My Boss Is Scary Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Chapter 151

Wang Yu came out of the room and Liu Guang was waiting for him. He hadn't seen Huang Nian's assistant cross the room and see them.

"Boss, Ms. Huang Nian and Mrs. Huang had made a ruckus in the hospital saying that her daughter is pregnant with your child"

"Let them be" Wang Yu was in no mood to deal with those idiots especially now when Li Zi Yun is sick.

"Boss" Liu Guang was worried that the Huang family may do something stupid if they don't put a stop to this but Wang Yu did not seem to worry.

"Don't stop them even if they release news regarding this. The greater the commotion, the easier it is to take them down and get rid of them"

Liu Guang nodded. He was sure that CEO Wang Yu must have his reasons for doing all this.

From the moment Huang Nian heard what her assistant said, her face looked like she was ready to kill anyone. She had struggled so hard for this but Wang Yu was taking care of Li Zi Yun as if she was a treasure. Huang Nian could not help but doubt that Li Zi Yun was also pregnant. If it was such a scenario then Wang Yu will definitely favor Li Zi Yun and not her and all her efforts would have gone futile.

Huang Nian tried asking the doctor in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department who had checked her now.

"Doctor, can you get me other patient records?" the doctor was looking at Huang Nian not sure why Huang Nian would want details of other patients'.

"Sorry Ms. Huang. The records of our patient are only for us to see."

"But Brother Wang wouldn't mind if he knows that it was me who asked it" Huang Nian was trying hard to get Li Zi Yun's details from the doctor.

"Then please ask President Wang to inform our director. You can get it from him if he allows" the doctor knew for sure that even if President Wang allows it, the director would not allow this so she tried to divert the problem away from her.

Huang Nian scoffed, "Don't you know I will become Mrs. Wang in a few days? How dare you refuse my request when I am asking you politely?"

"Ms. Huang, I don't have the authority to deal with your request. Please ask someone else" the doctor was stubborn.

"Let's see if you are this arrogant when you are fired from the hospital" Huang Nian picked her bag and turned to her mother Mrs. Huang, "Mother come let's leave" for visiting.

The doctor rushed to the director to inform him what happened with Huang Nian just now. The director in turn went in search of Assistant Liu Guang along with the doctor and found him talking to President Wang Yu. The director thought it was better to ask the question to President Wang Yu straightforward.

"President Wang. Ms. Huang just now left after the prenatal check up. She also threatened a doctor asking for another patient's detail. How should we deal with it?" the director spoke in a nervous tone not sure, how President Wang Yu will react to this.

Wang Yu looked at the doctor and asked her, "Have you taken her blood for blood test?"

"Yes President Wang"

"Good. Then send it for STD test. How long would it take for the result to arrive?"

The doctor and director hadn't expected such a question from President Wang Yu. The doctor stood shocked for a minute and then continued, "President, for HIV the results can be obtain by rapid testing within half an hour"

"Hmm (Wang Yu nodded his head) Do that and also other tests necessary. Give me the STD test result before I leave the hospital. I will be here for another thirty minutes."

"Yes President"

Before the director and doctor left he told them, "That is not my baby and neither is she in any way related to me. My wife is (he pointed to the room behind him) being treated inside. So I don't want any weird rumors going around in the hospital that will upset my wife. Do you understand?"

"Yes President"

The director and the doctor hurried to follow President Wang Yu's orders. They never expected that Huang Nian's story will take such a twist. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't done what Huang Nian had asked her.

When Li Zi Yun woke up, she was confused. She could see that she was in the car. She tried to get up but felt weak and dizzy. She turned her head around and saw that she was lying in the back seat of the car with her head on Wang Yu's lap. As soon as the doctors brought Li Zi Yun out, Wang Yu had taken her out with him. They were now on their way to the Wang family residence. Seeing Li Zi Yun wake up, Li Zi Yun helped her up and pulled her to his lap. Li Zi Yun was still dizzy from the anesthesia given.

"Rest for some time. Do u need water to drink?"

Li Zi Yun shook her head and settled herself comfortably in Wang Yu's lap. Even in the hospital she did not trust Wang Yu's words but seeing that she was going home now, she consoled herself that it must be nothing serious.

Li Zi Yun wanted to ask him a lot of questions but Wang Yu placed a finger on her lips and stopped her.

"We can talk once you have rested well. Now all you have to do to is relax"

Wang Yu was no longer worried as he was earlier. Li Zi Yun closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep. She was feeling hungry and thirsty but she did not want to eat as she was scared that she may puke once again. Once they reached the Wang residence Wang Yu got out of the car. Li Zi Yun got down before Wang Yu could carry her, but her legs were not steady. She felt like her legs were made of jelly and she couldn't balance herself.

"Easy easy" Wang Yu carried Li Zi Yun in his arms and entered the house. Li Zi Yun wouldn't have objected at other times but since his family may see her like this, she was feeling a bit hesitant. But Li Zi Yun knew that there was no chance of her walking so much distance now, she would definitely fall or faint.

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