My Boss Is Scary Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Chapter 144

The young girl slowly got up, she limped towards Li Shu Chen and he could see the blood dripping down her hands. The young girl wanted Li Shu Chen to see her in this state. She had made a huge mess in the house just for Li Shu Chen to see.

"What happened to you? Honey what's wrong?" Fu Ming Zhu could not hide her disgust when she heard Li Shu Chen speak like this. This was how he spoke to her in the beginning of their relationship.

"NothingI'm sorry everything is my fault I'm leaving" the young girl started sobbing and tears were flowing down her eyes. The young girl walked away from him and let the sonogram fell on Li Shu Chen's feet purposely.

"Wait what's this?" before Li Shu Chen could pick it up, the girl took it.

"No its nothing. You do not have to see it. Let's part now"

"No give it to me" Li Shu Chen snatched it from the girls' hand. He thought he saw a sonogram but he was not sure and wanted to confirm it.

"It's our baby. You do not have to worry. I'll take care of it" the girl tried walking away but Li Shu Chen stopped her.

"Wait. You're pregnant? That was the surprise? Honey come to me. How can you think about leaving?"

The girl stood there silently for a second and then continues, "I don't want to disturb your family. Please let me go"

"What are you saying? How can I let you go? I am not that heartless"

"What?" Fu Ming Zhu was screaming at the top of her voice.

"How can you do this to me?"

She did not stop. Fu Ming Zhu had been thinking of killing the girl silently but she did not expect Li Shu Chen to return home so soon. Li Shu Chen stood there brazenly and he was not bothered that she came to know of his affair.

"How can you?"

The young girl leaned against Li Shu Chen holding her bleeding hand. He bent down and kissed the girl in her lips in front of Fu Ming Zhu.

"How can you do this to her?" Li Shu Chen asked Fu Ming Zhu angrily holding out the young girl's hand for her to see.

He then asked the girl affectionately "Are you alright?"

"Please don't blame sister. She did not do anything. It's all my fault"

"Sister? Who the hell are you calling sister?"

"I'm sorry sister Sorry I won't call you sister Mrs. Li" the girl was trembling slightly.

Fu Ming Zhu wanted to kill that girl right now. "Yes everything is your fault. Don't pretend as if you're an angel. It was you who did this to yourself"

Every time Li Shu Chen looked at Fu Ming Zhu, he looked angry and his eyes softened when he looked at the fragile young girl leaning against him for support.

"Shut the fuck up. Why are you yelling at her?"

After yelling at Fu Ming Zhu, Li Shu Chen turned towards the girl and asked her, "Honey come let's go to the hospital. Did you get hurt anywhere else?"

"I fell down. Don't blame sister. She did not push me. I slipped"

Fu Ming Zhu yelled at the girl, "You evil vixen. Don't you dare try all these tactics in front of me"

"Sister I'm sorry if I have spoken out of line"

"Honey what are you saying? You did nothing wrong"

"Why did you push her? Don't you know she is pregnant? Have you gone insane?" Li Shu Chen's hands were over the girl's stomach and holding her protectively.

"Honey stop it. Sister was only angry because I was pregnant. Please don't scold sister"

Fu Ming Zhu couldn't believe what was happening there. The girl was trying everything to make her look so pitiful. Before Li Shu Chen returned home she was wild in front of her but now she was pretending to be a white lotus. The girl had pushed her hair behind her ears and the slap mark in her face was in clear view. Li Shu Chen tried touching her face and she screamed in pain.

"Please its hurts"

Li Shu Chen couldn't control his anger anymore. He slapped Fu Ming Zhu right on her cheeks and pushed her, causing her to fall on her butt in the glass shards. Fu Ming Zhu yelped but Li Shu Chen eyes were on the young girl. Fu Ming Zhu couldn't control herself anymore.

"That bitch is pretending and you believe her?"


Fu Ming Zhu screamed at Li Shu Chen, "We are getting a divorce and you won't get a dime"

When Li Shu Chen heard this, he started laughing aloud.

"Who gave you this ridiculous idea? Divorce is only for married couples. I have never married you, so there will be no divorce. Silly woman"

"Do you think you can cheat me and take everything for yourself because you got a new girl? Stop dreaming. I have the marriage certificate"

"You must be the one who is dreaming. Our marriage certificate is fake. I never married you"

"What??? What are you talking about?"

The young girl hissed in pain and Li Shu Chen turned his attentions towards the young girl. Li Shu Chen's assistant was waiting outside. He called him in.

"Kick out this woman and lock the house" for visiting.

"Honey lets go to hospital to check up." Li Shu Chen held the girl closely and walked out of the house.

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