My Boss Is Scary Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Chapter 149

Huang Nian went to the hospital with her mother and her assistant. When Huang Nian walked into the hospital, she was smiling inside. The next time she comes here, she will be part of the Wang family and everyone will be treating her with respect. Huang Nian walked with her head held high and completely shameless. She walked directly to the Obstetrics and Gynecology department without an appointment. The receptionist stopped them from entering.

"Ma'am do you have an appointment?"

Mrs. Huang said arrogantly, "Who do you think you are to ask that to my daughter? Do you want to get fired?" the receptionist had seen many people react like this, so she did not get scared or budge.

"Sorry Ma'am you cannot enter without an appointment" the receptionist replied in final tone.

Mrs. Huang scoffed, "Do I have to ask my son in law Wang Yu to get an appointment for his future wife?" the receptionist looked at Huang Nian and recognized her as President Wang Yu's fiance, Huang Nian. Even if she wanted to let them enter now she couldn't. The doctor was busy with another patient and she could not intrude. for visiting.

"Ma'am sorry but you cannot enter without appointment. Another patient is consulting with the doctor"

Huang Nian did not stop her mother. Since she was pregnant now, she thought that nobody and nothing could stop her from becoming the daughter in law of the Wang family. So when mother was yelling at the receptionist loudly, she was standing aside as if her mother was right in doing that. Hearing the ruckus outside, the doctor came outside. The receptionist became quiet when she saw the doctor coming in their direction.

"What is going on here? Don't you know you have to be silent in a hospital?"

Though the doctor was looking at the receptionist, her words were directed to Mrs. Huang and Huang Nian.

"Doctor my daughter is pregnant with my son in law Wang Yu's child and how long do we have to wait for her first pregnancy check up?"

When Mrs. Huang said these words, everybody present there were shocked. They hadn't received any such information from the higher ups and when Mrs. Huang said that Huang Nian has conceived their President Wang Yu's child everyone was looking at another person's face not sure how to react. This was so sudden that even the doctor stood still for a moment.

The doctor recovered quickly and asked them to come inside. She quickly sent a message to the director about what had happened now. If Huang Nian was really pregnant with Wang Yu's child and if they did not take proper care, she did not want her neck on line. The doctor thought it was better to do all the tests.

The doctor explained to Huang Nian, "I will be checking your blood pressure followed by urine test and blood test. We will also check for S (the doctor wanted to say sexually transmitted diseases but she stopped herself) I mean the sugar level." If she was really talking to President Wang Yu's fiance she did not want to say that. She would do all the tests as she normally does but she did not want to say it out loud. That was the normal procedure of the hospital and she did not want to make an exception.

The doctor asked about Huang Nian's diet and inquired about the medicines she was taking currently. Huang Nian said that she was feeling tired often and said that President Wang Yu was very much concerned about her. The doctor asked Huang Nian to drink lots of water and wait for sometime before taking the ultrasound scan.

Li Zi Yun was resting with her body against Wang Yu. She started sweating and she was feeling nauseous once again. Li Zi Yun was restless and couldn't sit still in a position.

"I want to puke"

Wang Yu looked outside. There was no chance of getting out now. Li Zi Yun tried to control herself but she couldn't. Li Zi Yun puked blood once again and her white blouse was now red in the front. She was feeling dizzy and her body fell backwards. Wang Yu held her tightly but when he saw the blood, he was starting to lose his mind. Li Zi Yun was struggling to stay awake. She tried to focus her concentration on Wang Yu but her eyelids felt heavy and her breathing came in heavy pants.

"Li Zi Yun stay with me. Nothing will happen" Wang Yu was patting her cheeks trying to bring her back to consciousness. Li Zi Yun had fainted and she couldn't hear Wang Yu's screams.

"LI ZI YUN." Wang Yu screamed her name but Li Zi Yun was out of consciousness.

Wang Yu yelled to the chauffeur.


When Assistant Liu Guang turned behind he was startled when he saw there was blood in CEO Wang Yu's hand and over Li Zi Yun. He urged the chauffeur to drive as fast as he could. Liu Guang gave a call to the hospital and asked the doctors to be ready.

A stretcher was waiting readily outside the hospital when the car reached the hospital. Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun outside and laid her gently as the doctors hurriedly took her in. Seeing the tensed state of the Wang Yu, all the doctors understood that the person in the stretcher must be someone extremely important to President Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun was rushed inside and Wang Yu walked swiftly along with her. Wang Yu waited outside while they took Li Zi Yun in. He sat at the chair outside and looked at his hand; he could see Li Zi Yun's blood.

The hospital director was waiting by Wang Yu's side. Wang Yu did not know what to do. He couldn't wait patiently. He was blaming himself. He should have taken her for a full body check up earlier. Wang Yu started pacing up and down. It had been only ten minutes since they took her in but he was already getting restless. After several minutes, the doctors came out.

Huang Nian laid down on the examination table after an hour of waiting. The doctor applied a special gel on her abdomen and pelvic area and Huang Nian was looking a bit nervous. The doctor placed a small wand, the transducer over her belly and moved it. Huang Nian could see a small spot, the fetus where the doctor pointed out. Huang Nian was smiling thinking that their next visit to the doctor will be with Wang Yu as a couple.

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