My Boss Is Scary Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Chapter 150

Wang Yu saw the doctors coming out. He was praying to God that nothing must be wrong with her.

"What's wrong with her?" Wang Yu's voice was a bit shaking.

"President Wang. Nothing to worry about. She has ulcer. Since it has been left untreated for a long time it had caused internal bleeding."

Wang Yu was relieved a bit that Li Zi Yun's body condition was not serious.

The doctor continued, "She has become dehydrated so we have given her an IV. To understand the full condition of her body, some more tests need to be taken"

Wang Yu said in a clear voice, "She is my wife. So make sure she gets the proper treatment. If anything goes wrong anywhere, your medical license will not be the only one that will be on the line"

The doctors all stood still when they heard Wang Yu speak.

The hospital director spoke first, "Don't worry President Wang. We will provide your wife with the best treatment."

When they were speaking, a doctor came out.

"The patient Mrs. Wang has woken up"

Wang Yu entered the room first. Li Zi Yun looked around. She was in one of the places she hated the most, the hospital. She felt tired and felt that something was poking in her hand. Li Zi Yun tried to raise her hand and she saw Wang Yu entering with a group of doctors.

"Hey" Wang Yu kissed her forehead and knelt beside her. Li Zi Yun tried to smile at him but she had to put in much effort for that.

Looking at all the doctors, Li Zi Yun waited for them to speak. Seeing so many doctors in the room, Li Zi Yun thought that something was really wrong with her. She waited nervously for them to say something, anything. When no one said anything, Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu.

Li Zi Yun's voice was barely audible, "What's wrong with me?" for visiting.

"Nothing is wrong with you. Its only ulcer and nothing serious."

Li Zi Yun was not convinced. She thought Wang Yu was hiding something from her. Why else would the room be filled with so many senior doctors?

"Then why so many doctors are here?"

Mrs. Wang. You need not worry. You vomited blood because of internal bleeding and it is nothing serious. President Wang wanted the best for you. So we are all here at your service"

Li Zi Yun sighed in relief. She had been really scared earlier and Wang Yu's calm face assured her a bit. Li Zi Yun had made up her mind that she would visit the hospital only if had a life threatening condition. After staying in the hospital for a month after the accident, all alone, she really hated hospitals. That was the main reason why she did not want to visit the hospital even when she had severe stomach pain.

"Mrs. Wang must have been in severe pain for a long time, President Wang. It's better to start the treatment as soon as possible."

"Leave us alone for a minute and you can start after that"

Li Zi Yun tried to get up but Wang Yu stopped her.

"You gave me a scare" Li Zi Yun was pale and she looked very thin in Wang Yu's eyes.

Li Zi Yun said in a low voice, "Take me home after this. I don't want to stay in the hospital overnight"

Wang Yu nodded. He was kneeling beside the bed and looking at Li Zi Yun.

He stroked her stomach and said to her, "I'll call the doctors inside. I'll take you home once the IV fluid is empty."

Liu Guang was waiting outside impatiently for CEO Wang Yu to come out. The director had received information that Wang Yu's fiance Huang Nian was pregnant with Wang Yu's child. He had just now seen that Wang Yu had brought in another woman as his wife so he was confused. The hospital director informed Liu Guang about what was happening in the hospital right now. The obstetrics and gynecology department was in the same floor and the doctor did not know what to do. Liu Guang couldn't do anything without Wang Yu's orders so he was waiting for his boss to come out.

Wang Yu walked out and the doctors were ready.

Wang Yu asked them, "What treatment will you be following now?"

"President Wang, its endoscopy. Would you like Mrs. Wang to be sedated, given general anesthesia or is a numbing spray enough?"

"Give her general anesthesia. I don't want her to feel anything"

Wang Yu went inside again and this time the door was open ajar.

Wang Yu pulled up Li Zi Yun so that she was in a sitting position. Wang Yu knelt down and kissed her stomach. Wang Yu looked a bit relieved. He had been scared there was some problem in Li Zi Yun's body but hearing that it was ulcer and can be treated in a short period of time, Wang Yu was relieved.

"When you wake up, we will be at home"

Li Zi Yun was holding his hand tightly, "Stay with me. Don't leave my side"

Wang Yu smiled, "I will always be by your side" he got up, kissed her forehead, and signaled the doctors to come in. Wang Yu laid her down on the bed and held her hand. Li Zi Yun was feeling sleepy and could no longer focus on anything.

Huang Nian's assistant saw Wang Yu enter a room. She wanted to inform Huang Nian that her fiance Wang Yu was in the hospital now. But she was shocked when she saw Wang Yu kissing another woman's stomach. She ran to Huang Nian to tell her what she witnessed just now. Huang Nian could no longer take it. She knew it must be Li Zi Yun. Did she also get pregnant? Is that why Wang Yu was ignoring her? Mrs. Huang said to her, "Don't worry. I have a plan"

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