My Boss Is Scary Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Chapter 155

Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun, "Select what you want to wear"

Li Zi Yun looked around. She did not like half the clothing. She preferred wearing clothes that she like irrespective of the cost rather than choosing clothes based on brands. She could never understand why people wore those clothes just because they were in trend or because it was from a limited edition. Li Zi Yun walked twice but she had no idea what to select.

Wang Yu went about the room busily. He selected a full length red floral dress with sequin embroidery. He selected a pair of open toe low heel sandals with crystals embedded around it to go with the dress. Even if Li Zi Yun searched for one more hour, she couldn't have selected the clothes.

Wang Yu gave it to her and said, "Change"

"Leave the room first"

"Then how will u wear the zipper. I will stay back to help you"

Li Zi Yun hit his hand playfully.

"I can manage you need not worry"

Wang Yu said with an innocent face, "Baby I said it thinking about you. How can you misunderstand me?"

"Very funny. Out now"

Li Zi Yun dragged Wang Yu out. She knew that she couldn't have moved Wang Yu if he did not want to move. After closing the door, Li Zi Yun heard Wang Yu scream from outside.

"I'll be waiting out, call me if you need any help"

Li Zi Yun looked at the mirror after removing the nightdress she was wearing. She had lost considerable weight. Li Zi Yun had gained some weight after resting for a month but now she looked thinner than before. Li Zi Yun slipped the dress over her body. She tried to zip her dress but she couldn't. She knew that she had no choice other than to call Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun opened the door and peeped outside. Wang Yu was standing in his pants with his shirt fully open. Seeing Li Zi Yun's door opening slightly he turned around and saw Li Zi Yun looking at him.

Wang Yu smiled and walked to the other side. He opened the door fully and entered the room. Every clothing in that room was either custom made or altered to fit Li Zi Yun's body perfectly. But the dress was no longer the perfect fit for her. Though Li Zi Yun looked pretty with her pale face and thin frame, the dress looked oversized and she looked sick. Wang Yu moved to her to front of the mirror and slowly pulled the zipper up. Every time he saw Li Zi Yun's scar, he wanted to kill the Li family. He was waiting to skin them alive.

"Baby. Your step mother Fu Ming Zhu had been chased out of the house"

"What?" Li Zi Yun hadn't expected Li Shu Chen to be so ruthless. She thought Fu Ming Zhu was Li Shu Chen's only love and it will be difficult to separate the two.

"Li Shu Chen chased her out of their home yesterday. He had brought in the prostitute Liu Guang had sent to seduce him to the house."

"What about Li Xin Yi and Li Cheng Zhi?"

"They stayed back at home. Li Shu Chen asked them to decide if they wanted to leave with their mother or stay with him and they chose to stay back"

"Of course. How could he bear to let go of his favorite children." There was not a hint of sadness in Li Zi Yun's face. Li Zi Yun's zipper was not yet fully closed. Wang Yu hugged her from behind kissing her neck. Though Li Zi Yun's face did not reveal anything, he knew that Li Zi Yun was well versed in hiding her true feelings. He knew that she may feel a bit sad and all he wanted to do now was hug her.

Wang Yu said to her, "I'm here for you. Hereafter I'm your family and I won't let you worry about anything" for visiting.

"I'm not sad" Li Zi Yun smiled and was stroked Wang Yu's cheeks.

"I know" Li Zi Yun turned her face to the side to kiss him.

Li Zi Yun felt something heavy on her neck. When their lips parted, she saw a golden necklace studded with diamonds and a huge diamond as pendant hanging on her neck. She could see that it was antique and Wang Yu was busy with adjusting her zipper.

Before Li Zi Yun could ask him, Wang Yu said to her, "This is my family heirloom. After I go down, come out when I call you. Stay in the room until that. I have to mmmh explain certain things to family"

Huang Nian came to the house, accompanied by Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang. Huang Nian had tried to dress elegantly and she looked more mature. She wanted to present herself as a more mature person as she was pregnant. Huang Nian had rashes developing all over body and she felt wearing so much clothes irritating her skin, but she wanted to endure it. This was the last time she had to pretend to be perfect in front of them. After she becomes Wang Yu's wife, she need not bother about these old people.

Huang Nian went straight to Mrs. Wang and said, "Auntie Wang, you must be happy that I am bearing Brother Wang's child. In few months you can play with your grandchild"

Mrs. Wang did not react. She was staring at Huang Nian. She thought in her mind, 'How dare she comes here and puts on a show in front of the family?' Mrs. Wang was waiting for Wang Yu to come out.

Mr. Huang was in cloud nine. After Wang Yu insulting the Huang family openly in the birthday party, there were doubts cast about his candidacy. Now, he could easily become the President of the country.

Grandfather Wang welcomed the Huang family and greeted them happily. He also was waiting for Wang Yu to come out. Mr. Huang started the conversation straight forwardly.

"Elder Wang. Your grandson has to take responsibility for this."

"Of course. My grandson is not someone who pushes away his responsibilities"

"Elder Wang, you know that my daughter would never do such a thing like this. But your grandson got a bit drunk at the party and now you can see the result." Mrs. Wang was burning with rage when Mr. Huang was saying untrue facts about Wang Yu. She knew her son better than anyone else and she couldn't take all this meaningless blames. She did not want to say anything impolite in front of her father in law and mother in law otherwise she would have started a fight with Mr. Huang.

"Mr. Huang, don't worry, let's talk about the wedding. Why discuss the old happenings?"

"Elder Wang I would very much love to discuss about that. But it looks like my son in law is fooling around with another woman and by that I mean his secretary. He has been ignoring Huang Nian after that night. He did not respond even when Huang Nian informed him that she was pregnant" Mr. Huang spoke arrogantly as if it was totally Wang Yu's fault. Mr. Huang very well knew that Elder Wang still had the control to make important decisions in the family and if he complained more about Wang Yu and spoke as if Wang Yu had caused injustice to his daughter, Grandfather Wang would compensate them more.

"Really? Why didn't I know that I slept with Huang Nian? Was I drugged or did I lose my memory for that night alone?" everyone's eyes turned to the direction of the voice. Wang Yu walked down majestically and his loud clear voice rang in everyone's ears. He was holding a file in his hand.

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