My Boss Is Scary Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Chapter 143

It was time to take care of the Li family and Wang Yu was planning to do just that. He was waiting for Huang Nian's matter to blow up so that he can wipe them out completely. Since time was running out, Wang Yu thought of starting the first phase of the plan.

Zhou Nan Xi tipped off to one of Fu Ming Zhu's men anonymously that Li Shu Chen was seeing a young girl. He immediately informed Fu Ming Zhu that he had received such a note. Though she trusted her husband, when she heard this, her mind was confused. She ordered the men to immediately find out if it was true. When they reported in positive, she felt like her entire world was collapsing. Fu Ming Zhu would not allow this. She had struggled for a long time before she came to this position. She did not want to give it up easily. Fu Ming Zhu thought she was no fool like Li Zi Yun's mother. She thought of killing the root of the problem before it escalated further.

Fu Ming Zhu came to know that Li Shu Chen had made the girl stay in one of their property. She wanted to kill the girl right now. She got ready in the morning and waited outside the house. She was waiting for Li Shu Chen to leave the house. Fu Ming Zhu did not want Li Shu Chen to be there. She wanted to finish the girl quickly.

The young prostitute was always with Li Shu Chen and now he was wrapped around her fingers. The young girl had informed Li Shu Chen that she had a surprise for him and she will tell him in the evening. He had tried asking her many times but she said that the surprise would be revealed only in the evening. Though he wanted to know now, he left the house waiting eagerly for evening to arrive.

When Fu Ming Zhu saw Li Shu Chen's car leave the house, she slowly walked towards the house. Her hands were shaking and she was trembling as she walked. When she was having an affair with Li Shu Chen, he had done the same for her. Now history was repeating itself. Zhou Nan Xi had already informed the young girl that Fu Ming Zhu may come and visit any time now. So she was prepared for this.

Fu Ming Zhu rang the doorbell and saw a young girl open the door. She looked at her from top to bottom. She was wearing only a lace trimmed slip dress. There was so much resemblance between that girl and her younger self in appearance. Now she could understand why Li Shu Chen fell for her. She pushed the door wide open and entered the house.

Fu Ming Zhu gave the girl a tight slap causing her to stumble behind, but yet she stood there brazenly.

"So you're the slut who seduced my husband?"

"Oh OhSo you're the one who couldn't control your husband?" the young girl replied rather coolly.

"How dare you say that after having an affair with another woman's husband?"

"Says the woman who had two kids with another woman's husband"

Fu Ming Zhu was not able to answer this one.

The girl continued, "He cheated once already. What made you think he won't cheat again?"

"Doesn't the same apply to you?" for visiting.

"Do you think he would still have the energy to cheat on me at this age?"

"He came to you because you look like me"

"Then he should have returned to you if we both look the same. Well I think he got bored of you"

"Do you think this is the first time he had an affair? He always returns to me when he is bored of the other woman" Fu Ming Zhu did not know why she was saying this. She herself was not confident when she said those words. She just wanted to show that Li Shu Chen is under her control.

The young girl was speaking casually to her, as if Fu Ming Zhu was the new woman in the current relationship.

"Really? But this time it won't happen" The young girl's confidence shook Fu Ming Zhu a bit.

"You want to know why?"

She pointed to her belly.

"Because we are going to welcome a new one into the family."

"You're what? You No, I don't believe this. Never"

The girl handed Fu Ming Zhu the sonogram. The entire time, the girl stood there with a relaxed smile on her face making Fu Ming Zhu feel more enraged.

"Wipe that sly smile of your face"

"Get lost from here if you don't want to see me"

Fu Ming Zhu had not doubted her husband even a bit. She was confident that she would be his only woman forever. She felt like thunder had struck her head. No she can't leave it like this. She had to put an end to this. She was not ready to let go of her luxurious life. Her brain stopped thinking she had to do something now but she did not know what to do. She looked around for a knife. She thought her men can wipe of the evidence later if she kills the girl now.

The girl suddenly started smashing the things at home and hurt her hand with a knife. Fu Ming Zhu was not sure what was happening. Blood was gushing out of the wound but the girl kept on throwing the sharp objects and glass items making the house a wreck. Fu Ming Zhu stood there with no idea why the girl was doing all that. Then the girl started crying, more like howling.

Suddenly the door opened and Li Shu Chen rushed inside. He stood still on the way; he was shocked that the house that was perfectly normal before ten minutes was now in a complete wreck.

"What the hell happened here?"

When Li Shu Chen turned he saw that his wife was standing one side and his girlfriend was on the floor, lying next to Fu Ming Zhu.

"What What are you doing here?" he started stammering when he saw his wife standing there. He had not put much effort in trying to hide the affair but now it was in the open he was having difficulty deciding.

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