My Boss Is Scary Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Chapter 160

Li Zi Yun was standing there uncomfortably. Though Wang Yu was her boyfriend, and she had known Mrs. Wang for some time, she felt awkward standing there. Wang Yu had selected a dress that was fit for a ball and with the diamond necklace, she looked like she was ready to go out to a ball. Li Zi Yun oddly felt out of place in that room. for visiting.

Walking from the room to the area where everyone was gathered now, had drained more than half of Li Zi Yun's energy. Since she had not eaten anything after waking up, she was both hungry and dizzy. Li Zi Yun wanted to sit down, but now everyone in the room, including the elders were standing up and she thought it would be disrespectful to sit. She did not want them to have a bad impression on her. So Li Zi Yun leaned against Wang Yu holding onto him for support.

Li Zi Yun did not expect Wang Yu to play the video in front of everyone. Though that was the only way to let everyone know the truth, she still felt bad for Huang Nian.

Wang Yu had thought of telling that Li Cheng Zhi sent the video and all this was prepared by him for Li Zi Yun. He knew then everyone will start blaming Li Zi Yun without knowing the truth. So he thought of waiting until the Huang family left to inform his family about it.

Wang Yu took out the STD report that he received from the doctor the before day. After Li Zi Yun came down, he was no longer interested in dealing with the Huang family for any longer. He wanted to get over with it. Li Zi Yun's breath came in short pants and he looked at her.

"Do you want to sit?"

"No I'm fine. I can stand"

"Come lets sit" Li Zi Yun looked around. Now everyone was listening to their conversation.

"It's okay. Let's keep standing"

Wang Yu did not say a word. He sat on the couch and made Li Zi Yun sit next to him.

Mrs. Wang then said, "Let's sit" and everyone sat down except the Huang family.

Wang Yu said to his grandfather, "Sorry grandfather. She is sick and she cannot stand for a long time. Li Zi Yun has been enduring the pain because she did not want everyone to see her as disrespectful but I don't want her to suffer"

Wang Yu ordered the maid to being soup and fruits for Li Zi Yun.

Mrs. Huang was pissed now, seeing that Li Zi Yun was living in the Wang family residence when it should be her daughter who should be living here as Wang Yu's wife.

"What stunt are you trying to pull now? Just because you're having an affair are you neglecting my daughter and saying some story?"

Mrs. Wang warned her, "Mrs. Huang mind your words"

"No. Why should I mind my words? When your son is engaged to my daughter, you let a slut stay by his side in your house. Your son is shamelessly showing such a video in public and saying that it is my daughter and is trying to humiliate our family. That evil witch must have seduced Wang Yu. She"

Wang Yu got up and went straight to Mrs. Huang. He slapped her right on her cheeks making her fall on the ground. Wang Yu used his full strength in the slap that Mrs. Huang was seeing stars.

"One more word about Li Zi Yun and you will wish you weren't born"

In the ongoing situation, Li Zi Yun was the most innocent person and Wang Yu could not control his temper when Mrs. Huang was scolding Li Zi Yun.

Wang Yu smiled, "Even if you don't trust me that's okay. I don't care. Here see this" and he gave the STD report to Grandfather Wang to see.

Grandfather Wang saw the report and was shocked. It was in Huang Nian's name and she had tested positive for HIV. He threw the report to Mr. Huang.

"Get out of my house right now or I will have you thrown out."

When Mr. Huang saw the report, he felt like his entire world has crashed.

"Where Where did you get this?"

"Your daughter visited our hospital yesterday and she made quite a scene that she was pregnant with my child. So the doctors were terrified when they saw the STD report and sent it to me"

"What? STD?" Huang Nian pulled the paper from Mr. Huang's hand.

Did she really sleep with someone else? All she could remember was going to that room. Huang Nian could not even remember how or why she went to that room. Now thinking back, she could not remember seeing Wang Yu any moment. What has she done? She did not drink so much as to get drunk and blank out completely. No this must be a dream. She was with Wang Yu that night. No, she would not believe all this. She thought Wang Yu must have been trying to fool everyone so that he can be with Li Zi Yun. She was not ready to believe him. He must be doing all this for Li Zi Yun. Huang Nian consoled herself. Huang Nian was losing her mind.

"I don't believe this. You are framing me. You are doing this to get that evil vixen accepted as your wife. No, I will not allow this. Brother Wang is mine only mine"

Huang Nian felt the world spinning around her. Mrs. Huang caught Huang Nian before she could fall down.

Wang Yu said to Mr. Huang, "You can check with the other hospitals if you don't trust me. But don't forget about the public apology and also issue a public statement that Huang Nian's child is not mine. If you don't do this, then don't blame me for the consequences"

Mr. Huang could not say anything. His entire life was over. They half carried and dragged Huang Nian out. Mrs. Huang still hadn't recovered from the slap.

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