My Boss Is Scary Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Chapter 159

Wang Yu stood up, "Well well, the show is about to end now. I have had enough drama for today"

Wang Yu looked at his grandfather and said, "Grandfather I thought of giving the Huang family a chance to confess the truth. But it looks like they are adamant and greedy. So let me say the truth"

He continued, "On the night of Huang Nian's birthday party, I was not with Huang Nian. And I was not drugged either"

Everyone was confused now. Mr. Wang asked, "Xiaoyu, what are you saying?"

Grandfather Wang asked Wang Yu, "What do you mean by that?"

Mrs. Wang asked the question she had been waiting to ask him in for a long time, "Does that mean this is not your child?"

"Bingo. Yes mother you're right. That is not my child and I have no idea why she claims its mine"

Grandfather and Grandmother Wang were shocked, "What?"

The Huang family was also shocked. Mr. Huang asked Wang Yu, "Son what are saying?"

Huang Nian started sobbing, "Brother Wang. It's alright if you don't like me. But how can you disown your child?"

Wang Yu smirked, "My child? You must be dreaming. I have never had any physical relationship with you. How can you conceive my child?"

Huang Nian couldn't take this anymore. Her true self came out.

"I saw that you had the water bottle which was mixed with drugs in your hand and I know you drank the water. It was I who personally mixed the drugs in the water. In the room, you never paused for a second and we had unprotected sex. I never slept with any other man after that. How can you say that the child is not yours?"

The entire Wang family was looking at Huang Nian with their mouth open in shock.

Wang Yu replied coolly, "That is where you're wrong. I left the party with Li Zi Yun and I was with her the entire night"


"Yes. Doctor Can you tell others what you witnessed that day night?"

The doctor started speaking, "Yes President Wang. I visited President Wang's house that night. Ms. Li Zi Yun was very sick, as she was the one who had taken the drug. So I visited the house and treated Ms. Li Zi Yun. President Wang was there with Ms. Li Zi Yun that night"

Grandfather Wang was the first one to recover from the shock, "How dare you claim someone else's child as my grandson's. Truly preposterous. Get out of my house now"

Huang Nian tried to walk towards Wang Yu but the servants stopped her. "No. I was with you that night. No I am not leaving this house. Accept that this is your child. Marry me now"

Mrs. Wang slapped Huang Nian on her cheeks. Mrs. Wang hit her so hard that her hand print could be seen in Huang Nian's cheeks.

"How dare you lie to us? You want my son to be the father of someone else's child?"

"Noooooo. Everyone is lying to me"

Li Zi Yun was walking down the stairs. She had been hearing noises but she did not know what was happening. She was waiting for Wang Yu to tell her what was happening. When Assistant Liu Guang said to her that Wang Yu wants her to come down, she immediately left the room. When Li Zi Yun walked down the stairs, everyone's eyes were on her. Li Zi Yun really did not like being the centre of attention. As she walked down, her eyes were only on Wang Yu and he was smiling at her encouragingly. Li Zi Yun walked as fast as she could and went to Wang Yu's side.

Wang Yu continued, "If not for Li Zi Yun, I would have been in great trouble. Because of Huang Nian Li Zi Yun almost died. Li Zi Yun took the drug that was intended for me and she suffered so much"

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu. She knew that was not true. She would not have taken the drug if she had not pestered Wang Yu to get her water. Li Zi Yun did not once blame Wang Yu for this because he did not force her to drink water or shove it down her throat.

Huang Nian started shouting, "I knew it must be this bitch. She is also pregnant. That is why you're rejecting me."

Mrs. Wang looked at Li Zi Yun and asked her, "Zi Yun, is it true? Are you pregnant?"

Li Zi Yun was blushing now. What is all this drama? Wang Yu had only kissed her. How could she be pregnant?

"No I'm not Auntie Wang I'm"

"I saw you in the hospital yesterday. Brother Wang was kissing your stomach." Huang Nian was about to jump on Li Zi Yun but the servants who were waiting by the side caught Huang Nian.

Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him and he was holding her protectively.

Grandfather Wang asked Li Zi Yun, "Say the truth. Some people are claiming to be pregnant with Wang Yu's child when they are not. But Wang Yu himself said that he was with you. We will not be angry. You can tell us"

Li Zi Yun was flustered, "No Grandfather Wang. I was sick. That is why CEO Wang Yu took me to the hospital. Nothing as such happened between us." Li Zi Yun wanted the ground to swallow. Everyone was looking at her stomach as if they can see if there is a child in her stomach. Li Zi Yun was feeling oddly uncomfortable and she moved closer to Wang Yu.

Grandmother Wang was looking at Li Zi Yun curiously. She saw the diamond necklace in Li Zi Yun's neck. Wang Yu had given her the family heirloom. It has been passed down from generation to generation. Even Wang Yiran had not worn it before but Li Zi Yun was now wearing it.

Mr. Wang said, "Since it has been confirmed that it is not Wang Yu's child, Mr. Huang it's time for you to leave the house. You have to deliver a public apology and the marriage alliance is cancelled as of now."

Huang Nian did not stop pleading, "Brother Wang please don't do this to me. Please tell them I was with you. Who else could I be with?"

"Good that you asked. Liu Guang play the video.

Liu Guan brought a laptop and played the video for everyone to see.

Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "You don't have to see such disgusting things" and turned her towards him so that her face was over his chest. for visiting.

The video that Li Cheng Zhi sent was played in front of everyone. Everyone's face cringed in disgust. Huang Nian's naked body silhouette was visible and she moaning loudly. Li Zi Yun felt like puking when she heard the sounds. Wang Yu asked Liu Guang to stop the video in a minute.

Mr. Huang screamed, "What have you done to my daughter?"

Wang Yu laughed out loud, "Your daughter said she enjoyed the night. Why don't you ask her? I have no idea whom she was with."

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