My Boss Is Scary Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Chapter 146

Fu Ming Zhu never knew the same situation will occur to her in the future when she entered this house. Unlike other woman, she had devoted herself to her husband and trusted him. She had never thought of the possibility that Li Shu Chen will cheat on her. Li Shu Chen had never stopped her when she tortured Li Zi Yun. Fu Ming Zhu did not want to leave the house. She had nowhere else to go. Li Shu Chen could easily block her cards and stop her from spending his money and she was sure he would not let her take anything with her.

"Fine. Stay with your girlfriend. I'm not leaving this house"

Li Shu Chen scoffed, "But I did not give you permission"

"I'm not leaving my son and daughter alone with you in this house"

At that time, Li Cheng Zhi entered the house. He was so irritated that he had lost all his money in gambling. Li Cheng Zhi wanted to double or triple the money he had in an easy and entertaining way but contrary to what he wanted, he had completely blown it out. He stomped inside the house angrily and saw the scene. The entire family was present and he also saw a young girl by his fathers side. His mother Fu Ming Zhu was standing in tears and Li Xin Yi was sitting in the wheelchair as if she had seen a ghost. Everyone's eyes in the room were looking at Li Cheng Zhi.

"What the hell is going on?"

Fu Ming Zhu walked towards Li Cheng Zhi. She said, "Your father has brought in a young girl"

"For what?" Li Cheng Zhi was looking from Li Shu Chen to the girl to Fu Ming Zhu trying to understand the situation.

Li Shu Chen spoke now, "She is my new girlfriend."

"Hmmm" Li Cheng Zhi did not say anything other than that. He tried to walk to his room.

Fu Ming Zhu stopped him, "He wants to chase me out of the house"

"What the fuck is happening in this house?" Li Cheng Zhi yelled out loud. He was already angry at having lost everything and now he had a fucked up situation at home.

"Your father has ruined the family. What else?" Fu Ming Zhu's eyes were flooded with tears and she looked pitiful.

Li Shu Chen no longer wanted to take this shit, "Why don't you stop all the drama and leave this house?"

"No I am not leaving this house"

"You were ready to kill my girlfriend behind my back. Who knows what would have happened if I was a minute late?"

"She inflicted pain on herself. Don't you believe me?"

"Inflicted pain on herself? Do you think I will believe all your words? I saw what was happening there"

"That girl has blinded your eyes" Fu Ming Zhu's eyes were shooting daggers at the girl but she saw that the girl was quite enjoying the situation.

"Really? So Li Zi Yun also inflicted pain on herself and whatever I saw with my own eyes was wrong?"

"I'm telling you the truth"

"I'm telling you to get lost from my house"

"Get lost? Leaving my son and daughter with you? That's not happening"

Li Shu Chen looked from Li Xin Yi to Li Cheng Zhi, "It's your choice. You can stay or leave this place. But I want my daughter and son to stay with me"

Li Cheng Zhi had almost never seen his father and mother fight over anything. There were arguments sometime but it never lasted for more than a minute. He could see that his father cheated on his mother, bit he was not ready to leave the house. Li Cheng Zhi needed money and he knew that he wouldn't get a cent if he left the house with his mother.

Li Cheng Zhi announced in front of everybody in a clear voice, "I'm staying here with dad"

Li Shu Chen looked at Li Cheng Zhi proudly "That's my son"


"Mom did you forget? From when I was young, you told me I am the heir of the Li family and I should always stick to dad no matter what happens. So I am obeying your words and staying back here."

"Then what about me?" Fu Ming Zhu was dumb struck when she heard Li Cheng Zhi's explanation.

"Mom. This is between you and dad. Why are you involving me in this? I'm staying with dad and that's final"

"How can you?"

"Then do you expect me to work and earn money for you to spend? You should have been careful and alert, don't blame this on us. It's your fault" Li Cheng Zhi turned and walked towards him room without a backward glance. He liked his mother but wealth was more important to him. He was not ready to work somewhere, earn for his mother and sister, and take care of them. He was used to this lifestyle and he was not ready to give it up just because his parents were getting a divorce.

Fu Ming Zhu turned towards Li Xin Yi.

Li Xin Yi spoke in a low voice, "Mom. I am sorry. Even you said I was in poor health. How do you expect me to leave the house in this state? Sorry mother"

"Ungrateful children. How could you do this to me?"

Fu Ming Zhu had placed high hopes on her children but she never expected them to desert her. She was all alone now. There was no one to support her. Since Li Shu Chen gave her how much ever money she wanted she had never stashed the money in a secret location or saved it in a separate account. Fu Ming Zhu had completely trusted Li Shu Chen that she never thought she would be in such a situation in the future. No matter how much money she spent, Li Shu Chen had never said a word to her so she was used to spending a lot. She had no place to go. for visiting.

Li Shu Chen turned towards Fu Ming Zhu and said to her, "Leave the house right now or I don't mind throwing you out of this place"

Li Shu Chen wouldn't have dealt with Fu Ming Zhu in such a way if he had conveyed the news to her on his own. The girl had completely brainwashed him that she was innocent and fragile that when he saw the girl on the floor with the house in a wreck, he only blamed Fu Ming Zhu. The doctor had earlier informed him that if he is not careful there is a high chance of the young girl having a miscarriage. Li Shu Chen thought it was Fu Ming Zhu's fault as she was one who pushed her down and when he heard all this, he couldn't control his temper.

Fu Ming Zhu walked out of the house. She had no choice but to leave. She knew no one will take her in and all her 'friends' will turn their back on her if they come to know the truth.

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