My Boss Is Scary Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Chapter 152

For the first time, Wang Yu took her to his room. His room in the Wang Residence was off limits to everyone so no one comes there. When Li Zi Yun was staying there for two weeks, Mrs. Wang had told her that Wang Yu never allowed even his mother to his portion. He always stopped her at the door. So Li Zi Yun was a bit surprised when Wang Yu took her to his room. He laid her gently on the bed and went to his private dressing room.

Li Zi Yun looked around the room. Just like the rest of the house, Wang Yu's room had an antique touch to it and it was a complete contrast to his penthouse. When Wang Yu returned, he brought clothes for Li Zi Yun to change into.

Li Zi Yun tried to get down from the bed and so Wang Yu quickly came to her side. The doctors had warned him that the anesthesia's effect might last for a day so he held Li Zi Yun tightly without letting her fall. Wang Yu knew that Li Zi Yun was in no state to walk right now. Li Zi Yun looked pale as if her body was entirely drained of blood.

There was a knock on the door, so Wang Yu helped Li Zi Yun sit on the bed and said to her, "Your body is weak now. So don't get up without my help"

Wang Yu opened the door and pushed a trolley inside. Before Wang Yu left the hospital, he had sent the list of food item that Li Zi Yun can and cannot eat for now to his house kitchen staff so that the food can be ready when they get home.

"Why did you bring me here?" Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu with a confused look. When she said ho Wang Yu she wanted to go back home, she meant her house or at least Wang Yu's penthouse.

"Though I want to stay by your side all the time I don't know if it's possible and I don't want to leave you alone. In my home at least there will be my mother to keep you company and take care of you."

Wang Yu took the bowl of soup from the trolley.

"Enough talking for now. It's time for you to eat" for visiting.

Li Zi Yun shook her head. She was scared of having to puke once again. She was hungry but she did not know if she could keep the food down.

She refused, "I'll eat later"

"You can eat later too. Have at least the soup."

As if reading Li Zi Yun's mind Wang Yu said, "It's okay even if you vomit. You need to eat something" Wang Yu pressed the spoon against Li Zi Yun's lips forcing her to open her mouth. Wang Yu was feeding her as if he was feeding a baby. The soup was bland but Li Zi Yun did not complain since Wang Yu was feeding her.

Mrs. Wang was waiting outside in the living room for Wang Yu to come and give her an explanation. The butler said to her that Young Master Wang had ordered them to prepare food but Wang Yu hadn't informed her anything. She knew that Wang Yu did not like anyone entering his room but when she saw Wang Yu carrying Li Zi Yun to his room, everyone who saw the scene was standing there surprised. The last time Wang Yu brought Li Zi Yun to the house, he had taken her to the guest room. But within a gap of few months the scene had changed completely.

Mrs. Wang was happy that Wang Yu had at last found someone for him. She had been waiting for Wang Yu to get married for a long time but he never showed any interest. Huang Nian had been engaged to him for more than three years now, but whenever she tried asking him about fixing the marriage date with Huang Nian, Wang Yu never responded. So the marriage alliance had been on a stand still for a long time. When Mrs. Wang saw Wang Yu carrying Li Zi Yun to his room, she made up her mind she had to somehow convince Wang Yu to get married soon.

Mrs. Wang liked Li Zi Yun better than she liked Huang Nian. Though she had known Li Zi Yun for very less time, Li Zi Yun had never pretended to be a white lotus in front of her. Whereas Huang Nian had always been trying to act as if she was the perfect daughter in law anyone can find in the world. Mrs. Wang would have liked Huang Nian some more if she was her real self.

When the butler informed the kitchen staff to prepare food that included only fruits and bland food, Mrs. Wang was worried that Wang Yu was sick. But when Wang Yu entered the house she saw that Li Zi Yun was the one who was sick and Wang Yu was carrying her steadily. She checked the food items and saw that Li Zi Yun had ulcer. Mrs. Wang waited outside patiently, hoping that Wang Yu will come and talk to her once everything was settled with Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu did not stop feeding her until he was satisfied. He gave her the medication and sat beside her.

Li Zi Yun said to Wang Yu, "I can stay here alone, you have to eat something. It's almost evening. You haven't had lunch yet"

"I'm not hungry. I can eat later"

"Do you want me to feed you?"

Wang Yu smiled. He was feeling relaxed now. Li Zi Yun was looking at him with an innocent face and he felt at ease that she was alright. Li Zi Yun hadn't changed her clothes yet and the blood on her clothes had dried. Wang Yu did not want Li Zi Yun to feel nauseatic. So he started unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom revealing the camisole underneath her shirt.

"I can change my clothes" Li Zi Yun stopped Wang Yu's hand from moving up further. But Wang Yu was too strong for Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu unbuttoned her shirt until it was fully open. He moved his hands to the camisole and tried to lift it up but Li Zi Yun swatted his hands and Wang Yu stopped.

"Go and eat"

"My lunch is here" Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun lightly on her lips without putting much pressure. His hands went under her camisole rubbing her bare stomach.

When they heard the door opening Wang Yu jumped and Li Zi Yun went under the sheets. Mrs. Wang had come to see them since it has been a long time since they entered the room. She wanted to see if Li Zi Yun was all right and if was in need of anything else. The scene before her eyes when she opened the door was, Li Zi Yun was leaning against a pillow over the head post, Wang Yu was kissing her on the lips, and his hands were roaming under her top.

Mrs. Wang sighed, "Why don't you leave the poor girl alone when she is sick?"

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