My Boss Is Scary Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Chapter 158

Wang Yu looked at Huang Nian's assistant and said, "Why don't you tell in front of everyone what you told me earlier"

"Ms. Huang Nian loved CEO Wang Yu so much. She had been waiting for the last three years to marry him but CEO Wang Yu did not show any interest." for visiting.

The assistant was trembling. Zhou Nan Xi had threatened her that if she did not say the truth, she will be the one going to jail instead of Huang Nian. Everyone's eyes were on that Huang Nian's assistant now.

Mrs. Huang yelled at the girl, "Shut your mouth girl. Don't lie just because I did not increase your salary". Mrs. Huang was scared about what the girl was going to say.

The girl continued speaking. She was more scared of Wang Yu than she was of the Huang family.

"Ms. Huang asked me to get an aphrodisiac and ecstasy on her birthday. During the party, she planned to give it to CEO Wang Yu. But CEO Wang Yu did not touch any of the food items or drinks. So so "

The girl looked at Huang Nian. Huang Nian was trying to signal the girl to stay quiet. She did not know why her assistant would do this to her. Her assistant knew all her secrets and if she started speaking, Huang Nian will be in trouble.

"We had prepared a bottle of water in case CEO Wang Yu did not eat or drink anything else. When CEO Wang Yu asked for water, we gave the bottle in which the drugs were mixed. Ms. Huang Nian had mixed more than double the dosage."

The entire Wang family was sitting there shocked. They had been very careful in selecting the bride for Wang Yu. They knew that many people were trying to take advantage of Wang Yu. Initially Huang Nian had always been going behind Wang Yu like a fan girl and never expected anything from him. So they had thought that Huang Nian will be perfect for their son. Never did they expect such a girl would do all these things.

The waiter came forward and said, "Ms. Huang Nian's assistant asked me to deliver this bottle to CEO Wang Yu and gave me some money. I don't know any other details other than that"

Wang Yu said, "Mr. Huang you were speaking so arrogantly till now. Why don't you give an explanation for this?"

Mr. Huang was shocked. He did not expect that his daughter would leave loose ends like this. He did not think that his daughter's assistant would come and say the truth. But Mr. Huang was still confident. Now Huang Nian was pregnant. There was nothing that the Wang family could do now to stop the wedding. Even if they do not like it, they have to allow Huang Nian to marry Wang Yu in order to save their reputation or at least for their grandchild. It was a win for him anyways.

Huang Nian knew that she could no longer pretend to be innocent. It was time to accept her wrong doing and beg her forgiveness.

Huang Nian knelt down, "I'm sorry Grandfather Wang. Brother Wang used to take care of me so well but everything stopped. I love Brother Wang so much, but he wouldn't even look at me after he hired the new girl as his secretary. She had seduced him and wouldn't leave Brother Wang's side. Sorry I panicked. I was afraid that Brother Wang may leave me and go to that girl"

Mrs. Wang scoffed, "So long you were acting as if Wang Yu was blaming you for no reason. But now you try to justify your actions?"

Wang Yu said to his mother Mrs. Wang, "Mother. You still haven't heard from the doctor who treated after the drug was taken"

"Brother Wang. Please stop hurting me. I have accepted what I did." The Wang family was already having a disappointed look in their face and she did not want to increase their disappointment further.

Liu Guang brought in the doctor who treated Li Zi Yun that night. The doctor had no idea why he was suddenly called to the Wang Family Residence. He knew that it was something important but no one told him what this was about.

"Doctor, can you state the effects of taking both aphrodisiac and ecstasy together?"

"The effects I saw that night were high fluctuation in body temperature. And if I had come a little late then even death could have occurred"

Mrs. Huang started yelling, "CEO Wang Yu, my daughter would never do something to endanger your life. Is this guy even a doctor?"

The doctor gave the reports to Wang Yu, which he passed to his grandfather. The Wang family was stuck at the doctor's last words, 'Death could have occurred'. Was Huang Nian trying to kill their son?

The doctor had seen so many people like this, "This is the report we received from blood test. And Ma'am if you have doubts regarding my diagnosis you can sue me. Lets meet in court and we can see if what I was saying is true or not"

Mrs. Huang felt like she was slapped. Mr. Huang immediately pushed the blame on his daughter.

"Huang Nian, how can you do you something so evil? Is this what I taught you?"

Mr. Wang was getting irritated now, "Nice move Mr. Huang. Trying to wash your hands clean off this?"

Grandfather Wang did not like scheming people. Now they were having second thoughts after hearing what the doctor said just now. Their grandson was the most important person to them and if Huang Nian tried to kill Wang Yu, their precious grandson, how can they accept her in the family.

Grandmother Wang said, "As much as I would like Wang Yu to marry the mother of his child, his life is very important to me. I oppose this marriage. I will not let my grandson marry Huang Nian. She was ready to kill him to have her baby. I don't trust her."

Mr. Huang started panicking, "My daughter is carrying the heir of the family. We will not let you have the child if Wang Yu doesn't marry Huang Nian. She will abort the child."

Grandfather Wang was now glaring at Mr. Huang, "Are you threatening us, Mr. Huang?"

"No. My daughter's life is on the line here. But you're not ready to accept her in the family. Then what other choice do I have Elder Wang?"

Huang Nian was still kneeling in front of them. She was crying and her tears were flowing down, she tried to look as pitiful as possible. The situation was getting out of hand and she had to somehow solve this. She held her head and her body swayed.

"Mother I'm feeling dizzy" she tried everything she could to turn their attention towards her.

Grandmother Wang screamed, "Someone catch the girl"

Wang Yu was sitting opposite to Huang Nian while Mrs. Wang was standing next to Huang Nian. But both of them did not move.

Huang Nian was holding her stomach and Mrs. Huang started shouting at Wang Yu, "If anything happens to my daughter I will never forgive you"

Grandfather Wang's eyes softened when he saw this. The child in Huang Nian's stomach was Wang Yu's and he could not give up the baby easily.

Wang Yu whispered in Liu Guang's ears to ask Li Zi Yun to come down. He thought it was time to put an end to this.

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