My Boss Is Scary Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Chapter 156

When Huang Nian heard Wang Yu's words she was scared, she immediately tried to change the topic. Huang Nian walked to Wang Yu and said, "Brother Wang. We are going to have a baby soon. Forgive my father for talking rudely. He is just concerned about me"

"Is your family part of some drama club? Why is everyone pretending so much?" without a single glance at Huang Nian, Wang Yu walked pass her to the seating area where Grandfather Wang was sitting.

Mr. Huang spoke arrogantly, "Son Wang Yu, you can't speak like this to elders. I am going to be your father in law soon. Give me some respect"

"Respect should come automatically. You shouldn't beg for it" hearing Wang Yu's words everyone was looking at him shocked.

Mr. Huang was still standing but Wang Yu sat opposite to him.

"WANG YU" Grandfather Wang yelled.

"Grandfather, don't stress your body because of these people. Answer my questions before deciding anything" Wang Yu was talking to his grandfather as he was discussing about something unimportant.

"Do you think I am an irresponsible guy like how the Huang family portrays me? Or have I done anything as such before?"


"Do you think I would run away from my responsibilities?"


"So do you don't agree with Mr. Huang's accusations?"

Grandfather Wang thought for a second. Mr. Huang's accusation of Wang Yu was a complete contrast to what he had known of Wang Yu. The thought of having a great grandchild had completely blinded his perspective on things.

"Elder Wang, I'm not accusing your grandson. I am just stating the facts. He very well knows what he is doing. My daughter has been crying herself to sleep every night because of your grandson while he is always with another woman"

As if there was no interruption, Wang Yu continued, "As I was saying, Grandfather, do you think I will act hostile for no reason?"

Grandfather Wang shook his head. He knew about Wang Yu in this aspect more than anyone else. Wang Yu wouldn't have spoken disrespectfully without any reason.

"Grandfather, ask the Huang family what happened during the party. Then everything will come to light"

Grandfather Wang stared at Mr. Huang. He thought the Huang family must have wronged his grandson somehow.

"Care to give an explanation Mr. Huang?"

"Son, what are you talking about? You were the one who got drunk and slept with my daughter that day"

Huang Nian tried to divert the attention once again, "Brother Wang, why are you bringing up old stories? Let us talk about the future. Let us talk about the baby"

"Huang Nian, don't you know it's rude to interrupt when elders are speaking? Hold your tongue for some time" Mrs. Wang was a sweet woman and always took good care of Huang Nian. So Huang Nian was shocked when Mrs. Wang scolded her.

Mr. Wang looked at Mr. Huang and asked him, "Mr. Huang tell us what happened in the party."

Mrs. Huang intervened, "Nothing Nothing It was just a usual party. Son in law, what are you talking about? We came here to discuss about the wedding, why are we talking about irrelevant things?"

"Really? So you did not try to drug me in the party?"

"What? No I mean why would we? No" Huang Nian was flustered at being questioned directly.

Now the Wang family understood what was happening. Huang Nian must have tried to drug Wang Yu in the party. They now understood why Wang Yu was behaving in this manner.

Mr. Wang's voice was stern, "Mr. Huang, is that how you treat my son? Drugging him in the party? This is outrageous."

Mrs. Wang walked to Wang Yu's side, "This kind of behavior is not acceptable in the family. Even before marriage if you're ready to drug him, who knows what might happen later on."

"Auntie Wang, I didn't"

"No stop with all your water works. My son would never lie about this. You were engaged to Wang Yu, cant you wait for some time, why do you have to use underhand ways?"

Both Grandfather and Grandmother Wang's face now had a disappointed look, "Mr. Huang, let me be straight forward with you. I did not expect this from your family."

The entire family trusted Wang Yu's words. They knew that he wouldn't accuse someone without evidence. But Mr. Huang was prepared for this. He had asked Huang Nian if Wang Yu would have gotten any evidence but she was sure that she had completely erased all evidences. She was confident that there was no evidence to prove that she drugged him.

"Elder Wang, we came to visit you to fix the date for marriage. No one in my family would try all these cheap tactics. Huang Nian loves Wang Yu so much that she wouldn't harm him in any way. Please don't blame us based on your assumptions."

Wang Yu scoffed. He did not expect Mr. Huang to be so thick skinned. However, Wang Yu knew that the game was just starting. He wanted to see how low they can stoop before revealing out the truth.

Mrs. Huang came to her husband's support, "CEO Wang Yu, are you accusing us of things we haven't done because you don't want to take responsibility?"

"I would really like to know how the Huang family can act so perfectly" for visiting.

Huang Nian blinked the tears in her eyes and a sob escaped her mouth, "Brother Wang Please don't do this to me I love you so much

Mrs. Wang had enough of this nonsense, "Just because you yell or cry it doesn't make you right".

Mrs. Wang would have believed Huang Nian's acting if Wang Yu hadn't told her the truth. But after knowing that Huang Nian was pregnant with some other man's child and pretending in front of her, increased her anger.

"Mrs. Wang you shouldn't be doubting us. You should ask CEO Wang Yu about the other woman he's fooling around with. He already has a fiance but he also keeps another woman by his side."

"Mother stop. Don't hurt Brother Wang"

"No his affair has to come to an end today. I don't want my daughter to live in an unhappy marriage"

Saying so, Mrs. Huang pulled out a bunch of photos of Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun together. Kissing, hugging, and laughing together. There were nearly more than a hundred photos strewed over the table.

Mr. Wang was the first one to speak, "So you had my son followed and investigated?"

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