happens"

Wang Yu couldn't imagine how a father could be so cruel and do this to his own daughter. "Was Li Shu Chen always like this?"

Li Zi Yun shook her head, unlike what she thought she did not find it difficult to speak about the past.

"He was the best father before mother and my paternal grandparents died in the accident. He adored me and spoilt me as much as he could. But after that, he did not treat me like his daughter for a single day. His world revolved around Fu Ming Zhu and his other children"

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun's face. There was not an ounce of sadness in her face. Wang Yu understood at that moment, Li Zi Yun was right. Just the normal torturing method wouldn't work with the Li family.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu's eyes and said, "It's all in the past. The time he was good to me is far less than the time he tortured me. He even cheated on my mother and had two kids with another woman. I would never forgive him"

Li Zi Yun pulled Wang Yu's head to her lap.

"Sleep. It's late already"

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