My Boss Is Scary Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Chapter 154

Mrs. Wang was confused now, "What do you mean? Then Huang Nian's child is"

"Not mine." for visiting.

"Then this news is"

"Is wrong. Mom, Li Zi Yun is sick. Why are you yelling in the morning and disturbing her? Let her sleep for some time"

"Wait" Mrs. Wang was not done speaking with Wang Yu.

"Let me tell you one more thing. Li Zi Yun is my wife and I have already decided that and no one has a say in that"

Wang Yu locked the door and went back to bed. Li Zi Yun was rolling in the bed trying to sleep again. She did not want to wake up. Wang Yu got into the bed beside her. Li Zi Yun moved towards Wang Yu and laid down comfortably with her head on Wang Yu's chest. Wang Yu wrapped his hands around her and held her body against his.

"Are you feeling better now?"


"How long you have you been you experiencing pain in the stomach?" Wang Yu's eyes were at the ceiling as he was spoke.

"A few months I guess"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It started soon after I became your secretary. Do you think it's a good idea if I told you at that time?"

"I'm sorry" Li Zi Yun felt Wang Yu's hand tighten around her. Li Zi Yun got up; kneeling on her elbow, she looked at Wang Yu. She could see the regret in Wang Yu's face.

"I love you" Wang Yu's eyes darted towards Li Zi Yun when she said the three words he had waiting for her to say for a long time. He quickly got up from bed and looked at Li Zi Yun.

"Say one more time"

"Mr. Wang, are you ready to make me Mrs. Wang?"

Wang Yu did not wait for a second. His lips crashed against Li Zi Yun's lips. The kiss was both sensual and urgent. He pushed the kiss deeper and Li Zi Yun parted her lips. The kiss was no longer delicate. He would have taken her right there if she weren't sick now. No matter how long he kissed her, Wang Yu couldn't get enough of Li Zi Yun. Their lips parted only when both of them needed air.

"I promise you. This is the best thing that has happened in my life and I will never ever fail you"

Mrs. Wang went to her room confused. She knew that her son was not an irresponsible man who would get random woman pregnant and he had never lied to her about anything. Wang Yu had avoided talking to her about certain things or stayed silent but he had never lied to her before.

Mrs. Wang immediately checked the calendar. She saw in the news that Huang Nian was six weeks pregnant. So she checked in the calendar and it was the time around Huang Nian's birthday party. She remembered contacting Wang Yu the next day after the party and Wang Yu said to her that he spent the night with Li Zi Yun. Mrs. Wang understood that the Huang family had published Huang Nian's pregnancy in the newspaper without informing them, in order to force Wang Yu to marry Huang Nian.

The only thing Mrs. Wang couldn't understand was, why did Huang Nian lie that she was pregnant with Wang Yu's child if they had no physical relationship. Mrs. Wang couldn't help but doubt that maybe Huang Nian had a secret lover and is trying to pull Wang Yu into their family drama. She was also angry with the Huang family for dragging the Wang family into their family mess for no reason.

Wang Yu's grandparents were happy when they heard that Huang Nian was pregnant but a bit sad that they had to know this via news instead of being informed directly. Grandfather Wang had been asking Wang Yu to get married for a long time but now he was ready to fix the marriage date even if Wang Yu did not agree. Grandmother Wang quickly rushed down to discuss with her son and daughter in law about her grandson Wang Yu's marriage.

The butler came to inform Grandfather Wang that the Huang family was waiting outside for them. He informed the butler to quickly let them inside. The Huang family visited the Wang family residence with gifts. Grandfather Wang asked the butler to ask Wang Yu to come down immediately. He was getting excited about Wang Yu's marriage. After Wang Yiran's accident, there hadn't been much celebration at home and it had already been more than seven years since Wang Yiran's accident.

The butler knocked on Wang Yu's door and informed him that Elder Mr. Wang had asked the Young master to come down quickly. Zhou Nan Xi had already informed Wang Yu that the Huang family was waiting down for him.

Wang Yu went to Li Zi Yun's side he knelt before her and said, "Baby don't forget what you said earlier. I am ready to make you Mrs. Wang so no matter what happens today, you shouldn't be angry with me"

Li Zi Yun was looking at Wang Yu with her eyebrows raised. "What did you do?"

"Promise me"

"Fine. I won't get angry. Tell me what you did"

"Okay you promised you won't get angry. Get ready now. A show is waiting for us"

"What show?" Wang Yu led Li Zi Yun to the private dressing room. One side, led to the room which she guessed must be filled with Wang Yu's clothing and accessories. However, they went to the other side and Li Zi Yun saw that it was filled with womans clothing, accessories and jewelries.

"When did you get all this?" Li Zi Yun couldn't believe her eyes. The room was filled with latest trends from the top designer brands. After shopping with Wu Li Shu for so many years, she had an idea about top brands in clothing.

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