My Boss Is Scary Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Chapter 153

"Mom what are you doing in my room. How many times have I told you not to enter my room?"

Li Zi Yun was so embarrassed that she went under the sheets. Her ears and cheeks were red and it brought back color to her pale face. She had completely forgotten that she was in the Wang Family Residence. Wang Yu was uncomfortable and was feeling like a teenager who was caught with his girlfriend in bed. He had never brought any woman home, so he had never been in an uncomfortable situation before.

Mrs. Wang immediately went out and closed the door. Since Li Zi Yun was sick, she wanted to ask if she needed anything but it looked like Wang Yu was taking 'enough care' of her.

"Don't need to be so shy baby. This is going to happen more often"

"This is your fault. Don't come near me until we leave this house Mr. Wang" Li Zi Yun tried to push Wang Yu away from her but he was too strong for her. In her current situation, even moving Wang Yu's arm was a huge task for her. She did not know how to look at Mrs. Wang after this.

Wang Yu chuckled, "Then should we go somewhere else?"

"Go away" Li Zi Yun once again went under the sheets hoping that Wang Yu will get up and leave. She slightly peeped through a hole to saw what Wang Yu was doing and saw that he was lying still and looking at her. Wang Yu gave her the clothes he brought out for her.

"Change into comfortable clothes. If you need help, I will ask a maid to come and help you. Or"

Wang Yu moved closer to Li Zi Yun and whispered, "Or I can help you change the clothes"

"Not now. I want to sleep" Li Zi Yun turned away from Wang Yu and her back was facing him. Wang Yu sat on the bed and combed her hair with his fingers. Li Zi Yun was already feeling drowsy and Wang Yu's hands were adding to it. Soon Li Zi Yun was asleep. Wang Yu called the maid to change Li Zi Yun's clothes for her.

Wang Yu went to his private office room to check the file he received from the hospital. He opened the file and Huang Nian's name was written in bold letters. Wang Yu looked through the document and found that she was pregnant. When he flipped the page, he found the STD report. Huang Nian had tested positive for HIV. Again, he checked the video of Huang Nian being drugged in her party by Gu Hui Ying. He still hadn't found out why Gu Hui Ying, Wang Yiran's friend drugged Huang Nian instead of Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu knew it was time the matter blew up and he would get the answers very soon.

Wang Yu also received news about the Li family. Li Shu Chen had chased Fu Ming Zhu out of the house. Wang Yu ordered his men to keep track of Fu Ming Zhu's location, as she had to pay for her sins in Li Zi Yun's hands. Later that night he heard that Fu Ming Zhu was now staying in some cheap motel since no one was ready to let her stay at his or her place. Though Fu Ming Zhu had helped several people in order to improve her reputation among the ladies, no one was ready to return the favor now. Everyone had said some reason or the other and avoided meeting her altogether.

Assistant Liu Guang informed him that Mrs. Huang had asked the newspapers to publish the news that Huang Nian was pregnant with Wang Yu's child. Wang Yu would have let go of the Huang family without causing much damage to their reputation if Mr. Huang hadn't tried all sorts of underground works to force him to marry Huang Nian.

Huang Nian also had tried to drug him, so he went for the hard way. The Huang family's reputation will be in shards the next day and Wang Yu knew that they had brought it upon themselves. If they did not publish the news maybe the matter would have been within the family and could have been maintained a secret. But now, with the public announcement, the Huang family was digging their own grave.

After completing some work, he went back to his room. When Wang Yu returned to the room, he saw that Li Zi Yun was still sleeping. He silently hid Li Zi Yun's mobile. He did not want her to see his name with another woman's name.

The next day, the following news was published on the newspaper along with a picture of Huang Nian leaving the hospital with her mother,

"Yesterday Ms. Huang Nian, the fiance of CEO Wang Yu of Wang Group of Companies, was seen leaving the hospital with her mother. Ms. Huang Nian is the only daughter of Politician Mr. Huang who is rumored to be the favorable candidate for Presidential election from the opposition party. Ms. Huang Nian is currently 6 weeks pregnant and is expecting a child with CEO Wang Yu. Following Ms. Huang Nian's pregnancy, a simple wedding ceremony is expected to take place in two weeks. Congrats to the happy couple"

When Mrs. Wang saw the news, she went straight to Wang Yu's room. Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were sleeping in his bed and they woke up with a start when they heard the loud tapping of the door. Wang Yu got up from the bed and opened the door. He closed the door behind him and came out of the room.

Wang Yu spoke in a hushed voice, "Why are you disturbing me early in the morning? I told you I will be staying at home today" for visiting.

"What is this? You get your fiance pregnant and you bring another girl home? No matter what that is my grandchild and I will not be accepting Li Zi Yun as your wife"

Mrs. Wang was standing there angrily and showed Wang Yu the news. Wang Yu thought something had happened at home when he heard the loud tapping, but when he saw what Mrs. Wang was showing him, he replied in a cool tone.

"I never slept with Huang Nian. The only one who will have your grandchild is Li Zi Yun."

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