My Boss Is Scary Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Chapter 148

Huang Nian had been counting the days and waiting to check if she was pregnant. She thought that she had taken a huge risk and drugged Wang Yu so if she is not pregnant now, it is difficult to get an opportunity in the future. Huang Nian used the pregnancy detection kit to check if she was pregnant. To her delight, a line appeared showing that she was pregnant. Huang Nian couldn't control her excitement. She used another kit to check if she was pregnant and again and when the line appeared, Huang Nian's scream could be heard throughout her house.

Hearing the scream Mrs. Huang entered Huang Nian's room.

"What happened? Why are you yelling?"

"Mom look here"

Huang Nian showed the pregnancy kit to her mother and her eyes were glowing. When Mrs. Huang saw them, she knew that her daughter was going to get married very soon. It had been almost three years since they had announced that Wang Yu was engaged to Huang Nian but Wang Yu had never shown any interest in marrying Huang Nian. So this was the chance for them. The Zhao family and the Wang family were the wealthiest families in the country and Mrs. Huang was waiting to boast to everyone that her daughter was going to get married to the heir of one of the richest families in the country.

Mrs. Huang said to Huang Nian, "Get ready quickly. We have to go the hospital. Only then we can show the report to your mother in law Mrs. Wang or the Eldest Mr. Wang and fix the date for marriage."

Huang Nian had been waiting for this moment for several years and at last, she was going to marry Wang Yu. She had a crush on him from when she was a teenager. She was 27 now, but she had been waiting to marry Wang Yu patiently. She couldn't imagine anyone else other than Wang Yu as her husband. Huang Nian got ready to go to the hospital. They chose Wang Yu's hospital for check up so that Wang Yu will know that she is telling the truth and there will be no delay.

Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun and walked towards the elevator. Li Zi Yun's hand was around Wang Yu's neck and she was biting his neck to stop herself from screaming. When Li Zi Yun saw the blood, she couldn't control her tears. All the employees were watching as Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun. When they were in the car, Li Zi Yun was sitting on his lap. Liu Guang urged the chauffeur to drive fast.

"Where does it hurt?"

Li Zi Yun moved her hand to her stomach. The pain had subsided a bit but Li Zi Yun's breath came in rapid shallow breathing. Wang Yu was rubbing her stomach slowly in circles trying to ease her pain. Li Zi Yun saw that where she was biting Wang Yu, there were red spots. She pulled his shirt and saw her teeth marks and blood underneath the shirt.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to" Li Zi Yun was sobbing and Wang Yu was wiping her tears.

Li Zi Yun was truly scared when she saw that she was vomiting blood. She was sure that something was wrong with her and she was going to die soon. She had found happiness after a very long time and she did not want to let it go. Li Zi Yun couldn't control her tears when saw Wang Yu looking at her with a worried look. for visiting.

"Does it hurt a lot?"

Wang Yu was a bit shaken when he saw Li Zi Yun puking blood. He had not expected something so serious when Li Zi Yun called him. Wang Yu thought it must be something related to the company when Li Zi Yun was yelling to him or something else personal. but when he saw Li Zi Yun, his mind had gone blank. Li Zi Yun's teeth were biting the flesh near his collarbone. From the intensity of Li Zi Yun's bite, Wang Yu could imagine in how much pain she was. He was more scared that Li Zi Yun when he saw the blood coming out of her mouth. Not even a week had passed since he had proposed to her and he was not ready to let her go. He tried to look strong in front of Li Zi Yun even though he was worried sick inside.

Seeing Li Zi Yun's tears Wang Yu's heart was aching. He thought that Li Zi Yun was seasick in the yacht and she had never said anything more to him. Wang Yu was telling to himself that nothing was wrong with Li Zi Yun, even if it is, he would take care of her. Wang Yu bent down and saw that Li Zi Yun's shirt was crumbled over her stomach. It would take more than fifteen minutes for them to reach the hospital and with the traffic he was not sure how long it would take.

More than the physical pain, Li Zi Yun was scared something may be wrong with her and she was going to die. Li Zi Yun's mind was thinking about all the possible worst case scenarios and it ranged from tumor to all kinds of cancer. When she looked at Wang Yu, the tears were flowing nonstop and Wang Yu thought that she must be in pain.

"I'm scared. I don't want to die"

"I won't let anything happen to you. We'll reach the hospital soon"

Wang Yu's lips were pressed to her temple while his one hand was stroking her hair the other was rubbing her stomach. She felt dizzy and did not have the strength to even move. Wang Yu looked closer at Li Zi Yun. It looked like she had lost some weight. Since he had seen her everyday he hadn't noticed the change in her weight. She felt light.

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