My Boss Is Scary Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Chapter 157

Wang Yu took the photo in his hand and looked at each one. He was happy that the Huang family had sent someone to follow him. The only photos he had taken with Li Zi Yun were when they were in the island and when they went to Huang Nian's party as a couple. All the photos were of high quality and he was admiring the photos. In one of the photos, Li Zi Yun was sitting in his lap and blushing while he was kissing her cheek. This was his favorite photo. Li Zi Yun's right hand was around his neck and Li Zi Yun was smiling. Wang Yu loved the picture because it was natural and he was thinking about framing it and placing it in his penthouse.

Mrs. Huang placed a pen drive on the table.

"If you doubt the photos were morphed, you can check the original copies here" Wang Yu happily took the pen drive. He was thinking about getting the original copies but Mrs. Huang had it ready for him.

Mrs. Huang said haughtily to Mr. Wang, "How else could we have found this out? How can he kiss another girl after getting my daughter pregnant?"

Wang Yu lost interest in the conversation. He was waiting to show the photos to Li Zi Yun. Mrs. Wang looked down and saw the photos. Almost in every picture, she saw that Wang Yu was smiling and so was Li Zi Yun. Neither did their relationship seem forced nor awkward. Only then, Mrs. Wang noticed the ring in her son's hand. Did her son get married without telling them? She looked at Wang Yu's face and saw that he was looking at the photos happily. She nudged him and signaled with her eyes to discuss about what was happening in front of him. But Mrs. Wang was really happy, she hadn't seen Wang Yu so happy in a long time and as a mother she felt joyful seeing him in this state. Earlier she may not have agreed to Wang Yu's relationship with Li Zi Yun, but after Wang Yiran's accident, her son's happiness was more important to her than everything else was.

Grandfather Wang looked at the photos. He recognized the girl as Wang Yu's secretary Li Zi Yun. He did not know that Wang Yu was dating another girl behind his fiance. Now he couldn't say anything.

Wang Yu knew that his grandfather would not accept this so he spoke first, "So you're justifying your action that it's right for you to drug me because I was with another girl?"

Mr. Huang smirked, he knew that Wang Yu was trying to insult them. However, he was not bothered. His target was becoming the President of the country and he was ready to bear any shame or insult in order to achieve his goal. When he becomes the President, he can do whatever he wants and all the people who insulted him will face his wrath then.

"Son, you should not twist our words. No one tried to drug you"

Grandfather Wang wanted to move on, "Wang Yu"

"Grandfather, Wait for some more time. You will get to know the truth"

Mrs. Huang intervened once again, "The truth is that my daughter is pregnant with your child. Nothing else matters now"

Wang Yu took all the photos in his hand, "Wait wait there is so much to confirm in that"

"What do you mean by that Brother Wang?"

"Was I fully conscious at the time when you say I slept with you?"

"Yes Brother Wang"

"Then were you fully conscious when that happened?"

"Yes I was. Grandfather, Grandmother Wang, Uncle and Auntie Wang, sorry for being shameless but I loved the night I spent with Brother Wang"

Wang Yu was laughing inwardly. Huang Nian had said on her own that she enjoyed that night.

"So you were conscious and know what happened that night?"

Mr. Huang did not know why Wang Yu was asking these questions. Did Wang Yu have any other plan up his sleeve?

"CEO Wang Yu, it's not nice of you to speak about the private moment you had between you two in public like this"

Wang Yu said loudly, "Everyone heard clearly what she said just now. No one can blame me later on. Huang Nian was fully conscious and she enjoyed that night. And you know what? That was one of the best nights in my life too"

Wang Yu was thinking about that night. Li Zi Yun was a wild kitten that day. They kissed for the first time that night and he was Li Zi Yun's first kiss. He could clearly remember every moment of that night. Wang Yu could also remember that Li Zi Yun behaved like this because of the drug. But still that was their first intimate night.

Huang Nian at last released the breath that she was holding on until now. She relaxed at last. Wang Yu had enjoyed the night that night. That means he enjoyed the night he spent with her and Wang Yu had announced it publicly. She thought she had nothing more to worry about now. Huang Nian felt like she had crossed the last hurdle.

Wang Yu was waiting for Assistant Liu Guang to show up. He had given him several important tasks to do today and one was bringing Huang Nian's assistant who helped Huang Nian in buying and mixing the drugs in the water bottle along with the doctor who treated Li Zi Yun. for visiting.

Liu Guang sent him a text message that he was waiting outside and asked if it was the right time to enter. Wang Yu was getting bored of Huang family's acting so he asked Liu Guang to come inside.

"Grandfather, they say that I am lying and they are shifting the blame on me. Why don't you see my evidence first?"

Huang Nian's face went pale. Did Wang Yu get any evidence? When Huang Nian saw the man who entering the house with Assistant Liu Guang, she knew she was caught. He was the same man whom she bribed to give Wang Yu the water bottle. Along with them, Huang Nian's assistant entered. Huang Nian was hoping that her assistant will keep her mouth shut and not cause trouble for her.

"Grandfather, this guy was working in the hotel and this woman is Huang Nian's assistant. The assistant regretted doing evil things and she came to beg my forgiveness and in return I asked her confess the truth"

Huang Nian's body was trembling slightly. She had thought that by getting pregnant, the Wang family would accept her, but Wang Yu was making things difficult for her. Everyone in the Wang family was interested only in Wang Yu's welfare and their attention was no longer on her or the baby.

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