My Boss Is Scary Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Chapter 147

Li Zi Yun got into the car with Wang Yu. Though they were away only for four days, Li Zi Yun felt like a very long time. Li Zi Yun sneakily looked by the side and saw that Wang Yu was wearing the ring and her lips automatically curved into a smile. Li Zi Yun turned towards Wang Yu and kissed his cheeks.

"Thank you for the vacation"

"Thank you for accepting me" Wang Yu's lips were pressed against Li Zi Yun's. She tried to push him away.

"Stop. You lips will be coated with a layer of lip stick if you don't stop" Li Zi Yun looked at his lips and saw her lip-gloss mark was gleaming in his cheeks.

"Then everyone will know I am yours"

Li Zi Yun wiped his cheek with a tissue and moved to his lips but Wang Yu held her hand.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Hmmm" Li Zi Yun hadn't slept for a second after she woke up at night. She had tried to fall asleep but she couldn't.

"Why didn't you wake me up when we left that place?"

"I couldn't bear to disturb my baby and wake her up" Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him. At last, he was starting to feel that Li Zi Yun was slowly opening up to him.

"I enjoyed every moment we spent there"

"Then should we leave for the island now?" Wang Yu asked in a serious tone.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said, "CEO Wang Yu I think it's time for you to deal with your company"

"But I prefer dealing with you"

"OMG! Stop flirting with me"

Wang Yu bent down and kissed Li Zi Yun in her lips. He pulled her closer to him so that she couldn't break the kiss. His lips moved down to her neck.

"What are you doing? We are in the car. Stop" Li Zi Yun was blushing, but Wang Yu did not stop. He started sucking the skin.

"Stop. No more hickeys now" Li Zi Yun did not want to roam about in the office with hickeys.

"Then you shouldn't have called me what you called"

Wang Yu bent to Li Zi Yun's neck once again.

"Ok I won't." Li Zi Yun looked up and only then she noticed that they had reached the office and Assistant Liu Guang was waiting outside for them.

"We have reached the company. So it's time to get out of the car"

Wang Yu reluctantly sat straight and before opening the door he asked her, "Ready for the day Mrs. Wang?"

"Really Mr. Wang? Why did I not know that I have become Mrs. Wang?"

"If you're asking for the marriage certificate, we can get it today and if you're asking about the wedding ceremony, it can be arranged for the weekend"

Wang Yu had a response to whatever Li Zi Yun asked him.

Li Zi Yun scoffed, "That was not what I said"

"I thought you were talking about our marriage"

Li Zi Yun shook her head and tried to open the door.

"Wait" Wang Yu stopped her and got down first. Then he went to the other side to open the door for Li Zi Yun.

"In office, your my boss and I'm your secretary. Don't forget"

Wang Yu gave her a peck on her lips and said to her looking at her eyes.

"Then should I make you the boss?"

"Oh stop it."

Li Zi Yun entered the office with Wang Yu. From the basement they went directly to the fiftieth floor so no one saw them. Liu Guang was relieved that CEO Wang Yu was back. Li Zi Yun's phone vibrated. She had set a reminder to visit the doctor in the evening and she got a notification regarding that. Though she did not feel any pain in the last two days, she thought it was better to get a checkup.

Li Zi Yun went on with her work as usual. She went down to the fourteenth floor to meet the human resource manager and suddenly she felt her stomach started aching very badly and she also felt nauseous. As soon as Li Zi Yun got out of the elevator, she ran to the bathroom in that floor. Many employees saw her running but they had no idea why Li Zi Yun was running.

When Li Zi Yun reached the bathroom, she puked everything she ate. The pain was more severe than what she had felt earlier and she was clutching her stomach tightly trying not to scream in pain. The pain in her upper abdomen was getting unbearable and she immediately took her mobile phone and called Wang Yu.

"Come Come to the fourteenth floor now"

Wang Yu was in the middle of a meeting and he picked up the call because it was Li Zi Yun calling him.

"What's wrong?"


Wang Yu immediately left the meeting without saying a word. He did not know why Li Zi Yun was stammering and yelling at the phone but he could hear the urgency in her voice. Assistant Liu Guang left with Wang Yu, leaving the meeting in the middle. Everyone present in the meeting was looking at each other, not sure why the CEO left in the middle of the meeting. for visiting.

Hearing the sound of someone yelling, some female employees came inside the restroom. Li Zi Yun was standing before the mirror holding the sink. She looked pale and her body was shivering.

One of them approached her and asked her, "Secretary Li Zi Yun. What's wrong? Should I call someone?"

Li Zi Yun was biting her teeth trying not to scream.

"Bring Wang Yu here"

"I "

Already rumors had been going around the company that Li Zi Yun had now become Wang Yu's woman. Many people had seen Wang Yu kissing Li Zi Yun and hugging her and everyone had seen that both of them always left the office together and arrived in the morning together. Therefore, everyone was more or less sure that Wang Yu was with Li Zi Yun now. So when Li Zi Yun asked the employee to call Wang Yu she ran out of the restroom to CEO Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun looked sick and ghastly so the employee did not hesitate. When she was about to enter to the elevator she saw Wang Yu coming out of another. Wang Yu was calling Li Zi Yun's mobile to know where she was.

"CEO. Secretary Li Zi Yun is in the restroom." The employee pointed towards the direction and Wang Yu ran. All the employees were standing in the side watching this.

When Wang Yu entered the restroom, he saw Li Zi Yun standing in front of the mirror holding the horizontal platform for support.

"What's wrong?"

Li Zi Yun started puking once again and Wang Yu was rubbing her back soothingly. Li Zi Yun's eyes widened in fear when she saw that she was puking blood. She had been thinking it was a normal stomach ache till now but when saw blood, she started shaking. Li Zi Yun leaned her head against Wang Yu and he held her tightly. Li Zi Yun was holding her stomach and tears were flowing down profusely.

Wang Yu yelled to Liu Guang who was waiting outside, "Get the car ready"

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